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(June 18, 2015)

Bush, Louisiana
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"…a country escape, an hour from New Orleans, where memories are created…"

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Available Puppies
(and Young Adults)

If interested in any available puppies, complete our DACHSHUND INQUIRY FORM.

To be considered for a puppy, you will need to submit a PUPPY APPLICATION.

ABOVE: Isabella male long haired miniature.
Available. Contact us if interested.

ABOVE: Isabella piebald male long haired miniature.
Available. Contact us if interested.

ABOVE: Isabella & tan female long haired miniature.
Available weekend of March 16th. Contact us if interested.

ABOVE: Black & cream female long haired miniature.
Available weekend of March 23rd. Contact us if interested.

ABOVE: Black & tan silver dapple male long haired miniature.
Available. Contact us if interested.

ABOVE: Dapple female long haired miniature #1 at two weeks.
Born January 20th. Available. Contact us if interested.

ABOVE: Dapple female long haired miniature #2 at two weeks.
Born January 20th. Available. Contact us if interested.

Contact us for information on any available puppies by completing our DACHSHUND INQUIRY FORM.

VIDEO ABOVE: Splendor Farms puppies at 8 weeks playing!


Splendor Farms puppies are bred for loving homes and show rings. We will sell a puppy on a full registration contract, only if you are planning on showing the puppy. Most of our pups come from Champion bloodlines (see pedigrees of DAMS/SIRES) so even if you do not want to show, you are getting a dachshund with correct conformation and good healthy bloodlines and isn't that what you want?!! Long haired puppies actually shed less than smooths. It is the proven truth, and the long hair coats are NOT hard to maintain. Our groomer comes every week to do 7 dogs in rotation, i.e. every dog at Splendor Farms is bathed and has his/her teeth, ears & nails cleaned/cut, and are given flea & heartworm preventative medicine every 4 weeks.

Our pups get a veterinarian health examination before leaving us (see our health guarantee in our PUPPY APPLICATION). Our pups leave us at 10 to 12 weeks with 2 to 3 sets of shots. They are crate and doggy door trained and are started on housebreaking. They are socialized with other dogs (all sizes & breeds), cats, goats, horses, & sheep. Our bed & breakfast guests' children play with them as do our horse/farm camp girls. We even take them on the golf carts to get them used to motion so they don't get car sick on their way home. We are not like other breeders, none. We have been raising / showing / rescuing dachshunds for over 18 years. Splendor Farms has a State of Louisiana & Parish of St. Tammany Kennel License. We have obtained old bloodlines going back to show kennels of Germany, England, and South Africa. We breed to keep these bloodlines going. We do not raise any other breed, but Dachshunds. We do not believe in "designer breeds." You must complete and submit a PUPPY APPLICATION for consideration before you can have a puppy from Splendor Farms. Our moms and dads, and their offspring mean the world to us and you have to make sure you are prepared and willing for a commitment of 12 to 18 years.

All my puppies begin health and wellness training before they are born, begin socialization and home environment training (crate/housebreaking) at 6 to 8 weeks, and never leave my kennel before 10 to 12 weeks. We do not advertise in the newspaper or on puppy websites. We also do not advertise puppies for sale/adoption on our Facebook page.

Thanks for your interest in a Splendor Farms puppy. If you would like to schedule a visit to see us, LET ME KNOW. I'm always happy & proud to show off my dogs!

The Dachshund puppies shown above are available for sale to loving homes. All puppies come with a package of goodies unique to each puppy. Please note that we can't sell a puppy before speaking to you first, and receiving a completed and approved PUPPY APPLICATION. A deposit is required to reserve a puppy. Please CONTACT US if you're interested in buying a puppy, or if you have questions.

Buying a puppy is a commitment. You must be sure you and your family are up to the responsibility. All Dachshund pet puppies will be placed with a spay/neuter contract. We expect all new owners to have them spayed/neutered as soon as your veterinarian says it is wise to do so.

