All Holiday and Summer Camp Forms

We are so excited to have you join us for a Weekend/Holiday or Summer Camp Session here at Splendor Farms!  Please take a moment to click on these links AND/OR download and fill out.  
Some can be submitted online and some need to be printed out.  We look forward to having you join us and thank you for signing up to one of our camps!
ALL forms below are needed for the SUMMER CAMP.
Just three *** are required for the WEEKEND/HOLIDAY CAMP
Registration Form ***
Parents Permission Form ***
Horseback Riding Waiver *** (Must be dated the dates she will be here to be valid - not the day you sign)

Camper Agreement Form 

Camper Questionnaire 

Camper Registration Form  ***

Parent Permission Form  ***

Parent/Guardian Questionnaire 

Medical Authorization Form - *must be printed and signed, please bring to camp with you

Physician's Permission Form-  .pdf printable version

Physician's Permission Form- online version

 Horseback Riding Waiver ***


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