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Bush, Louisiana
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"…a country escape, an hour from New Orleans, where memories are created…"

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Happy Owners & Comments

See below for photos & comments from some of our happy dachshund owners
from the past 25 years. If you'd like additional references, please contact us.

If you're a Splendor Farms dachshund owner, and you'd like to add your photos & comments to this page, please contact us. And if you're on Facebook, send us a request to join our Group: Splendor Farms Dachshunds of Louisiana, friends and clients so you can keep up with other owners, get announcements & great tips, or just brag about your puppy!!!!

Ron B & Family & "Louis"

"Kelly, On Saturday, Louie will be 1. Can’t begin to tell you what a great addition he has been to our family!! He has the best temperament & is just a wonderful dog. He & Vinny are virtually inseparable. They are best Buds.

I would recommend one of your pups to anyone. It is clear you have taken great care in their breeding. Thanks again."
-- Ron B., October 23, 2018

One year old Louis is owned by Ron B. & Family of South Carolina!

Louis as a young pup!

Louis with his pal Vinnie

Louis & Vinnie

Kathryn & "Lucy"

Little Lucy, daughter of Mouse (a.k.a., Windi) & Prince is owned by Kathryn L. & Family of Gainesville, FL!

"Hi Kelly, It was so good to meet you and see Splendor Farms! We travelled 9 hrs Saturday to Gainesville and Lucy was a perfect puppy. She was afraid of the noises of the road at first but soon settled in. She spent most of the 850 miles on my lap sleeping and playing. She did her business when we stopped for gas and was really the best traveler. When we spent the night at the hotel she slept in her little kennel all night without a peep. She is inquisitive, observant and loving. She has already gotten use to her collar, harness and leash. I love her. We are home now and it is another huge new experience. She just wants me to sit and hold her as I did in the car so she is worn out after following me around to unpack. She is asleep on my lap now and very happy.

I am going to attach a picture of her sleeping on my lap in the car. Thank you so much for what you did with this little dog."
-- Kathryn L., October 7, 2018

Celie, Randy, Aubrey, Alex & "ChaCha"

Now 8 years old, ChaCha is a sweet & sassy piebald from Delta & Mike owned by Celie, Randy, Alex & Aubrey R. of Lafayette, LA!

"Hi Kelly, wanted to let you know that ChaCha is 8 years old now and still sweet and sassy. We are so grateful for the love that she gives to our family. Hope all is well and thanks again for raising such sweet pups!" - Celie, Randy, Alex, Aubrey and ChaCha, Lafayette, LA, August 5, 2018


"ChaCha," a sweet, beautiful piebald puppy from Delta & Mikey, lives with Alex, Aubrey, Randy & Celie R. of Youngsville, LA!

"ChaCha is doing great!! She is a sweet and very social little girl!! Here are some pics. Thanks again!" - Celie, Randy, Aubrey, & Alex R., July '10

ChaCha! (Sept 2010)

"Just wanted to update you on ChaCha. She is an amazingly smart and social pup! She loves attention and is quick to get in on any family hugs going around, and those long fuzzy ears make her irrisitable! She loves her occasional yogurt treat and her favorite "toy" is any laundry left lying around, it has become a very fun game of chase for her! The kids take her on her morning walk before school and she eagerly greets them when they get home. She is a real sweetheart and has learned the house rules pretty well, although, she is quick to try to sneak around them when no one is looking! We are so thankful for this wonderful addition to our family and will keep you posted. Thanks!" - Celie, Randy, Aubrey, & Alex R., Sept '10

ChaCha celebrating her 1st birthday, 3/31/2011

ChaCha's Birthday Yougurt

ChaCha's Birthday Gifts (New Toys!)

Building ChaCha's Doghouse

Painting ChaCha's Doghouse

"Hi Kelly, Wanted to give you the ChaCha update... We celebrated ChaCha's first birthday on March 31! The kids wanted to give her a dog house for when she is playing outside so they have been working on it all week. She had her favorite special treat of yougurt and had 4 walks that day...she was very happy! She continues to be such a joyful addition to our family and everyone that meets her raves about her looks and her good nature. Thanks Kelly!"
- Celie, Randy, Aubrey, & Alex R., April 2011

Gerry W. & Family & "Barkley"

"Kelly, Just want to let you know that our little puppy - his name is Barkley - is absolutely wonderful! We absolutely love him and he and my golden retriever Rosie are absolute best friends! Barkley seems like a very intelligent dog, absolutely sweet, funny, friendly, entertaining. I really enjoyed interacting with you in preparation for this beautiful little dog and I want to thank you for your patience with me calling and information you provided. Thanks!"
-- Gerry W., July 4, 2018

Doug G. & Family & "Sterling"

"Sterling’s birthday is tomorrow and the 4 of us couldn’t be happier, thanks for everything." -- Doug G., June 19, 2018

Catherine & "Esther"

ABOVE: Esther got a cake on her first birthday!

"Hey Kelly, I just wanted to give you an update on Esther. Yesterday was her birthday! She’s the sweetest, smartest dog I’ve ever had. She’s over halfway through her classes at Petsmart to be a therapy dog. She is such an awesome dog! Thanks,"
-- Catherine C., February 22, 2018

Croi & Family & "Miles"

ABOVE & BELOW: Miles is a chocolate & tan male owned by Croi M. and family of New York City. He is the son of Katy & Chico.

"Kelly - hello!!! I have been thinking about you and hoping you are having a terrific holiday season!! Miles is AMAZING!!! He has doubled in size and is so happy. He goes on 4 walks a day, gets loads of play time with my 2 kiddos and lots of snuggles from me and David. He loves the dog run near our apartment and is best friends with Peaches (a poodle) and Oscar (a GIANT sheep dog). He thinks he is the same size as Oscar and is learning all about city living. He also came out to Colorado for Thanksgiving to meet my whole family and had a chance to run wild on my parent's ranch (wow did he love that!). We are having the best time and we regularly look at each and say "we have the cutest, sweetest, smartest puppy in the world." Thank you, thank you!! A few pictures from a recent walk with miles, his first snow (with my son Calum) and him asleep in his favorite spot (he's bigger now but I think this picture is so cute). Sending you all our very best!!!" -- Croi M., New York, NY, December 21, 2017

Gina & "Shiloh"

"Kelly, I took Shiloh to Camp Bow Wow this morning. He is working with his trainer, and training other dogs. The Director, Caroline said, "Shiloh is SO beautiful, and Such an amazing Dachshund. The most beautiful conformation, and lean body." I showed her a picture of "Puppy Girl" coming soon, and she totally flipped. Her mouth dropped open, and she was speechless! Then said, Oh My God! She is stunning." Who is this amazing breeder? I've never seen such gorgeous Dachshunds." You are amazing, and we are so grateful for your Love and expertise of these amazing puppies! Hugs,"
-- Gina O., Albuquerque, NM, October 20, 2017


ABOVE: Shiloh graduates puppy pre-school! (June, 2016)

"Shiloh graduated tonight! Best boy at puppy preschool! Splendor Farm Doxie!"
-- Gina O., Albuquerque, NM, June 14, 2016


Shiloh, Bonnie & Beau's beautiful boy, is owned by Gina O. of Albuquerque, NM!

"Shiloh, is amazing. Super smart. He has slept all night, every night since bringing him home. No whining. He is taking 2 power naps a day in his crate after a lot of full on playing. Newspapers have been removed and NO mess!! He goes Potty outside, no pooping at all in the house, and he knows his name, comes when he's called. He has a nice supply of the best chew toys. We love him dearly and we are so proud of him. People who have met him think he is super Beautiful and special!" -- Gina O., Albuquerque, NM, April 8, 2016

"Kelly, Shiloh is doing great! He went to his first puppy pre-school tonight! Our vet has a 16 week socialization on Tuesdays! Shiloh was the Social boy and was the guy who took all the girls out to dance, and played rough and tumble with the other boys. He was quite the hit with everyone there. The other humans were very impressed by how well socialized he is! He was tuckered out when we got home, and has slept through the night without a sound for the entire time we've had him. (3 weeks on Thursday the 21st). Very secure little guy!" -- Gina O., Albuquerque, NM, April 19, 2016

ABOVE & BELOW: Shiloh got a new hedgehog!

Robert, Debbie & "Zoey" (a.k.a., "Mimi")

ABOVE: Zoey (formerly known as Mimi) all grown up and having an amazing day!

ABOVE: When Debbie met Mimi, it was love at first sight! How could I say no to an episcopal priest's wife? I know you will be cherished and happy in your new home, Mimi!

Brittany & Tom & "Käsie"

"Hi Kelly! I'm FOUR MONTHS OLD today (6/14/17)!!"

"I weigh almost TEN pounds! (9.6, to be exact). I'm starting to love walks with mom and dad, and I can sit, down, turn around, go to a spot, leave it, drop it, walk on a loose leash, and even come sometimes! But not when mom wants to give me a manicure. I also like to play Find It, and the Shell game. I'm really good at those games!

My favorite toy is my duck."

"I picked it out at Ross, all by myself! It was my reward for being sooo good at the vet. I even sleep with it."

"I love to go shopping with mom, now that I have all my vaccines. We go to Hobby Lobby, Ross, Lowe's, Home Depot, and PetSmart all the time!

I found out that pillows are my FAVORITE thing."

"When I'm not running around with my duck, I'm sleeping on a pillow.

I'm just finishing up my puppy semester, too. I LOVE puppy school, and seeing my best friend Bella, and my boyfriend Chewey. :)"

"Mom got me all registered with the AKC and the city, and she got me puppy insurance too! They also sent me a tag. With my rabies tag, my collar jingles A LOT. I don't mind, though.

My trainer says I just hit my terrible two's, cuz I don't like to listen to mom when she tells me to leave all the bark on the ground anymore, or eat my breakfast in my den, or go potty after ringing my bells. I mostly ring my bells to go outside and get MORE bark. It's just too tasty NOT to chew, even though mom thinks I shouldn't.

I like to hide in my secret lair, even though everyone knows about it, and there's nothing to chew on under here. It's nice and cozy."

"Sometimes I just stick my head out, and sometimes I just stick my FEET out. I know it's adorable, and I like to tease mom with it- I'll stick them out just long enough for her to get her phone out and then pull them in really fast so she can't get a picture! It's hilarious!

I'm starting to lose my teeth! I don't have any front teeth anymore:"

"It makes it real hard to squeak my duck, I'll tell you what, but that doesn't stop me.