Your puppy can be picked up when they are 10-11 weeks old. If this timing is not ideal for you, we can hold your puppy past 11 weeks for an additional fee. Please see our PUPPY APPLICATION for details. If you don't pick up your puppy by age 14 weeks without making previous arrangements your puppy may be placed in another home and your deposit applied toward a future puppy. Splendor Farms does not place puppies or dogs in commercial airline cargos. We believe it traumatizes puppies to be put in the belly of a plane, where it is cold, dark, and loud. You will need to either meet us at the farm or fly to the New Orleans or Gulfport-Biloxi airport, where we will meet you at the airport terminal with your puppy when you arrive. Note that there is a $100.00 fee for airport delivery to cover the added time and gas.

If for some reason you need to return your puppy/adult, we will ALWAYS take our puppy/dog back! We do not offer refunds, but deposits/payments can be applied to another puppy/dog in the future. Please understand this policy before you make the decision to adopt/purchase a puppy or adult.




. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


ABOVE: Black & tan male from Lady & Butler at 10 weeks. Has two sets of shots. Housebroken and crate trained. (sold to Mark G of Prairieville LA)

ABOVE: Mary Ann's long haired red sable male at 8 weeks.
(sold to Mike M. of Chicago, IL)

ABOVE: Beau's black & cream granddaughter.
(sold to Tania R. of Pensacola, FL)

ABOVE: Dapple long-haired miniature female.
(sold to Polly B. of Baton Rouge, LA, owner of Jake & Jence)

ABOVE & BELOW: This 9 week old female red standard is the daughter of champions CH Splendor's Pennies in a Stream and Dual GCH Lockshire's Rembrandt (grand sire of Gunner). (sold to Hannah Y. of Lake Charles, LA)

ABOVE: Red longhaired tweenie/standard puppy, out of AKC Champion mom.
Four months old, neutered, all shots and housebroken.
(sold to Tom and Joan M. of Edina, MN)

ABOVE: Dancer's black & cream female at 6 weeks.
(sold to Dr. Greer, D.V.M. of AL, owner of Lulu)

ABOVE: Red standard male puppy from Bella & Dusty.
(sold to Vickie B. of Delray Beach, FL)

ABOVE & BELOW: This adorable Cream male puppy is the grandson of
Biloxi & Dusty. He is sold to Gina D. & Cynthia C. of Ridgefield, CT.

Summer & Dusty's black & cream male has been purchased for the show ring by Fred & Mary Lou B. "Splendor's This is Ground Control" (a.k.a., Major Tom) will be shown in AKC conformation shows! Good luck, everyone! Make us proud, Major!!

Summer's pale cream female (right) is sold to Crystal & Travis C. of Schriever, LA!!
Her registered name is "Splendor's Sweet Summer Song" (a.k.a., Trixie),
and she will be brought back to Splendor Farms to be bred!!

Summer's shaded cream female (right) is sold to Blake C. of Mandeville, LA!!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


"Dear Kelly, Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you! Thank you for my precious perfect and wonderful dachshund! Never in a million years did I expect that he would be this perfect. I never imagined a dachshund could be this perfect. I now understand the importance of breeding for temperament and other breed standard attributes but to be able to actually experience what that means is amazing.

It took 5 longs days to come up with what we felt would be a good name with meaning for this precious, perfect and wonderful dachshund. It was while looking at his little feet I said he's got little biscuit feet. When heard the word biscuit he spun his little body around, tilted his head to the side and looked right at me and from that moment on he has been our little Biscuit!

I am attaching a few pictures so you can see how beautiful he is growing up to be. We will be going to Wilmington for a long weekend and hope to have some pictures of the two of us taken and I will send you one. Thank you again."

-- Anderson G., South Carolina, February 11, 2015

"Kelly, Just wanted to let you know that Juliet had a great visit to the vet. Everything looked perfect! They were all SO very impressed at all the preventative measures you had taken with her at Splendor Farms. :) The vet actually said, "Wow! That is some breeder!

