Meet the Horses

Splendid horses at Splendor Farms

Meet some of our beautiful horses!  We pride ourselves in offering healthy, well cared for and maintained horses....each with unique personalities and all offer a loving and gentle ride.  



His name should be Gumbo! He is a mix of appaloosa, paint, and gray. Lotta gas, experienced to upper level intermediate. He is 14 hands and very full of himself... A fun ride for the experienced rider.



Leo, our rock star..literally! He was owned by the Lead Singer of the Trick Pony band. He is a 16 hand old Leopard Appaloosa and a great ride for a beginner, intermediate, or experienced rider. He is also a good camp horse. Really never thought I would have a polka dot horse, but, I love riding him myself! Smooth trot, nice lope. He is all you could ask for on the trails!



Rio....the best of the best. Honest, gentle, smooth, perfect every day. Wish I had 10 more just like him. A 14.5 hand sorrel gelding from the Peppy San Badger line. More common sense than is allowed in a horse. Beginner riders' dream!



Duke. What an investment....$400.00 with tack. I can put 10-year-old kids on him and little ole ladies and he's a perfect gentleman....A nice bay gelding with a beautiful tail - and a great gait. Worth 3 times what I paid for him! Welcome to Splendor Farms, Duke!  




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