I'm really happy here! Dad is my favorite playmate, and mom is my favorite snuggler. I have yummy food that I gobble up and fun toys that make me think. I love to say hi to EVERYONE and give lots and lots of kisses! Even the vets love me. :)

Say hi to my puppy parents!
Käsie <3
(and Tom & Brittany)"
-- Brittany P., June 16, 2017

ABOVE & BELOW: Käsie, daughter of Sally & Pawpaw,
is owned by Brittany P. of Utah!

"She is doing great so far! Everyone she meets falls in love with her because she's so sweet, smart, and pretty. She learned how to sit, down, stand, watch me, go to a spot, and turn around on the second week we had her. She figured out how to escape from her den area at night the first night there, too!

She is a QUIRK. She loves bouncing and playing with her toys and chewing on them upside down, on her back. She holds them in her little front paws and rolls back and forth while chewing them. She loves play time and chasing mom and dad around the yard, and snuggle time afterward. :) She's generally happy and healthy at home! She's been to the vet twice now- once for her initial checkup and again last week for her 13wks vaccinations. It was a five in one and they do NOT vaccinate for lepto in Utah. She'll get her 7n1 on the 7th and then she'll be all done! She's 7 pounds already! We're feeding her 1.25 cups of royal canin puppy mini breed food every day and she can't get enough of it. And just last night she slept though the night without needing to go potty, hallelujah.

She has never pooped in the house or had any accidents in her kennel and pen area. All in all she has opened our hearts and fills us with sunshine and happiness. We just can't help but gush and brag. She's our baby and we are so so happy to have her in our life. "
-- Brittany P., May 29, 2017

Lorraine & Rob & "Gwennie"

"Dear Kelly: We now call Hannah, "Gwenny". Long but sweet story. She responds completely to her new name. We just love love love her!!!! We hope you are well!"
-- Lorraine A., June 6, 2017

Rhonda & "Shortstop"

ABOVE: Shortstop, son of Carlee & Ruler, is owned by Rhonda M. & family!

"Hey Kelly! Shortstop is doing great! He has an appointment Saturday for his next set of shots. He is so happy and playful. We love him so much. Thank you for such a sweet, lovable addition to our family!" -- Rhonda M., May 22, 2017

Jana E. & Family

ABOVE & BELOW: Sally & Pawpaw's girl and her new pal,
owned by Jana E. & family.

"She's such a sweetheart!!! My kids and other puppy are really enjoying her. Here are a few pics. Thank you!!!" -- Jana E., May 22, 2017

Rachael & Family & "Louie"

ABOVE & BELOW: Louie, son of Carlee & Ruler, is owned by Rachael C. & family!

"Louie is doing great! He's letting us know when he needs to use the bathroom and he's sleeping like a champ. He's very funny when it's meal time. He definitely let's us know his opinion if we're taking too long! He's also doing really well on his harness and leash. He's super friendly with everyone, and he loves his attention. In other words he's wonderful, and has been an absolute joy to have! Thank you so much!" -- Rachael C., May 22, 2017

"Hey Kelly! Louie is absolutely wonderful! He is sleeping in his crate very well, and is doing a great job so far with his potty training. He is so incredibly smart, and a complete sweetheart! His first vet visit went very well. Our vet said he was perfect! He was a big hit with all the techs and other doctors as well. We can't thank you enough for this gift you've given to us!" -- Rachael C., May 9, 2017

Kim & "Sadie"

"Sadie was a year old in Feb. she is amazing! She loves everyone and thinks they love her, too. Usually they do! She is sweet tempered and happy. I tell people it is because she came from an excellent breeder who raises the puppies on a farm. This photo and frame were a Mother's Day present. Thank you for our wonderful baby!" -- Kim F., May 14, 2017

Allison & "Cami" & "Bode" of Dublin, GA

"Hello Kelly, Cami just celebrated her 3rd Birthday on the 3rd of May. So, I thought I would send you some photos and give you an update on them. The next two photo’s were taken on the 3rd of May..." -- Allison W., May 7, 2017

ABOVE & BELOW: Cami & Bode celebrate Cami's third birthday (5/3/2017)

"Of course we had to honor our puppies on National Puppy Day..."

"Their favorite past-time is sleeping, especially Cami..."

"They both enjoy getting in the hammock with Austin. They love being outside and so does Austin. He will read while they lay all over him..."

"This is Bode. He doesn’t like to go to bed until everyone is in bed. So he stays up with me until I go to bed. Or I should say, sleeps by me until I go to bed. He doesn’t sleep near as much as Cami. Probably because she goes 90 to nothing and he plods along like a little cuddly bear."

(JANUARY, 2016)

Allison & Roddy with Cami & Bode on Christmas Day 2015

"Hey Kelly, It has been a while since I have sent an update on our puppies, Cami and Bode, so I thought I would drop a note to you and some photos of them. We enjoy them so much, their personalities shine all the time. One thing for certain is that they are thick as thieves. The only time they leave each other is when Cami is sleepy and she does not want to be bothered. Bode likes to ramble during this time, or go aggravate her. We always know what they want and if we are slow about it, they let us know. So, here are a few pics for you to see how they are doing." -- Allison & Roddy W., January 12, 2016

Cami & Bode on Christmas Eve 2015

"They so love each other."

"Getting ready for cold weather."

"Bode is the sweetest puppy ever."

"Cami, about to be up to no good. She is extremely smart."

(APRIL, 2015)

Adorable seaworthy pair Bode & Cami are owned by Allison W. of Dublin, GA.
Bode (left) is son of Dancer & Frankie, Cami (right) daughter of Gracie & Beau.

"Hey Kelly, I thought I would send you an update on the puppies. They are both doing extremely well. Bode weighs a little over 12 pounds and Cami weighs about 9 and 1/2 pounds. They are extremely attached to one another and show great concern for each other.

Bode is exactly as you said he would be. Very laid back and conservative. Instead of chasing Cami, he will wait for her to come his way and chase her a bit, they wait again. He loves his toys and that is the only time he shows dominance over Cami. She will actually keep her distance and whine, when usually she would bowl him over. He takes his time with everything. He truly takes time to smell the roses.

Cami is wide open and extremely smart. She pays attention to everything and remembers so much. She surprises us all the time and the house would be extremely boring if she wasn't with us. She perks up Bode. As Bode is serious about his toys, Cami is serious about her sleep. When she is sleepy she does not want you to bother her.

We can't imagine our life without them and are so glad we found you, so we could find them. A few pics are attached, all made this month. The ones on the boat were made today."
-- Allison W., April 23, 2015

Cami & Bode, April 2015

Bode, April 2015

Cami, April 2015

(OCTOBER, 2014)

Bode & Cami are an adorable pair owned by Allison W. of Dublin, GA

"Hey Kelly, Just wanted to let you know the pups are doing great. They both are growing really fast, Cami weighs 7.5 pounds and Bode weighs 4.3 pounds. We were worried how Cami would react to Bode coming into the family, but they have done very well together. With Cami being bigger, she is a little rough in her playing, but Bode takes it like a champ and gives it right back. If he gets upset or is crying while in his cage, she gets very upset and wants to make sure he is ok. They bond more and more each day and have been inseparable.

We have enjoyed them so much, as have the rest of the family. They have such big personalties, although they are totally different. Cami is very alert to everything around and goes full speed. She has just begun to paw the door to go outside, and she is just 5 months old. Bode is extremely laid back. He sits back and watches everything that goes on around him. He will participate if it is something that interests him, which is toys and food. He is comical when it comes to food. I do make sure he isn't overfed, which he isn't happy about.

I am so happy we found you. I make sure to tell anyone who asks about our pups that we got them from Splendor Farms and how pleased we are. We love our little Doxies.

Here's some pics of the pups that I took yesterday."
-- Allison W., October 12, 2014

Bode is the son of Dancer & Frankie. Cami is the daughter of Gracie & Beau.

"This photo shows a bit of Cami's personality. I'm making a strange noise to get them to look at me, so she gives me a look as well." -- Allison W., Oct. 12, 2014

Lili & "Covey"

ABOVE & BELOW: Shaded cream male "Covey" is the brother of Renata, son of Marjorine & Butters, grandson of Dusty & Dancer. He is owned by Lili G. of Chicago, IL.

"SUBJECT: UPDATED PICS OF MY SUPERSTAR. Here are some pretty pics of my sweet boy! He’s as handsome as ever~ feel free to add these to the website! Hope all is well with you-" -- Lili G., Chicago, IL, May 9, 2017

(April, 2016)

"Hey Miss Kelly, Wanted to give you an update on beautiful Covey- I am constantly amazed at this little pup. I can't believe he's already 18 months old. He's a very smart doggie and his obedience trainer said we could go as far as we wanted with him- he's such a star! He enjoys swimming for pleasure and exercise in the local dog pool with sister Daisy. He could probably stay in the pool for an hour if we let him- just happy to fetch and retrieve his little pool toys. He is such a sweet snuggler- and a real momma's boy. He is my first dachshund and I had no idea I was getting a little sweetie pie like this. I know I was worried about him being a 'tweenie' but he really is just the perfect size for me! He is completely in love with the cats and Daisy. He has a particular attachment to my 1 yr old cat Finnegan- they are best pals. And his instagram keeps growing! He has over 6K followers! Here are a few pics of sweet boy Covey. Say hey to sister Renata for us xo" -- Lili G., Chicago, IL, April 14, 2016

(October, 2015)

Covey snuggles with his feline pal!

"Hi Kelly - Happy Fall! Wanted to check in and see how you are doing with this bad weather - we are thinking of you! Here are some recent pics of beautiful Covey! He turned one 10/2 and is doing great. He has a busy Instagram account @coveypup & enjoys swimming and training classes. We get stopped everywhere we go because he is such a stunner! Feel free to use these pics on your website - so proud of our boy. Hugs!" -- Lili G., Chicago, IL, October 26, 2015

Covey celebrated his 1st birthday on October 2, 2015

Covey takes a swim!

One year old Covey

(May, 2015)

Beautiful shaded cream Covey is the grandson of Dusty & Dancer and
son of Marjorine & Butters! He is owned by Lili G. of Chicago, IL.