Her first night was a success. She cried about 5-10 minutes in her crate and then went on to sleep and slept all night! She definitely seems to understand what to do when she goes outside as well. So far we've had no accidents. Thank you for all your good care for her over the past few months!"

-- Monica R., owner of "Juliet" (puppy from Cindy Lou & Bentley), February 14, 2014

"Hey Kelly, It was a pleasure meeting you on Saturday. I just wanted to let you know that Ailia did very well on the 13 hour drive home. Wyatt and I were very surprised at how great she was behaving. She was doing better than the two of us! :) Anyway, I took her to the vet on Monday and she is all good. Nothing bad to report. She also did very well with the vet. Thank you so much for all that you do for your dogs. You can tell how much love and care you put into each one. I really appreciate how much you have already worked with her, she is the most well behaved nine week old puppy I have ever seen. Thanks,"

-- Kyla E., owner of "Ailia" (puppy from Cocoa & Max), February 4, 2014

"Hi Kelly, I just wanted to let you know that Sheldon is FABULOUS! This is the puppy I've been waiting for my whole life!! He does not make a peep at night and hasn't messed in his crate ONCE since I brought him home on Friday..that is unbelievable for a puppy who is so young. He is happy, affectionate, playful and loves to be in my arms and on my lap. I am in HEAVEN....you clearly are a WONDERFUL Breeder, and I have already told A LOT of people about your Farm/Kennel...I hope you don't mind..lol :-) Warmly,"

-- Joan P., Oyster Bay, NY, November 12, 2013

"Kelly, I cannot thank you enough for raising this precious puppy. Steffi is absolutely perfect in every way.even when she occasionally forgets the lessons you taught her (and that we are trying to teach her). Our vet proclaimed her in perfect health and was so impressed that she was not at all scared, unlike many of the new puppies that come in for the first time. Steffi was contented all during our six-hour trip back to Vestavia, Alabama and only got restless once and we immediately realized that she needed to find a grassy spot.

She is eating well and has had no stomach upset in changing to the Eukanuba Puppy Growth food. We had been so impressed with Splendor Farms during our visit there in April and have found the "long" wait for this little one to have been well worth the wait. I tell everyone who will listen how wonderful your dogs are and how pleased we are. Please do tell your staff how much we appreciate what they have also contributed to our having this little one.

I'll send you another picture when Steffi has grown just a bit. Thanks again,"

-- Shirley S., Vestavia, AL, September 26, 2013

"Hi Kelly, My husband and I just wanted to take the opportunity to tell you what a great job we think you did in raising our puppy. He has a wonderful temperament, has a lot of confidence, and is very well adjusted. Not to mention he's beautiful. We just love our little Sam. We thank you for the crate training - it's been a lifesaver at night! I can't believe he doesn't even whimper (the crate is in our bedroom at night). Thanks again!"

-- Karen & David B., Atlanta, GA, September 10, 2013

"Hi Kelly, Just a note to let you know Gator is doing great! Such a smart little fella. I have trained him to use the bell on the door and he is potty trained, just like you promised! Started school at PetSmart last week. Thank you for raising such wonderful dogs. I will tell everybody about you and Splendor Farms."

-- Pam G., Wilburton, OK, April 30, 2013

"Kelly, It was an absolute pleasure to meet you yesterday. I loved your farm and the obvious care and love you put into every aspect of it. I only regret not being able to stay at the b&b and enjoy all that the farm has to offer.

I was very impressed with the cleanliness of your kennels and the apparent excellent health of all the dachshunds. I was furthered impressed after we left the kennels. Sherman (our red smooth male) and I had a good day of travel. He had the best behavior and no accidents, for the entire day. He waited until 10pm last night to relieve himself, outside, at home. He slept thru the night and again this morning, the best potty training, outside for that!

We love him and are very grateful for the time, love and commitment you put into raising your dogs."

