Creams & English Creams

Learn About Our Cream & English Cream Dachshunds

For more than two decades Splendor Farms Kennel has specialized in breeding Cream & English Cream Dachshunds for loving homes and the show ring. We primarily breed shaded English Cream and pale EE Cream long-haired miniature dachshunds.

Please contact us if you are interested in an English Cream Puppy or Adult Dachshund. Serious inquiries only please!



Meet Our English Cream Sires

Below are some of our Shaded English Cream and Pale EE Cream Sires.


Fritz | Sire

AKA 'Splendor Farms Puttin’on the Fritz'
Fritz is a Shaded Cream Longhair Male.

Splendor Farms Sire Fritz

Johnny Winter | Sire

AKA 'Splendor Farm White Hot And Blue'
Johnny Winter is a Pale EE Cream Male Miniature Dachshund.

Splendor Farms Sire Johnny Winter

Rex | Sire

AKA 'Splendor Farm King Of Carnival'
Rex is a Shaded English Cream Miniature Dachshund and the son of Dusty.

Splendor Farms Sire Rex

Meet Our English Cream Dams

Below are some of our Shaded English Cream and Pale EE Cream Dams. 



Rachel | Dam

AKA 'Splendor Farms Let’s Be Friends'
Shaded English Cream. Full sister to Mona a/k/a Splendor Farm Monahans Moondance.

Splendor Farms Shaded Cream Dam Rachel


Twister | Dam

AKA 'Splendor Farms A Simple Twist Of Fate'
Twister is an EE Cream Piebald Long Haired Miniature.

Splendor Farms Dam Twister

Sunnie | Dam

AKA 'Splendor Farms Chasing Yesterday'
Sunnie is an EE Cream Female Long Haired Miniature.

Splendor Farms Dam Sunnie

Vivian | Dam

AKA 'Splendor Farms One Classy Babe'
Vivian is a Pale EE Cream Female Long Haired Miniature.

Splendor Farms Dam Vivian

Peggy | Dam

AKA 'Splendor Farm Romantic Rendezvous'
Peggy is the First Daughter of Renata and a Miniature Shaded English Cream.

Splendor Farms Dam Peggy


Meggie | Dam

AKA 'Splendor Farms Marvelous Meghan Rules'
Meggie is a Miniature Long Haired Shaded English Cream From a Champion Bloodline on the Top & Bottom of Her Pedigree.

Splendor Farms Dam Meggie


Renata | Dam

AKA 'Splendor’s Fly Me To The Moon Renata'
Renata is the Gorgeous Shaded English Cream Daughter of Butters & Marjorine, and Granddaughter of Biloxi, Dusty & Dancer.

Splendor Farms Dam Renata


Piper | Dam

AKA 'Splendor Farm Once Upon A Summertime'
Piper Lynne is an EE Cream Female, the Last Daughter of Summer and Sired by Prince.

Splendor Farms Dam Piper



Meet Our New Generation of English Creams

Below are some of our new Shaded English Cream and Pale EE Cream Dachshunds.


Ingrid | Dam

AKA 'Splendor Farm Walking the Red Carpet '

Ingrid Splendor Farms Dachshunds Dam



Jimmy | Sire

AKA 'Splendor Farm Black Tie Bond James Bond'

Jimmy Splendor Farm Dachshunds Sire



Bayou Boy | Sire

AKA 'Splendor Farm Summer on the Bayou'
Shaded English Cream. Shaded English Cream. By Roman and out of Meggie.

Splendor Farms Bayou Boy Shaded Cream Sire



Harlow | Dam

AKA 'Splendor Farm My Week with Marilyn'
Pale EE Cream by Johnny Winter out of Splendor Farm If Walls Could Talk.

Splendor Farms Pale EE Cream Dam Harlow

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