"Hi Kelly, Been meaning to send you some pics of beautiful Covey. He has passed baby class as the absolute star of the group- he is in intermediate and doing advanced tricks work! Such a smartie :) He is just the sweetest thing- loves to give kisses and snuggle in- but he is busy busy busy- rearranging toys, playing with Daisy, chasing the cat, stealing shoes and anything he can get his mouth on~ and generally mischievous. He's a joy to have around. Thanks so much for such a wonderful doggie!" -- Lili G., Chicago, IL, May 17, 2015

Covey relaxing with his pal Daisy

Covey at play

That's a good boy!!

Chad & Family & "Eli"

ABOVE: Eli's new family!

Christie F. & Family & "Scout"

ABOVE & BELOW: Scout settles in with his new family & best friend!

Lisa & Charles & "Gabby"

ABOVE & BELOW: Gorgeous Gabby is owned by Lisa & Charles

"Kelly, I am so happy with our family's new addition. You are incredible - she lets me know when she wants to go outside to the bathroom. I covered the kennel with a dog blanket and she didn't whine until she woke up to go outside. Gabby is a very special little girl who we love more every day. ❤ Thank you," -- Lisa & Charles, April 15, 2017

Rachael & "Gypsy"

ABOVE & BELOW: Gorgeous Gypsy is owned by Rachael R. of Destrehan, LA.

"Hi Kelly, I hope that all is going well at the farm! Our little Gypsy just turned 1 year old yesterday, and I wanted to send you a quick update. She's is honestly one of the most beautiful dachshunds that we have ever seen. She's such a sweet girl and loves kisses. She's sometimes mischievous and always charming. Gypsy loves running and can jump so high! She especially loves cuddling and playing with her sisters. Gypsy has been in perfect health for all of her vet visits, is current on all of her shots and was spayed in Oct 2016 when she was 7 months. Thanks so much for bringing her into our lives. Here are some current pictures of her!" -- Rachael R., March 28, 2017

"Hi Kelly, I hope all is well at the farm! I wanted to say thank you again for bringing Gypsy into our lives. She is not only beautiful, but she also has such a wonderful personality and temperament. We couldn't have wished for more! She has been getting along great with our other dachshunds, and they have lots of fun playing. She is sleeping well through the night and is doing excellent with her potty training. We took Gypsy to our vet this morning, and she had a perfect checkup. We made sure to emphasize that we do not want her to receive the leptospirosis vaccine, and the vet was happy to comply. Please see below a picture of Gypsy sleepy after a long play session! We are so in love with her already. Thanks again," -- Rachael R., June 6, 2016

Gypsy as a young pup

Terry & "Presley"

ABOVE & BELOW: Presley, son of Queenie & Captain, is owned by Terry B.

"Presley's visit to his veterinarian was on March 6th. He weighed 8.7 lbs and had his 3 shots. Dr. Mark Pierce said Presley is a great looking pup and all is well. Thank you, Kelly" -- Terry B., March 7, 2017

"Presley is the sweetest pet. He loves to play with our granddaughters - twins who are 8 years old. Thank you Kelly." -- Terry B., February 24, 2017

"Presley is a ham! He's the greatest." -- Terry B., February 24, 2017

Eileen & "Raina"

ABOVE & BELOW: Raina, daughter of Carlee & Captain, is owned by Eileen L.

"Hi Kelly, Just thought I would share a few photos with you of our beautiful Splendor Farms puppy who we named Raina. She is adored by all, loves everyone and every animal that she meets and and whenever I am out with her, people, especially children, just gravitate to her. She is the most affectionate dog I have ever encountered. Hope all is well down the on the farm. Best," -- Eileen L., March 6, 2017

Rachael & "Daphne"

"Kelly, Daphne is doing great! She adjusted well to our home, is doing good with house training, is very sweet, and is the most beautiful dog! Lots of people come up to me all the time, and think she is so pretty! The black is thinning out of her coat to a nice beautiful highlight and she seems to be getting lighter in color. We just love her!Thank you for being an outstanding breeder! We are so happy to have her as part of our family. Happy New Year!" -- Rachael R., Pensacola, FL, December 31, 2016

Daphne, daughter of Diva & Prince, is owned
by Rachael R. & family of Pensacola, FL.

"Kelly, Thank you SO much for everything! Malcolm and I loved the farm and trail rides, the dinner recommendation, our room, and your gracious hospitality and breakfast! It was a fun trip for sure! The new puppy is doing great! Her name is Daphne (daughter of Diva and Prince). She LOVES Duncan, and he is doing well with her. She's doing great going outside! She loves the house and her new family and loves to cuddle! Thanks again! We had a lovely time at Splendor Farms and love our new puppy!" -- Rachael R., Pensacola, FL, November 13, 2016

Rachael, Daphne & Duncan

Daphne & Duncan

Polly & Lloyd & "Jake" & "Jence" & "Cheyanne"

Merry Christmas from Cheyanne, Jence, Jake & Santa! (2016)

Merry Christmas from Cheyanne, Jence, Jake & Santa! (2015)

"They are beautiful dogs Kelly. Thanks again. They make every day fun."
-- Polly B., Baton Rouge, LA, October 10, 2015

Cheyanne is the newest addition to Polly & Lloyd's
gorgeous dachshund family in Baton Rouge!

Jake in October, 2015

Jence in October, 2015


Pale cream Jence and black & tan Jake are
owned by Polly & LLoyd of Baton Rouge, LA

"Jake and Jence bring so much joy every day to Bubba and myself. Thanks Kelly"
-- Polly B., Baton Rouge, LA, May 23, 2015

Jence & Jake in May, 2015

VIDEOS ABOVE & BELOW: Brilliant black & tan Jake is learning new tricks!
He is son of Windi & Jackson and brother of Dreamie.


Happy Halloweener Jake is a beautiful black & tan male puppy from
Windi & Jackson, owned by Polly & Lloyd of Baton Rouge, LA

Liz & "Sarge Jr."

Merry Christmas from Sarge Jr., son of Carlee & Sarge, and his owner Liz L.!

Kimberly & Paul W.

Merry Christmas Kimberly & Paul W. of Atlanta, GA, happy owners of Skye's babies!

Kim & "Peggy"

Peggy, granddaughter of Dancer and daughter of Bonnie & Beau,
is owned by Kim A. of New Orleans.

"We purchased Peggy from Splendor Farms in April - I believe her litter was born February 1st. You asked me to send a picture. It is hard to choose, as I have 1,000 pictures of her. She is the sweetest, most adorable dog ever and exactly want we wanted. Thank you." -- Kim A., New Orleans, LA, November 29, 2016

Canton & "Rocky"

Canton P. with his puppy "Rocky," the son of Samson


"Good evening Miss Kelly, Rocky is doing really well, we couldn't be any happier with him. Haven't had an accident in weeks and he is coming right along with his training. He is incredibly affectionate and very intelligent. Here are a couple of pics to keep you up to date." -- Canton P., November 27, 2016

Jennifer W. & Family & "Oscar" & "Milly" & "Gracie"

Santa arrived early this year! Jennifer W. surprised her Dad (Bill)
with Skye & Prince's puppy (Gracie)

"Well, the surprise was a huge hit. We arrived in Auburn later than expected, so Dad was taking his early evening nap. Elly put the puppy on his chest and when he opened his eyes, he was completely shocked. He has named her Grace (Gracie) because she's his Saving Grace! She's been fantastic! Sleeping in her kennel at night without fussing, eating like a champ, playing with the other dogs, and napping like a pro (usually with dad). Thanks again for allowing her to be a part of my parents' family. She is LOVED! Blessings," -- Jennifer W., Baton Rouge, LA, November 25, 2016


Elly W. with her new puppy Milly!

"Hi Kelly, Just wanted to let you know that everything is going well with the new puppy. After trying out many names, we finally decided she's Milly. She has been sleeping in Elly's room at night, in her crate, and hasn't made one peep or had an accident. She's an absolute dream! We took her to the vet and everything's great. Thank you again for allowing us to add her to our family. Elly still can't believe we were able to "trick" her! I can't believe I pulled off that surprise either! I have some cute photos, but will have to send those later. I just wanted to let you know that your baby is doing great! Blessings,"
-- Jennifer W., Baton Rouge, LA, September 2, 2015


Oscar, an adorable(!!) red male puppy from Rosie & Mikey,
lives with Jennifer W. & family of Baton Rouge, LA.

"Oscar is 5 months now and is loved by all of us, even his dog "brother" and "sister"! He's quite the charmer. Everywhere we take him he is loved by all. We are also turning him into a traveller. He's been to Elly's volleyball games, vacation to the beach, to Houston, and Auburn (Alabama). He loves to cuddle, go for walks and bike rides. Thank you so much for allowing us to have him as a part of our family. I foresee more dachshunds in our future ...."
-- Jennifer W., Baton Rouge, LA, January 4, 2013

Elly & Oscar celebrate their first Christmas together

Elly & Oscar visit Santa!

Oscar goes for a bike ride

Elly & Oscar go for a car ride

Elly & Oscar at volleyball

Jennifer, Elly & Oscar

Amy & "Darby"

Darby is a beautiful piebald like her father Samson

"This is Darby! She sacked out while we got supper ready.

We got Darby from you last Saturday (10/22), and we have been thoroughly enjoying her. She got a good report from the vet on Monday, and everyone who has met her has fallen in love. She's doing a great job going outside to potty, and she stopped whining in her crate at night after her second night here. She loves to snuggle, likes her toys, and thinks the couch is the comfiest invention of all !!!

Darby and my husband have REALLY bonded; it's so funny to watch the two of them. Thanks so much for entrusting her to us. We love having her in our family!"
-- Amy P., October 30, 2016


Roger holds his own in NYC!!
(September, 2016)

Adele & "Peaches"

ABOVE & BELOW: Peaches, daughter of Bella & Prince,
is owned by Adele H. of New Orleans.

Kylie & Curtis & "Stella"

Sweet Stella loves to snuggle!

"Hey Kelly! We've had our sweet Stella for 2 weeks now and she's already developing a cute little personality. She loves her big brother, Remi, and loves to play and snuggle with him. She practically follows him everywhere and wants to do everything he does, it's adorable!

At her wellness check up, she was 4.5 lbs and the doctor said she was "perfect". She sleeps in her crate all night long and enjoys having "nature" sounds played from my phone to sleep.

She is a wandering soul, very curious and always wants to be next to Curtis or myself. Overall, she's the perfect addition to our family and we love her so much!

Here are a few new pictures for you :)"
-- Kylie L., September 3, 2016

Stella in September, 2016

Stella & Remi

Happy and proud new owners!