-- Shannon W., St. Simon Island, GA, March 30, 2013

If you're interested in buying a puppy, or have questions, please complete our dachshund inquiry form.

Please read our advice & recommendations
for new puppy owners


Subject: Thank You

I did not get my dog Oscar from you, but I did rescue him from a shelter. He was 12 when we got him, and he was wasting away in a cage because the old couple who owned him died and their kids didn't want such an old and sick dog. I loved him from the first moment I saw him. I knew he was my dog from day 1. They told me he might not survive the winter (it was October). He lived another 4 years with loving care. I saw what you posted about adopting animals. I wanted to say thank you for that. I loved my little old man and like to think he was happy and spoiled here. We lost him just after Thanksgiving. I think about him every day. I loved to see someone promoting good pet care and responsible pet choices and had to say thank you again. Dogs are not accessories, they are family members who deserve to be treated with love and respect. You seem to promote that and that made me happy. --
Marie W., April 22, 2014

My response:

Thank you for taking the time to write to me. Every one of my pups/dogs I place now have to have a "plan" for when their owners pass, divorce, etc.... They have to have a letter from their clergy, attorney, executor of their estate, etc... stating that their pup/dog HAS to be returned to me, if a family member is unable or unwilling to take the pup/dog into their own home, AND I have to be notified of the change of residence.

With much appreciation for your thoughts, and for your memories of Oscar, I thank you. If you are close to Louisiana, come to the farm and visit us someday. -Kelly


While I appreciate all the good wishes and compliments and thanks from all of you who have purchased or adopted a puppy/dog from Splendor Farms, to get a compliment from a fellow breeder and show competitor...well, it just don't get better than that!

"Kelly, Thank you very much for two wonderful, beautiful, dachshunds- Skyler & Cowboy. They have joined Dachshund Mania's dachshund family & are living with us here in North Battleford, Sk.

They have settled in well. We have taken them to the vet just for a general checkup after they arrived after their very long 2 day trip & got a perfect bill of health. I have to say that this is the first pair of dogs I have purchased from a breeder that came with a good health report. That's sad, isn't it? Anyway, I wanted you to know that I appreciated that!

We look forward to breeding Cowboy to Blossom Divine in April - she is a blue/tan with chocolate, isabella & piebald in her background. I think they will produce some awesome puppies.

I will continue to watch for new litters on your website & look forward to keeping in touch with you to continue to do business with you.
Thank you for a great service,"

Fran Werezak @ Dachshund Mania

Our Babies Are Home-Raised!

"Where is my new family?"
(A home-raised Splendor Farms puppy looks out the
window for her new family to come pick her up.)

Dachshunds in Pet Stores

ALL pet store dogs are either "produced" in puppy mills or by unethical breeders. Do not be fooled by pet stores that claim to get their puppies from "local breeders." All puppy mills are owned by breeders. Pet stores will claim that they get their puppies from breeders and will just casually omit the fact that these breeders run puppy mills.

Please don't feel compelled to buy a puppy from a pet store because it is suffering. However bad its situation is, it's parents back in the puppy mill are so much worse off! If more people would stop buying dogs from pet stores, then pet stores would not find pet sales profitable and would stop buying dogs from puppy mills. Therefore, the continuing cycle of suffering would end. However, it's not the fault of an uninformed individual who buys from a pet shop. You, however, have been informed, so please don't walk into another pet store that sells animals. Several pet stores sell supplies and not animals. There are also numerous mail-order catalogs that sell pet products. (Note: Purebred cats and other animals are also produced in animal mills and by unscrupulous breeders.)

If you still feel the need to "rescue" a pet store puppy, perhaps you should consider rescuing its mother instead! Purebred dachshunds rescued from puppy mills are often available for adoption.

Click on the link below to witness first hand where pet stores get their puppies: http://www.prisonersofgreed.org/index.html

We welcome all inquiries!
Please feel free to contact us if you have questions.




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