Horse & Farm Camp FAQs

Do I Have To Have Horse Experience Or My Own Horse?

No, we have horses here for all levels of riding.


Do You Have Any Restrictions?

All riders’ (if under 18) parents or guardians must sign a waiver before campers or students ride. All riders must be physically fit and have no physical or mental health issues, which would interfere with understanding commands with regard to keeping control of one’s seat and horse while riding on the trails or in the arena(s).


What Kind Of Shoes Do I Have To Wear?

Everyone that rides or handles horses must be wearing hard-soled boot with a one inch heel. You do not have to buy “official” western boots. A hiking boot is also OK as long as the tread is not too thick. Ankle support is important when riding. Tennis shoes are not allowed for riding. It is important to “break in” your boots!!!! Don’t put on brand new boots for the first day of camp!


What Should I Wear For Horseback Riding?

Long pants are a must. No one will be allowed to ride in shorts. Also, long socks are important to keep legs warm and to prevent boots from pinching the skin. Please be sure to be aware of the weather and dress accordingly. We are riding outside so be sure to bring a coat and gloves in the fall/spring/winter. Also, don’t forget bug spray and sunscreen in the summer.


Do I Have To Have My Own Safety Riding Helmet?

Yes, it is important to have your own helmet so it fits properly and is adjusted correctly. Plus, if you decide to go riding with a friend or on vacation you will have your helmet to take with you in case they don’t provide them. Splendor Farms can provide a helmet, though helmets and sizes are limited.


Can Someone Take Pictures Of Me When I Am Riding?

Yes, all of our horses have had their picture taken many times. Just let us know when a picture will be taken. During Horse Camps our counselors will take pictures during the week with your camper’s disposable camera.  We also upload every session to and we take photos with our cellular phones all week to upload for your viewing!


Do I Have To Have A Parent Stay And Watch Me Ride?

All Summer Camp sessions feature a Rodeo for families of campers to watch on Friday.


Can My Younger Brothers & Sisters Come Along To Watch?

We love to have children visit us out at the ranch. However, it is very important that if a younger sibling does come along an adult must be with them at all times (this may prevent the adult from being able to watch the rodeo). Also, the younger sibling must be quiet if they are watching so they do not disturb the other parents trying to video their camper!


Can Boys And Girls Attend Camps?

No, at this time we are only offering Horse/Farm camps to girls ages 6 and up.


What Is Your Refund Or Credit Policy If I Cannot Attend A Camp Session?

We understand that sometimes the best laid plans can be disrupted and Splendor Farms has the following credit/refund policy: If you are unable to attend the camp session you have reserved and paid for you may apply the monies paid toward another camp session within the same year, depending upon availability. If no camp session is available within the same year then you may choose an available session in the following year. We will not adjust camp fees for late arrival, early pick up or missed days. Camp fees are strictly based on the services contracted.


What If I Get Sick In The Middle Of A Camp Session?

Splendor Farms wants all our campers to be healthy and happy. If a child exhibits any of the symptoms listed below, the child will not be allowed to stay at camp until a doctor has provided a statement that the child is not contagious.

a. Fever

b. Irregular breathing

c. Vomiting

d. Persistent and/or excessive crying

e. Non-participation in activities due to “not feeling well.”

If a child exhibits any of these symptoms while present at camp, the parent will be notified and must immediately come pick up their child.


What If I’m Feeling Homesick And Have To Leave Camp?

We do not provide refunds for homesickness. Please make sure your camper is mature enough to spend 4 nights away from home before registering her for an overnight camp session. Our camp spaces are filled very quickly and it is always sad to tell someone that a space is not available and then have that space vacated due to homesickness when another girl really wanted to be here. Our overnight camp sessions are limited to the amount of beds we have, not horses to ride!


Do You Provide Laundry Service For Overnight Campers?

Yes, laundry needs can be addressed for MUDDY clothes or for any emergency issue, such as no clean T-shirt on picture day or rodeo day. The cost is $5.00. Please do not send any money for laundry. If there was a wash day we will let you know on the last day of camp when we tally and/or return canteen money.


Do You Provide After Care For Day Campers?

Yes, we understand that you may not be able to pick up on time if you’re a working parent. Aftercare is available for $20/hour (see your session on the schedule for the listed price). Let us know if you will need this service. The girls in after care will help our counselors during the afternoon feeding and then retire to the bunkhouse to watch a movie. Please provide a drink and a snack for this “movie time” from 4 to 6 PM.


Are Cellular Phones Or Parent/Guardian Visits Allowed?

Cellular phones or any other electronics – i.e., tablets, iPads, Apple Watch, etc. – are NOT allowed during camp sessions.

Visits to campers are only allowed between sessions if your camper is attending two or more consecutive sessions. You are welcome to call at any time to see how your daughter is doing but these calls would be limited to conversations with the directors and/or counselors. Through experience, we have found that visits or calls tend to cause homesickness or make homesickness worse. Letters, of course, are greatly appreciated by the camper! (see below for more mail info)


Can I Send A Letter, Package, Or Email To My Camper?

Yes. But the mail is generally slower than you think, so start writing a little earlier than you think you need to, even posting a letter or two prior to her arrival at camp so she will have mail on her first day. 

If you want mail from your camper it helps to send pre-addressed, pre-stamped envelopes with her. Everyone loves to get packages at camp – some girls get a package or two a week and others don’t get any. It doesn’t need to be big or elaborate, it’s just fun to get something. It’s nice to send something personal and a little something like a game or crafts to share with cabin-mates.


Splendor Farms
27329 Mill Creek Road
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Can We Visit Prior To Summer?

Absolutely. We would love to show you around and meet you before the rush of the 1st day of camp and it will be less intimidating for your camper if she has a familiar place to look forward to visiting. Contact us for an appointment.


Does My Camper Need Spending Money?

Campers are not allowed to keep money with them or in their trunk. We suggest that you leave $30 dollars per week in spending money (in a plain #10 envelope with her name on the front) with us and we will start a canteen account for your camper. At the end of the session we will return the unspent portion to you with receipts for the spent monies. This money will go towards laundry, extra T-shirts (one is provided with tuition), postcards, snacks, drinks, extra camera (if wanted), and any toiletries she may need and for extra riding programs.

The costs for extra riding programs are as follows:
Semi-private lessons for $35 and Private lessons for $50.

*Extra riding lessons are given in the late afternoon (for overnight campers only). Let us know if you want her to have these lessons. We need to hear from you, not her!!! (they all want extra ride time!) We also provide riding lessons throughout the year. Contact us for more information.

The canteen account will also be charged for fees paid, if any, if your daughter needs to be brought to the doctor or dentist. The doctor will then process the forms to your insurance company for you to be reimbursed.

Groceries/Toiletries can be purchased at the local store (less than two miles from the farm). We will save the receipt of any items purchased for your camper.


What Is Your Covid-19 Refund/Credit Policy?

We understand you may not wish or be able to attend summer camp 2022 due to Covid-19. It’s also possible we will decide not to have camp due to the crisis or guidelines presented by the CDC, local or state government or ACA (American Camp Association). If you are unable to attend a camp session you have reserved؅—and have paid part or all of your camper’s tuition—you may apply all monies paid toward another camp session within the same year, depending on availability. If no camp session is available within the same year then you may choose an available session in the following year. If you do not wish to use monies paid towards another camp session, you can use the funds as credit towards a horse-related activity on the farm, i.e. riding lessons or a trail ride between June 1 and December 31, 2022 (holidays excluded).

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