Gracie is a long haired red female owned by Bob & Beth W. of Evansville, IN.

"Kelly, To say we are enjoying this little bundle of love would be a huge understatement. We've named her Gracie. We checked her in w/ our vet yesterday, and the whole staff went nuts. Never saw so many big smiles at the same time. Our vet was both pleased and impressed, and I want to make sure you know that. Kudos to you.

You did a wonderful job of socializing her. Perfect strangers walk up to us and ask to pet her or talk to her, and she's completely comfortable with it.

Will stay in touch."
-- Bob & Beth W., Evansville, IN, September 1, 2016

Waiting for a Friend

Mia waited and waited and waited.....

.....then after school one day, Domino arrived!!!

"Domino had a great first night, he went in his crate at 8:30pm, cried for maybe 2 minutes then slept all night till 6 am!" -- Nick B., Maurice, LA, August 24, 2016

ABOVE & BELOW: Domino enjoying the end of Summer, 2016

"Just wanted to give you a puppy update. He is a fabulous little dog, he sleeps in his crate all night. We figured out if we leave a pair of shoes outside the crate in the room with him, he sleeps quietly all night. He doesn't mess his crate, he is on a good routine as you suggested. He takes adventure wagon rides, and he comes to our office everyday for "work". He is a big hit around the office. He enjoys suntanning and snuggling under blankets. I'm so glad we picked you for this dog, he was well trained and in a good routine from the day you sent him to us. Thank you and hope all is well." -- Nick B., Maurice, LA, September 3, 2016

Holly & "Kahlo"

ABOVE & BELOW: Kahlo, son of Madonna & Samson, is a chocolate & tan piebald owned by Holly H. of Valparaiso, IN.

"Kelly, Everything is wonderful. Kahlo and I have bonded so closely. I love absolutely everything about him. He is sleeping the whole night in his kennel without a peep! He began training last Saturday with his trainer. He is incredibly smart and a very fast learner.

Kahlo is a showstopper wherever I take him! People are in awe of how handsome he is. He is one of a kind. I have fallen completely in love with him and feel so blessed to have him as my son.

I have never encountered such a perfect, sweet, intelligent pup. It is very obvious that the puppies you raise are extraordinary. Thanks for all that you do, Kelly."
-- Holly H., August 24, 2016

Danielle & Kole & "Remy" & "Piper"

ABOVE & BELOW: Remy (chocolate & tan son of Cocoa) and Piper (black & cream daughter of Easy) are owned by Danielle & Kole B. of Lenexa, KS.

"...The black and cream from Easy, her name is Piper. She is a sweet little girl! She has a little bit of a quiet disposition and can be a little bit of a diva, but she is the sweetest little girl ever! She loves to sit on our lap and chew on her toys. She has learned to ring the bell to go outside and has done really well with going outside to potty! We have been doing puppy classes at Pet Smart the last month and she does really well with following commands. We are learning to walk on a leash and she is getting better with that as well. All of her check ups have been great and she is growing like a weed! She weighs 7.7 pounds as of yesterday! She has been a great addition to our family!

The chocolate and tan from Cocoa, his name is Remy. He is a wild boy! He has so much personality and has also been a delight to have in our home. He has tons of energy and he likes to chase Piper around all over the kitchen since we have them gated off in there. He likes to sit by us and chew on his toys, but not a lap dog quite yet. He weighs 8.6 pounds as of yesterday! We cannot believe how fast they grew!

They both do great in their kennels and Remy sleeps on his back a lot! During the day, they take their naps in separate kennels in the kitchen and at night time, they sleep together in a Dog Play Pen in our bedroom. They do really well with the arrangements we have set up for them! Remy is a little more challenging in puppy classes...he likes to wander and he LOVES me, so doesn't like when I leave him even if he is with Kole! Another mama's boy I guess! I have a 16 year old that is still a mama's boy.

I am so glad we got 2 puppies from you as they seem to be really close and hopefully will grow up to be best buddies! Everyone we see thinks they are beautiful dogs and so friendly! I tell people I flew all the way to New Orleans to get these "littles" and it was so worth it! So different from our past pet experience. We, along with Piper and Remy continue to learn how to properly train and raise a dog and our hoping they continue to be wonderful companions!

I have attached some pictures so you can see how big they are! I will try and continue to send you pictures!

Thanks for the wonderful pets!"
-- Danielle B., August 14, 2016

Sheila & "Jessie"

"Jessie" is a beautiful black & cream female
owned by Sheila P. of Chesapeake Bay, VA.

"Hi Kelly, Wanted to update you on Jessie. We are really enjoying having her. She has slept quietly in her crate from day one. She is very smart and enjoys going outside to play. She also likes to follow me around the house, everywhere I go! Jessie has not had any health issues. She has completed her puppy vaccines and I am attaching her spay record. Hope you are doing well and thanks again for this special little girl." -- Sheila P., August 10, 2016

Craig & Family & "Duke"

"Hello Kelly, Duke is one happy, funny and strange boy. We moved out to a 3 acre place in the "country" and Duke is loving life. He is loose 100% of the time and just runs and explores all day but doesn't leave the yard. He and I have quite a tight bond now. He doesn't leave my side when I'm around. His tail is always wagging and he is quite a different fellow now. As you can see, he can't, nor does he seem interested in swimming but he does like to float...." -- Craig C., August 6, 2016

ABOVE & BELOW: Splendor Farms retiree Duke has found his forever home
with Craig C. & family in Florida!

Kristin & "Buckley"

"Buckley is doing great and we love him so much. He has a big personality and has brought so much joy to our family in just the last month. Thank you! Here he is hanging in the screened porch this morning."
-- Kristin M., Arlington, VA, July 23, 2016

ABOVE & BELOW: Buckley is a beautiful blue dapple male
owned by Kristin M. of Arlington, VA

"Kelly - I am speechless, truly. I have never had or even seen a dog this well adjusted. Buckley is so relaxed and takes every little thing in stride. We've only been home for 8 hours but he's already gone potty outside (and only outside!), won the heart of our resident springer, and successfully triumphed over the no dogs in the bed rule, as you can see. More later but gosh, thank you so much. Whatever you are doing with these pups, keep doing it. All our best,"
-- Kristin M., Arlington, VA, June 19, 2016

ABOVE: Baby Buckley with his new pal Saxon the Springer

Tracy & "Riglee"

Riglee, Summer & Prince's pale cream baby girl, is owned by Tracy L. of Wisconsin.

"She is the love of my life." -- Tracy L., July 28, 2016

Miss Riglee at 4 months...

...and at 3 months..

...and at 2 months!

"Hi! Miss Riglee is doing great. Eating, drinking, and doing her business. She slept through the night. We had to wake her up this morning. She's traveling very well!!

She is gorgeous. ☺ Thank you again for ALL you do!! She follows me everywhere. I love her to pieces!!

We are about 3.5 hours from home. One more night in a hotel before Riglee gets to the land of cheese"
-- Tracy L., Wisconsin, June 18, 2016

Taylor & "Andouille"

"We've gotten all our puppy vaccines, doing great with potty training, loves swimming and walking in the park, loves playing with other dogs, and is just being the best dog ever!! Figured you'd appreciate an update!!"
-- Taylor G., June 30, 2016


Breanne & "Darcy"

ABOVE & BELOW: Carter & Darcy are a very cute & sweet pair!!

"Hello! It's been a while since I updated you with Darcy! He's such a good boy! He loves Carter, our daughter. She even calls him "Arcy" and wants to walk him all of the time! They are the cutest together! I hope all is well! Here are some photos! Have a good one!" -- Breanne F., June 26, 2016


Congratulations to Breanne F. on the birth of her daughter Carter Brynn!!
Carter & Darcy (from Stella & Dusty) look very happy together!!

"Hey there it's been a little while since I've updated you on Darcy! Last time I was pregnant with my daughter! We welcomed Carter Brynn on March 13! Darcy adapted pretty well when we brought her home from the hospital. He whined a lot at first. I couldn't quite tell if he was nervous or scared but he never acted mean towards her. After about a week he stopped his whining and was very interested in her. Now, wherever Carter is in the house, Darcy is too. He even sleeps under her crib. Carter is almost 5 months and starting to pet and rub Darcy. He loves it! He rolls over and tries to teach her to rub his belly. Lol. They make my heart so full. I am so thankful that Darcy is so sweet and calm with her. I just know that as she grows her and Darcy will be the best of friends!" -- Breanne F., August 7, 2015


"He is just too perfect!" -- Breanne F., September 2, 2014

Darcy's awesome new look!


Hi Kelly, Since the last email a lot of things have changed! I got married last October! We wanted to have our dogs in the wedding but it would have been just too much which really bummed us out. My bouquet was handmade by my mom that consisted of fabric flowers and vintage brooches. I was really wanting to include Darcy somehow and found a long haired dachshund brooch that fit perfectly in the center of my bouquet! Everyone had a fit over it! We have also relocated to Gulfport, MS for my husband's job. Darcy will be 3 this coming January. Wow! Also, Darcy was featured in a photo contest for People Magazine which was really cool. He has also become a little traveller. He has been to 7 states and has even got to fly on an airplane! He was so behaved and for the majority of the time looked out of the plane window. Everyone had a fit over him but that's anywhere I go with him. Lol. I am also looking into certifying him to be a therapy dog for the retirement homes, and children's hospitals. I know he'd bring happiness to people in need and would love the attention as well. I hope all is well! Here are a few updated photos of Darcy!" --
Breanne F., September 2, 2014

"Darcy Loves to go for a bike ride in his basket!"
-- Breanne F., September 2, 2014

Darcy is one cool customer!

Breanne's wedding bouquet with long-haired dachshund brooch - priceless!


"Darcy is doing great! His hair is getting so long. his tail hair is over 3" long now! Every time I'm in the kitchen, he is right there with me watching my every move. This afternoon I made him a chef hat and took a few adorable photos of him. He is the cutest thing I have ever seen. I think he should be in modeling! lol. He makes me laugh and I love him very much. Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!" -- Breanne F., January 12, 2013

ABOVE & BELOW: Happy New Year from Chef Darcy!


"Hi! Today was a wonderful day! Our lab, Cooper, turned 1! We threw him a party and snapped a couple good pictures of Darcy. He is getting so big and handsome! We took a family photo and a photo of Darcy holding his party hat on! It's so cute, he's such a little man! I'm also including his 'Happy Fall' picture. Enjoy and use the pics for the website if you'd like! Thanks, have a great weekend!" -- Breanne F., September 23, 2012

Darcy & family celebrating Cooper's 1st birthday!

