Overnight Camp Needs List



LABEL ALL BELONGINGS:  We will return any lost and found with a name in it so please label anything you would like returned to you.

1. Five pairs of shorts & jeans or riding pants/leggings, and another 5-6 T-shirts, TALL SOCKS  to wear with boots & PROPERLY FITTED SPORTS BRA, personal hygiene supplies, i.e. toothpaste/deodorant.  We don’t allow tank tops or spaghetti strap tops for riding  

2. A bathing suit. A beach towel/goggles/pool toys, etc...TO BE SHARED. Don't bring anything expensive.  Also a bath towel/washcloth for showers.

3. A baseball cap for everyday sun protection and a poncho for rain days, a flash light, and sunscreen and bug spray for the trails and “cool ties” from Academy for the rides and the field trips.    

4. Tennis shoes for field trips, flip flops for poolside, BOOTS FOR RIDING (NO hiking boots, rubber boots, NO FLAT HEEL boots, no dress boots) ALL RIDING BOOTS SHOULD HAVE A 1 INCH HEEL.

5. Stationery, stamps, pens • Pre-addressed stamped envelopes

6. A spare pillowcase for making into a dirty clothes bag.

7. One roll of paper towels & a canned food item for the local food bank.  

8. Canteen Money bank (See FAQ).  

9. A plain white t-shirt for decorating and a quart size bag of cheap costume jewelry, beads, (look at goodwill) to use for a project. 

10. Drinks for the week. Gatorade/Powerade/Water only. (Most campers bring a case of each with their name on the case)  No Red Bull, soft drinks, Iced Coffee, anything known to contain excessive caffeine or sugar.  Also a shoe-box size plastic bin with tight fitting lid filled with favorite snacks (try to be nut/peanut free)

11. Any medications with written or typed directions for usage placed inside the bag with her name inside and outside. (SEE ME PERSONALLY AFTER ORIENTATION FOR MEDICATION CHECK-IN).  

12. A riding helmet, which is properly fitted. DO NOT USE BELL HELMETS THEY DON’T FIT PROPERLY - Please check inside your daughter’s helmet to make sure that it is ASTM/SEI approved 

13. We provide sheets/pillow cases, but a favorite blanket/pillow is always welcome and makes your camper feel at home.  

14. A smile on her face, EVERY DAY!  


NOT PERMITTED • Cell Phones • Entertainment devices: Video Games, DVD, TV, Tablets or Pets • Weapons, Tobacco, Drugs, Alcohol

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