Adorable Darcy in his party hat

Happy Fall, Love Darcy!!


"Hi, here's some updated pictures of Darcy for the site. He's the most perfect puppy I could have asked for. He loves to cuddle all hours of the day and snuggles with me all night. He gets so tuckered out that he snores. It's the cutest thing ever. He is so sweet and mild tempered. He has grown quite a bit and loves to eat. He doesn't run anywhere- he hops like a rabbit everywhere! He knows his name really well, but answers to 'momma's baby' because that's what I say to him. Lol. One thing is for sure I am obsessed with this little cutie and love him very much! Thank you!!" -- Breanne F., July 16, 2012

Darcy looking happy & healthy, July '12

Darcy looking happy & healthy, July '12


"Hi! I just wanted to let you know how Darcy is doing. On the car ride he whined for maybe 5 minutes and then slept for the remaining 2hrs of our trip. He cuddled with me all night and only woke up once. He likes to go outside and run in the grass. It is so funny to see him hopping through the grass. I am really enjoying him. He is everything I was hoping for. He follows me everywhere and gives me tons of kisses. Cooper and him get along great. Cooper lays on the floor and Darcy climbs on him like he is a jungle gym. He is eating, drinking, sleeping, and playing normal. I sure do love the little guy. You have done a wonderful job with him and I will keep you updated! Thanks so much! :) " -- Breanne F., March 11, 2012

Breanne & Darcy

"Just hanging out in the garden! :) He loves the outdoors!"
-- Breanne F., March 15, 2012

Happy Easter, Love Darcy!!

"We were just hopping in to wish you a Happy Easter! I hope all is well.
Darcy is doing very well, he weighs 4 pounds exactly! Have a wonderful holiday!"
-- Breanne F., April 4, 2012

"Darcy" -- a Cream male puppy from Stella & Dusty --
now lives with Breanne F. of Houma, LA

"Darcy is spoiled already!" -- Breanne F., March 11, 2012

Brynn & "Biscuit"

ABOVE & BELOW: Biscuit, the pale cream son of Beau & Snickers (daughter of Biloxi Belle), is owned by Brynn M. of Atlanta, GA.

"Hi Kelly, Biscuit turned two years old last week and wanted to send you a quick thank you! We can't imagine life without our little buddy. He is our first baby and sleeps every night between my husband and mine's pillow. He prefers to cuddle 24/7 or at least to be right near us. He is the best dog and we can't go anywhere without strangers stopping to comment on how adorable and friendly he is.

He loves riding in the car - we bring him on pretty much any trip we take and is so well behaved. He has a long of personality in his little body and I think we just wish we could hear him talk sometimes.

Biscuit adjusted right away and very well to our first baby Wells (we do keep a very watchful eye!). He seems to love him and is always helping to keep a watch over him. He also enjoys the kids in our neighborhood - even the littlest ones know his name.

We couldn't have asked for a better doxie. Thank you for bringing him into the world so he could join our family!

Pictures attached from his first two years with us."
-- Brynn M., June 3, 2016

Jill B. & "Isaac"

ABOVE & BELOW: Sweet adorable Isaac is owned by Jill B. of Naples, FL

"Hi Kelly, You sent me a puppy during hurricane Isaac a few years ago. I named him Isaac. He has brought so much joy to my life. We moved from Moline Illinois to Naples Florida and he loves his palm trees and sunshine. Hope all is well. I'm sending your name to some friends. They are interested in a doxy."
-- Jill B., Naples, FL, May 19, 2016

Jamie & "Lucien"

Lucien is a smooth haired blue dapple male owned by Jamie B. of New Orleans

"Hi Kelly! I wanted to let you know that Lucien is a brave boy and is adjusting well to his new home. He follows me wherever I go through out the house. He loves to play fetch already. I love him more than words could ever say. He is so handsome!!! I never knew that my heart could love a puppy this much again since Drew passed away three years ago. But I love him so much my heart is bursting at the seams. He is my son!!! Thank-you so much for allowing me to buy one of your babies. I attached a picture of him sleeping in his blanket during the day. Thank you so much. Sincerely," -- Jamie B., New Orleans, April 19, 2016

Destin & "Packet"

Packet, the son of PawPaw & Sally, is owned by Destin H.

"Hi Kelly, Now that Packet (his official name now) is 4 months old, I thought I'd let you know he is doing VERY well. :) This puppy is one of the best behaved I have ever had. I expected there would be some puppy crying, but he never really does! And he has become best pals with my Golden - Cirrus - they play together a lot.

Unfortunately, I lost my female golden (Whoopi) age 10 - I miss her - but having Packet is truly helping me with that loss. The timing of adding him to my pack could not have been better. Thanks again!"
-- Destin H., April 12, 2016

Adorable Packet!

Faith & "Oliver"

Oliver, son of Lady & Butler, is owned by Faith B. of Plaquemine, LA

"Kelly, We are very happy with him! Brought him to the vet Monday, and he's very healthy, as we expected. Thank you" -- Faith B., April 13, 2016

Sara & "Jimmy"

"Hi Kelly- We really enjoyed meeting you Saturday. And we are absolutely thrilled with Jimmy!! He is the sweetest little guy. His first vet visit went very well and he is happily settling into our home. Thank you for all the care you put into your breeding program. All the Best-" -- Sara S., March 30, 2016

ABOVE & BELOW: Sweet adorable little Jimmy has found his
forever home with Sara S., and he's made some new friends!

Julie & Dan & "Griffey"

"Our Vet said she wished all her new puppy visits had records like yours. You're the best Kelly. I wish you continued success with your Kennel."
-- Julie W., March 3, 2016

"Griffey" is a pale English Cream male owned
by Julie & Dan of The Woodlands, TX.

"Hi Kelly, Griffey is in full puppy mode. He is a real joy! He has not had an accident so far. He loves his crate. Kelly you have done a remarkable job with your Dachshunds. I tell all my friends about your Kennel.

Today was Griffey's Vet visit. He was given a clean bill of health. He weighs 3 lb. He knows where his food and water bowl are . When he is thirsty is just goes to the laundry room. Today he walked to the back door , so we went outside and immediately he did his business . He's a very smart boy.

He's perfect for Dan and me. We both want to thank you for raising these precious puppies that bring so much joy to people's lives. All our love,"
-- Julie & Dan, March 3, 2016

Susan & David & "Cassey" & "Bella" & "Biscuit"

Biscuit, Cassey & Bella in March, 2016!

"Dear Kelly, I can't stop taking pictures of these puppies. They are so sweet, and love each other immensely. The cream is Biscuit (9 months). The piebald is Cassey (Skyler and Mocha's baby). And the chocolate is your sweet Bella!! She is such a sweet dog. Definitely the mother of the group. She loves to be outside, chase critters, and dig holes." -- Susan B., Suwanee, GA, March 14, 2016

Bella, Biscuit & Cassey in March, 2016

Cassey, Biscuit & Bella in October, 2015!

"Dear Kelly, It took a while, but I was finally able to get all 3 puppies to cooperate. My persistence paid off - look at those cuties. The piebald is Cassey (5 1/2 yrs), Mocha and Skyler's girl. Next is our sweet Biscuit (17 weeks), and finally your sweet Bella (almost 4). Bell has been the most amazing Mama to Biscuit. She tolerates all her puppy ways like a sweet mom. We love our girls - thank you!!" -- Susan B., Suwanee, GA, October 17, 2015

"Cassey" (right) - a black & tan piebald female from Mocha & Skyler - lives with her new sister "Maddie" (left) and owners Susan & David B. of Suwanee, GA.

"Hi Kelly, We just got home with Cassey, and she is delicious! I just wanted you to know that she is fine, she ate a little, she is playing with our other doxie 'Maddie' and she is wagging her tail constantly."
-- Susan B., Suwanee GA, August 2010

Cute, sweet Cassey at one year old

"Hi Kelly, Our little Cassey turned 1 today! She is such a treasure, she is obedient and sweet. Cassey and our other dachshund (Maddie) are the best of friends. Cassey is the talker, you always know what she wants by her tone - amazing. At one year old she weighs 9lbs, all of it is love. Thanks again for this little gem," -- Susan B., Suwanee GA, May 2011

Jennifer & Family & "Louie" & "Olive"
(Former Puppy Owner of the Month: May, 2013)

VIDEO ABOVE: Louie & Olive rip open their box of toys!

"She is hands-down, the funniest dog out of our four (and I thought Louie held that title). Olive is nothing but personality. She is so stinkin' smart, but does things on her terms.

Her coat is as smooth as silk; something I attribute to Dancer. She and Louie share so many mannerisms from Max --they yawn exactly the same, walk the same, and make the same funny noises. I get so tickled when I see family traits in them both.

They all went for a check up about six weeks ago, shortly after Olive was spayed. Dr. Hounsel continues to rave about the quality of our Splendor Farms doxies. Louie will be four this June and has never had to have a dental, unlike his two older "brothers." I have learned a lot about feeding since Louie and Olive joined the family, but the overall health status of those two compared to our boys we got before we learned about responsible breeding is night and day. I was recently approached by one of my surgeons about dachshunds. Without missing a beat, I sent him the link to the Splendor Farms website. Kelly, you and your babies have been such a blessing to us!

Much love from Texas!"
-- Jennifer B., January 25, 2016

ABOVE & BELOW: Adorable half siblings Olive & Louie live with Jennifer B. and her beautiful family of dachshunds in Longview, Texas!

(September, 2015)

ABOVE & BELOW: Olive, daughter of Dancer & Max, is the newest member of Jennifer B.'s beautiful dachshund family in Longview, TX!

"Dr. Hounsel says she is the specimen of health and raves about the puppy care she received at Splendor Farms.

She is SO smart. She has been doing really well with her house training. She has gone to the back door three times today to inform me she needed to go out and potty. :)

She and Boomer are best friends Louie has been super-jealous because he is a mama's boy. But, two days ago, he turned the corner and he and Olive are buds!

She is so, so sweet. Such a love. Her favorite place is draped over my shoulder like a limp rag. Or she loves to put both of her paws on my face (like the day we met her) and put her nose against mine. Melts my heart. I will send more pics soon!!"
-- Jennifer B., September 30, 2015


Jennifer B. has style! A stylish golf cart tricked out with stylish dachshunds
in stylish tags! Too cute! Even Louie (middle) has a stylish name:
"Splendor's Third Time is a Charm!" Tee time, boys!

"Louie, Cosmo, and Boomer doing what they love the most-
riding in the golf cart!" --
Jennifer B., May 4, 2013

Louie (right) and his "big brother" Boomer (left) are owned by Jennifer B. of Longview, TX! Louie is a black & tan silver dapple male from MiMi & Max.

"Subject: Here's Louie!

Here's a picture I snapped of Louie and his 'big brother' Boomer. These two are joined at the hip. They are so funny to sit and watch. They play chase constantly and Louie practices his big dog 'fighting' moves on Boomer. My husband and I get so much joy from watching the boys play together. He went to the vet today and weighs 12.8 pounds. He has become quite the teacher's pet with our Vet, who has proclaimed Louie to be one of the 'coolest dogs he has ever seen.' He still has the sweetest disposition and loves to snuggle. He has recently started standing on his hind legs like a human in order to see what is happening on the counters in the kitchen. I'm determined to snap a picture of him standing up. It is hilarious!! I love my little guy!"

-- Jennifer B., February 4, 2013

Louie's doxie posse!
(April, 2013)


Louie & Jennifer celebrate Christmas together!

"Hi Kelly! I hope this email finds you well. I just wanted to send you a few holiday pictures of Louie. He continues to fill my heart with so much happiness. As much as I loved Cosmo and Boomer before Louie joined the pack, I am amazed at how much I love Louie. He has the perfect temperament and personality-he is such a funny little guy! I saw on the website that MiMiand Max have a litter due soon. That is so very tempting! I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you many blessings for 2014. Thank you again for Louie. My life hasn't been the same since he became a part of it." -- Jennifer B., December 28, 2013

Louie in his Christmas Splendor!

Louie's Doxie Posse!
(December, 2013)

Louie says scratch my tummy!


"Today is my little man's second birthday. The boys enjoyed an organic carrot cake. Thank you for bringing Louie into our lives. We love him so much!" -- Jennifer B., June 29, 2014

Louie's stylish "Birthday Boy" hat...

...and delicious birthday cake!!

Wanda & "Bogey" & "Frankie"

Our very own English Cream retiree Frankie (left) has joined
his son Bogey (middle) and they are inseparable!

"He is doing great! And we are in love with him. If you remember we have his son Bogey. They are inseparable and so much fun to watch together." -- Wanda S., January 19, 2016

Wanda & Bogey are BFFs!!

"I just had to send this picture of Bogey, he was part of Frankie & Mona's litter born on July 7, 2012 - I cannot tell you how much we adore him, I've had dogs all my life but Bogey is just pure joy to be around. He is so smart and so very lovable, I cannot imagine my life without him. Just like a spoiled little brother he aggravates my older Min Pin but he really is good for her, she is so much more active now because of him.

When it is time for my sweet Min Pin to leave this earth, I will be returning for another little one, I told Mike I will never own another dog, except a long haired dachshund - Thank you so much!

P.S. Attached is a recent pic of Bogey, he was showing off his Valentine's gift to his daddy. Thanks again!"
-- Wanda S., February 19, 2013

Donna & "Lucy"

Splendor Farms retiree Lucy has found her loving
forever home with Donna W. of Gretna, Louisiana.

"Hi Kelly, just wanted to share this cute picture of Lucy, we truly adore her and she is doing well, she loves her sisters and brother, also can't wait to eat and cuddle ☻ ❤ she is a true blessing!" -- Donna W., January 18, 2016

Bridget & "Obi"

Obi from Missy & Andy is a one year old red wire haired male.

"Hey Kelly I just wanted to update you on our sweet baby boy doxie that we got almost a year ago now from you. He is wonderful fully potty trained and the sweetest dog ever:) I'm attaching a pic of him and we are hoping to buy another one from you late next year for our kids Christmas present :) Thank you so much for this dog. His name is Obi and he really is the best dog we have ever had. We love him with all our hearts and the boys love him even more. You're an awesome breeder! Thank you again" -- Bridget W., January 8, 2016

Obi is a red wire haired male puppy from Missy & Andy

"Just wanted to let you know that baby Obi is doing wonderfully in his new home. He has settled in beautifully:) he is really the best puppy I have ever had! He hasn't had one accident in the house and goes pee pee when you tell him to go pee. He sleeps all night in his crate with no accidents also. He is just so calm and loves us so much already! Thank you for selling us such a wonderful doggie!"
-- Bridget W., January 16, 2015

Lisa, Tommy & Brooke & "Piper"

ABOVE & BELOW: "Piper" is a piebald female puppy owned by Lisa, Tommy & Brooke C. of Hattiesburg MS!

"Thought you might enjoy seeing "Penelope's Pied Piper". Thank you so much for bringing her into our lives. She is a little fireball! Faster than a triple- crown race horse, smarter than all of our farm animals, with very strong opinions as to how the household should run! She takes the crown- we just hope she can bring our invalid daughter back to a better place. She sneaks into her room, sometimes into her lap when we aren't looking, in hopes of earning a special place in her heart. Our world is made brighter by her. Thanks for finding us the finest dog- Kudos, Kelly!!!" -- Lisa, Tommy & Brooke C., Hattiesburg, MS, January 1, 2016

Christy M. & Family & "Fonzie"

ABOVE & BELOW: "Fonzie" is a beautiful dapple male owned by Christy M. and her loving, growing family in Baltimore, MD!

"Hi Kelly!! Hope all is well! Just wanted to say a quick hello. Fonzie is doing great he is such a sweet boy. He recently became a big brother back in August. We could not imagine our family without him!! Thank you so much! Here are some pictures for your website. Happy Holidays!!!" -- Christy M., December 30, 2015

Angela F. & Family & "Duke"

ABOVE & BELOW: "Duke" is a smooth haired cream piebald
puppy owned by Angela F. & Family of Houston, TX.

"Hi Kelly, Merry Christmas to you! Duke is doing very well. He loves his yard and his new kids. No accidents in the house so far. It took him less than 72 hours to talk me into sleeping in my bed at night. His vet check up went well. Pics to follow. Thank you so much," -- Angela F., Houston, TX, December 26, 2015

A Multi-Generational Family of Puppy People!!

ABOVE: Seven splendid Splendor Farms pups for this family of Aunts Uncles and cousins!!! Randy with Happy, Kelly with Van, Missy with Olive Ann, Carson with Scout, Lynn with Scarlet, and Will with Wilma and Napoleon!

Pam & "Louie"

Beautiful Louie from Mary Ann & Captain is now 5 months old!

"Kelly, My husband and I absolutely adore Louie, our little red sable son of Mary Ann & Captain. You were right about his turning almost all red (could have fooled me because there was so much black in his coat until last month), but he still has beautiful black-fringed ears. Personality-wise, he is confident and fairly assertive, especially with people and larger dogs, and he has our alpha-male Golden, Rudy, wrapped around his paw. Rudy was not an easy sell, to say the least, until our older Golden died, and then Louie became his best friend. Louie was relentless and adorable in his efforts to win Rudy over! I've really never seen anything like it. At first, the closest he could get was Rudy's tail, but Louie gradually worked his way around, over several weeks, to cuddling up under Rudy's front paws. Now they play incessantly and are inseparable.

Louie is sweet, cuddly, smart, and a wonderful sleeping companion. Yep, he sleeps on our bed. He is only five months old, but I would bet my life that he would never poop or pee on the bed or in his crate. From the day I brought him home at 10 weeks, he has been perfect in that respect.

Thank you for everything you did to bring us Louie. He is really special."
-- Pam P., Colorado, December 12, 2015


ABOVE & BELOW: Adorable little Louie, son of Mary Ann & Captain,
is owned by Pam P. of Colorado!

"This is Louie and my fourteen year old golden the first night. Love at first sight! Then another pic of Louie trying to take my daughter's dog for a walk. Louie was great on both flights home. Not a peep, and then he settled right in at the house. He's amazing, and essentially housebroken! Thank you!"-- Pam P., Colorado, October 1, 2015

Fiona C. & "Ursula" of Boston

Now 4 & 1/2 years old, Ursula from Ava & Max is owned by Fiona C.
of Boston (former Puppy Owner of the Month in July, 2011)

"Ursula continues to be a joy to me and to everyone whose path she crosses. (Her only "fault" is that she sheds like mad so I have to keep sticky rollers handy for everyone). Here are a couple of photos of the pup who is now 4 1/2! I can't believe how much my life has changed since "birthing" Ursula. (Honestly, I couldn't love her more). I take Ursula everywhere. Here is a shot of her in her carrier at a museum. Regards,"
-- Fiona C., Boston MA, December 6, 2015

Ursie says scratch my tummy!

Ursie playing with her weasel toy


In this land of the free and home of the brave it only stands to reason that our July Puppy Owner of the Month should live in the great city of Boston, Massachusetts, and on the Freedom Trail! Fiona Cortland, a sweet lady, who corresponded with me for months before picking the puppy of her dreams, Ava's blue & tan dapple piebald girl, has won this honor! As for everyone who knows that I am a huge Yankee fan, my apologies!

"Ursula" (pictured below) was featured on the blog BostonZest in August 2011. Check out BostonZest for photos and a video starring
this beautiful, hilarious little sweetheart from Splendor Farms!!!

Adorable Ursula on August 14, 2011

"As her fame and popularity grow I am going to have to find an agent for my pup! The other day a man driving by actually pulled over onto the sidewalk (there are no parking spaces around here), got out of his car and asked 'What kind of puppy is that?' When I replied he said 'That's the cutest puppy I have ever seen!'! That big black patch on her back was getting overgrown with the lighter color, so I took it into my head to trim it. I didn't do the best job and now she looks as though I took her to 'Supercuts'! Her gorgeous ears are really long and the hair is sticking out. She is just so comical. Her little feet are getting chubbier and more Dachshund-like. And she is afraid of nothing. She runs all over big dogs, licking them on their faces. I wonder if all of your dogs have this kind of personality (?) I imagine they are so well-raised that they all have fabulous dispositions. Best, Fiona and Ursula"
- Fiona C., Boston MA, August 2011

Ursula & Fiona are a match made in heaven!

Playful Ursula is a blue & tan dapple piebald female from Ava & Max

" Kelly, I just need to share this with you. Ursula hoards her toys, If I pick one up, she leaps up, takes it away from me, puts it on top of the pile and lays across them! Now she is attacking my laundry. This is one funny puppy. Her markings are changing and becoming lighter. She is so pretty. Best,"
- Fiona C., Boston MA, July 2011

Photos of Ursula in Boston:
(July, 2011)

Ursula & Fiona in front of the Old North Church

Ursula & Fiona along The Freedom Trail

Ursula stands before the Stars & Stripes

Ursula & Fiona in front of Souvenir Shop

Ursula loves her Butterfly!

Ursula Pupdate, October, 2011

"I am so in love with this puppy.......I thought I'd share her a little. Love Us"
- Fiona C., Boston MA, October, 2011

Ursula on October 1, 2011

Ursula on October 1, 2011

"Yeah, you think you're gettin' this frisbee from me!"

Ursula in her hot diggity dog halloween costume, Oct '11

"Heeeeere's Ursie...Halloween can't come soon enough for us! xoxoxoxo"
- Fiona C., Boston MA, October, 2011

Ursie in November, 2011

"I have to tell you that Ursula is the funniest puppy, ever! She lunges at me, leaping on my chest. She licks my face, then climbs around on top of my head, tangling in my hair, leaning over to kiss my nose from above and then creeps down the other side, licking my face before climbing down.
She is just a laugh riot!"
- Fiona C., Boston MA, November, 2011

Sally & "Snow"

Now almost 2 years old, "Snow" from Karla & Max
is owned by Sally L. of New York City!

"Hi Kelly, I hope you and the farm are well :)

I am just emailing to let you know what an extraordinary little dog Snow has become. She is turning two next month, she is officially through her puppy stages, and she has really settled into the best dog anyone could imagine. She amazes me.

Not only is her beauty something that astonishes me everyday, but her temperament and soul are what really makes her the exceptional dog that she is.

I could go on and on about the comments I receive about her, and the love she has given to so many other people in my life, co-workers, neighbors, even strangers, but it would take too long!

I wanted to send along the photo so you can see her beauty, and for you to know that she really is a joy in so many peoples lives.

Hope you have a happy holiday season! I'm sending my best."
-- Sally L., December 2, 2015

VIDEO ABOVE: Snow playing with toys she got for Christmas from her friend Louie, who is owned by former Puppy Owner of the Month Jennifer B.

"Here is a video Sally just sent me of Snow opening her Christmas loot from Louie. A hat and lots of squeaky toys. :) We love our Splendor Farms family!"
-- Jennifer B., December 7, 2014

Snow, a beautiful black & tan female from Karla & Max,
is owned by Sally L. of NYC

"I just want to let you know that Snow has really adjusted and is literally the best thing in my life (besides my boyfriend of course). EVERYONE who comes through my office is blown away with her beauty and character. She is in the office with me every single day, which I was nervous about, but she had just really adjusted to it so well. And I just wanted to let you know how happy she is with us, and how happy we are with her. She found her perfect home."
-- Sally L., August 20, 2014

Perry & Julie & "Chanel"

Chanel, owned by Perry & Julie T., pictured above & below at six months old.

"Our dachshund puppy, Chanel is perfect. Great house and car dog...loves everyone and every dog she meets on her daily Lakefront walk. One thing we have a new appreciation for is long hair dachshunds do not shed!"
-- Perry & Julie T., November 13, 2015

"Our dachshund, Chanel, is fun to walk at the Lakefront of Lake Pontchartrain. We have had three other Dachshunds. All have been great swimmers but Chanel thinks she is a Lab. She dives into to water and swims like a fish. Here is Julie restraining Chanel from jumping into the Lake like a retriever."
-- Perry & Julie T., November 13, 2015

"Chanel is a great sleeper. She can sleep anywhere and always in strange positions!" -- Perry & Julie T., November 13, 2015

Steven K. & Family & "Hudson"

ABOVE & BELOW: Hudson, Luna & Louie's boy,
looking healthy & handsome in Tennessee!

"Kelly-Just wanted to send you current pictures of Hudson. He loves the camera! :-) He's weighing ~6.5lbs and doing very well. He is a joy to the family and has such a sweet disposition. He had his third set of shots and did very well with it. They all said he's one of the prettiest dachshunds they had ever seen...even with another LH in the waiting area. Hope all is well with you. Sincerely," -- Destin L., November 4, 2015


ABOVE: "Hudson," Luna's beautiful boy, is owned
by Steven K. & family of Nashville, Tennessee.

"Hey Kelly, Just wanted to update you on how Hudson is doing. His vet appointment was yesterday. They checked him out physically, and of course they said he was great. At the house, he has been acting like he loves it. He slept the whole ride home (literally, the whole ride home!). He has actually been going to the restroom outside fairly regularly. We feel it is partly because we are learning when he has to go, but definitely because of your efforts.

So far, no accidents in the crate! We will keep you updated on his progress, and I attached his first meal, first time going down stairs, and a picture of his sleeping with his big sister!!!!!"
-- Steven K., Nashville, TN, October 8, 2015

ABOVE: Hudson sleeps with his big sister!

VIDEO ABOVE: Watch little Hudson take his first trip downstairs!

Sasha & Daniel & "George"

ABOVE & BELOW: "George" is owned by Sasha & Daniel of Seattle, WA!

"This is Daniel and Sasha checking in to say - we love George!!! We've been busy getting our potty training and feeding routines down (not to mention taking endless cute pictures).

He is such a wonderful pup and is adjusting well to Seattle. He is fast friends with our Boston Terrier Daisy and is holding his own in tug-of-war.

I can't believe how sweet, well-mannered, and calm he is. We are thrilled. I've attached a few photos.

Thank you so much for bringing this joy to us!"
-- Sasha & Daniel, October 13, 2015

Cindy B. & Family & "Bubba" & "Slim"

ABOVE: Bubba & Slim are owned by Cindy B. & Family of Belmont, MA!

"We are truly loving the boys! Their names are Slim (red)and Bubba (blonde).

We are a very active family of six with two dogs and two cats!

We had a great time in the summer on Nantucket swimming with the dogs. Now that hockey season has begun, the boys like to park themselves on our hockey bags...warmth and smell?

They have great personalities! All my neighbors love them! We couldn't be happier! Best,"
-- Cindy B., October 13, 2015

Dave S. & Family & "Heidi"

ABOVE & BELOW: Heidi and her "sisters" are
owned by Dave S. & Family of Nashville, TN

"When I took Heidi outside and put her down in the grass she knew what to do and did it. I believe as she grows she will be a great playmate to all her 'sisters' and a comfort to me.

She did very good last night in the crate. I woke in the night and took her outside so the crate was clean in the morning.

We have driven about 500 miles and she has had no problems and is eating and drinking at will. Thank you for a special little girl."
-- Dave S., October 13, 2015

Libby & "Mason" & "Marco"

Mason (English Cream male from Stella & Dusty) & Marco (dapple male
from MiMi & Max) are owned by Libby B. of Baltimore, MD.

Libby B. with her beautiful new puppy Mason,
an English Cream male from Stella & Dusty

"Dear Kelly, Mason has me completely spoiled, he sleeps in my lap for his morning and afternoon naps. He is getting along fine with house training....a few accidents, but I expected them. He does know the difference between inside and outside. We have a small cat bell hanging on the door and he noses it when he needs to go pee. Mason had his vet visit yesterday and she says he is a 'sturdy' pup. He weighs 6.1 lbs so he may be a bit over the 11 pounds, but he will not be a 50 lb lap dog! The staff at the vet hospital stopped in their tracks to hold and pet Mason! He never shook or seemed remotely upset with the visit and even the vet commented that he is very calm for his breed, unusually so. But we both knew that was how he would be. Chewing on everything.....but easily redirected to his toys, chewy, etc. Just where he is supposed to be at 3 months. Thank you again for your hospitality and for breeding such a beautiful pup! Take care and Happy Easter," -- Libby B., April 5, 2012

Shelley V. & Family & "Tucker"

ABOVE & BELOW: Tucker, a pale Cream male from Breeze & Little Man,
is owned by Shelley V. & Family of New Canaan, CT

"Tucker is amazing!!! He is the sweetest little boy and couldn't be loved more! He has been my little side kick the last few weeks and is making friends wherever he goes! I have literally had at least 20 people ask me where he is from, so it wouldn't surprise me if you get some calls!! He is as sweet as he is cute. He is not afraid of anyone - people or dogs! I've been exposing him to as much as I possibly can and so far he approaches everything with great curiosity. The only one he has not won over yet is our seven year old cat. He keeps trying but she's not so interested. Neither one of us are giving up hope though. I'm sure she will come around eventually! :-). Thank you again for everything - he is such a wonderful addition to our life." -- Shelley V., September 30, 2015

"Hi Kelly! Tucker is doing great! He had such a full day and was wiped by dinner. In bed and not a peep from him!! :-). Thank you again for sharing this beautiful baby with us. We feel so blessed." -- Shelley V., September 13, 2015

Lindsey & Stephen & "Finnley"

ABOVE & BELOW: Cindy & Captain's beautiful boy "Finnley"
is owned by Lindsey & Stephen V. of St. Louis, MO.

"Hello Kelly, we wanted to provide you with an update on our little Finnley. I can't believe he turned 7 months old yesterday:-)

He's doing really well. He can stay in his crate all night without going, and after figuring out his 'schedule' we are able to take him outside to do his business when he needs to.

He loves to sleep on his back and chase the squirrels and rabbits in our back yard. He's recently figured out that playing with sticks is fun and he sure gives his two brothers a run for their money when they play together.

He has also had the opportunity to play with all our little nieces and nephews. He really enjoys playing with the little kids. Maybe it's because they are closer to his height:-)

Thank you so much for raising such sweet natured daschunds. Finnley is truly a joyful addition to our household."
-- Lindsey & Stephen V., St. Louis, MO, September 27, 2015

"Hi Kelly, He had his first new puppy visit today and so far everything is good. Everyone at the vets office thought he was the cutest thing. I'm sure the fact that he was on his back sleeping in my arms upped the cute factor into the red zone.

He did amazingly well on the ride home even thought the trip took 9 1/2 hours. He whined for about 5 min's in his travel bag then settled right in. The next morning he ate just fine, wolfed it down in fact and has been eating just fine ever since.

We have kept him in his crate at night as you recommended. He whines for a little bit and then goes right to sleep.

Thank you again for letting us adopt one of your precious little four legged friends. He's already wiggle wormed his way into our hearts:-) I can't wait to see him grow and get bigger, and at the same time wished he was going to stay this size forever."
-- Lindsey & Stephen V., St. Louis, MO, May 11, 2015

Angela & "Pippa"

"Well I can just tell you that I am absolutely MADLY in love with this little girl!!! She is such an angel!!! I've named her Pippa. She is so regal and truly gorgeous. I couldn't be happier! She slept in her carrier last night in my bedroom and only needed to go out once. My girlfriend came over as well as my neighbors. She's the darling of the neighborhood now. My best friend said this will be her next breed and will definitely buy from you. The only way I could get her to eat last night was by sitting on the floor and letting her eat out of my hand! Thank you so much and I'm thrilled to have lucked out to have found her. Fondly," -- Angela C., Covington, LA, September 9, 2015

ABOVE & BELOW: Red female Pippa is owned by Angela C. of Covington, LA

Marlena & "Sophie"

Sophie, the soft wire haired daughter of Missy,
lives with Marlena C. of Bradenton, Florida!

"Introducing Sophie C. of Bradenton -- She had her vet visit and all was fine! She sleeps in her crate and I am taking her out a lot, and I mean a lot, and she has not made a "mistake" in the house! Really, she is just perfect." -- Marlena C., September 22, 2015

Tami V. of Marietta, GA

"Good morning, I want to follow up with you to let you know how the visit with the vet went. All is well with our little cutie pie! I think that the two are getting along just fine." -- Tami V., September 4, 2015

Willow & Nala are owned by Tami V. of Marietta, GA

Shawn & "Posy"

"Hey Kelly! Posy had a PERFECT vet check! No issues at all, no worms. Everyone loved her! She's definitely pooped from all the excitement :) Thanks again!!!! I couldn't be happier with her!" -- Shawn, Slidell, LA, September 3, 2015

Another healthy happy SF puppy,
Posy is a wire haired female
owned by Shawn of Slidell, LA.

Megan & "Duchess"

"She's the best!! And she loves me, never leaves my side and always wants me to hold her! Thanks so much," -- Megan H., August 14, 2015

ABOVE: Chocolate & cream retiree Duchess has found her
loving forever home with Megan H. of South Carolina!!

Alice D. & Family of Georgia

"Hello just wanted to let you know we made it home safely! Our puppy is precious and has been very well behaved you can be very proud of him. Our vet said he is beautiful and appears to be in excellent health. He really liked your vaccination schedule. He has stolen all our hearts and getting lots of love!!"
-- Alice D., August 8, 2015

ABOVE & BELOW: Alice D. of Cumming, GA has added a
new family member -- Beau's shaded cream grandson!!

Linda & Art & "Penny"

ABOVE & BELOW: Champion Splendor Farms retiree Penny
has found her forever home with Linda P. of Virginia!!

"Attached are some photos of Penny taken when we got her, at my brothers and finally at her new home. On the way home from Atlanta, we stopped in N. C. and spent the night with my brother. I had to pry her out of his arms. He did not want to let her go. He's had three doxies of his own. She is so sweet and loving. Penny has claimed the couch in our family room and is recovering from her long journey. Thank you all for your parts in helping us find a new girl to love. Fondly," -- Linda & Art P., August 6, 2015

Beverly & "Hobson"

"Hi Kelly. Hobs did just fine last night. He did not cry once. But I think his feet barely touched the ground because he loves being a lap dog. The vet examined him today and he is fine!! Thank you so much for this beautiful, loving boy. He has completely stolen our hearts with his sweet way." -- Beverly, August 5, 2015

Beverly & Hobs!

"Here we are! Thanks again for completing my family. Hobs is a wonderful dog and so very sweet." -- Beverly, August 5, 2015

Stephanie & "Hans" & "Rudy" & "Watson" of Ohio

"Hi Kelly! I cannot thank you enough for calling me about Watson and giving me the opportunity to have him in my life. He is the sweetest, happiest, comical little man and I absolutely adore him! I told him the day I got him that he would be my best friend, and he already is. He enjoys exploring the yard and following bugs, picking on the other boys, and chasing his little tennis ball. He's also a chow hound and it took him less than a day to figure out where the treats were kept. Sometimes he'll just walk on over there and look at you because he wants one. Plus he's a top notch snuggler. He's my little sidekick, and I'm excited for all of our little adventures together! <3"
- Stephanie S., Holland, OH, August 4, 2015

ABOVE & BELOW: Watson, a standard red male puppy, is the newest member of Stephanie's gorgeous dachshund family! He is the son of show ring champs CH Penny & GCH Rembrandt, and brother of Simon.


"Hi Kelly! Here are some pictures of me & Rudy & his big (half) brother Hans! (Holly was being a bit antisocial with the camera.) He has a strong personality. I believe he thinks he's bigger than he actually is! Such a good boy!" -- Stephanie S., Holland, OH, April 2012

"Rudy" -- this adorable red male puppy from Rita & Diego -- has joined Stephanie and her beautiful family of dachshunds in Holland, Ohio!

Rudy snuggles with his big (half) brother Hans!

Rudy & Hans!

Playful Rudy!

Hans & Rudy!

Rudy & Stephanie!


"Hi Kelly! It's Stephanie. I've been at a cottage in Michigan for a week so I didn't get to take pictures of the puppy, whom we've named Hans, until today. So I've attached some pictures of him with me and our other dachshund named Holly (she's a miniature who's 6 years old). When everyone is home all together I'll send a picture of the whole family. He's doing very well! He loves antagonizing Holly and playing with everything, especially his stuffed toy lobster. He is so handsome (he has extremely nice markings) & everybody loves him. Enjoy the pictures! -Steph"
- Stephanie S., Holland, OH, August 2011

Stephanie S. of Holland, OH with Holly (left) & Hans (right).
Hans is a long haired black & tan male from Rita & Pawpaw

Holly & Hans playing poolside

Adorable Hans

Hans and his beautiful markings

Hans & Holly!

Mary & "Killybegs"

"Killybegs is adjusting beautifully to his new home and to my two older dogs. He got a clean bill of health at the vet and your crate training and socialization really works. Thought you might like to see him in action with Murphy."
-- Mary R., Mobile, Alabama, July 29, 2015

VIDEO ABOVE: Silver dapple puppy Killybegs plays with his older pal Murphy.
They are owned by Mary R. of Mobile, AL -- another perfect puppy and
this teacher gives him an A+!!!

Alicia & Jonathan & "Oliver"

"SUBJECT: A stroll to the beach. All buckled in! Jonathan attached clasps to inside of wagon to attach them to their harness, to keep them safe! They LOVE their wagon"
-- Alicia B., July 30, 2015

ABOVE & BELOW: Adorable isabella & tan puppy Oliver
is owned by Jonathan & Alicia of Clearwater, FL

"First time to put on harness yesterday when
we stopped to do business. We love him"
-- Alicia B., April 20, 2015

VIDEO ABOVE: Watch Katy & Captain's boy Oliver
frolic in slow motion at his new home in Florida!

Ryan & "Maverick"

ABOVE: Maverick (Halle & Amos' son) with his new best friend, Ryan!

"I just wanted to let you know Maverick's vet visit went great. They said he's healthy. I love him. He's perfect." -- Ryan G., July 22, 2015

Claire & "Bentley" of Connecticut

"Hi Kelly - Here are some photos from Bentley's summer. He has settled in well as a Yankee. We call him Ping Pong because he bounces up and down so much. He's going to be snipped this week. He's beautiful and well and we love him - thank you!" -- Claire E., July 19, 2015

ABOVE: Bentley is a pale cream male owned by Claire E. and family of CT

ABOVE & BELOW: Bentley hanging out and playing with his pal Jeep!

"Hi Kelly - A quick note to let you know we arrived home last night about 11:30 pm - Bentley was great on the journey, not a peep or a puddle despite two flights (we did have to change in Atlanta) and two car rides. He's currently sleeping under my chair after meeting our other dog and the cat, sniffing his way round our home, encountering snow, and going for a walk in the neighborhood. He's eating and drinking just fine, and, after the initial shock of meeting Jeep, the two of them are getting on just as you predicted. Thanks again for such a great puppy, and for welcoming us to your home. Even rainy LA was a relief after this long cold NE winter. Looking forward to raising Bentley though the spring and summer. He'll always be a Splendor Farms dog." -- Claire E., March 15, 2015

Morgan & "Eddy"

ABOVE: Eddy, a red male from Luna & Andy, turned one year old
on July 7, 2015. Below he describes his first year!

"Hi Mom, It's me Eddy. Today I am one year old. It has been an eventful year for me. I left home to live with some nice folks in Florida who take really good care of me. I try hard to be the best dog, but sometimes it is hard. I ate a rock a while back and spent the night at the vets ( $ 600.00 ) and now I have a UTI. I ate some filler from one of my toys and that was another trip to the vet but all of the above passed. I have figured out the poopn' and peen' outside, poopn' 100% and peen' 98%. With the UTI I have a couple of accidents but my new family is understanding. For the first few weeks I slept in my crate but since then I get to sleep in the big bed. That is my favorite. I get all snuggled up. I am having a good time, playing and guarding the house. I weigh 14 lbs, get a haircut and bath about every 6-8 weeks. The vet keeps telling me to lose a couple of pounds but I keep telling him to mind his own business. I eat the "light" diet which is better for me. My new family has a big enclosed pool area and I run laps around the pool. I can get going really fast, my ears fly back and I really have a good time. My tongue hangs out and I need a rest when I am done but it is REALLY fun. That is kind of my schedule, poop / pee / play / sleep / repeat. Well, thanks for everything you did for me to get me on my way. Say hello to my brothers / sisters." -- Eddy, July 7, 2015

Bobby & "Dakota"

"Dakota has been an absolute joy. And he and Rusty have developed a great relationship. Dakota has not started burrowing like Rusty does but I am sure that's not too far away. Each week Dakota is sleeping longer and longer at night. Today he got up when our alarm went off. Dakota is also learning from Rusty to scratch at the door when he needs to go out. Unbelievable how pretty his coat is out in the sun. He loves laying in the grass and moving with the sunlight. Thank you for such a wonderful puppy! Best regards,"
-- Bobby J., Cummings, GA, June 30, 2015

ABOVE: Dakota (right), the red son of Cindy & Captain, and his pal Rusty are owned by Bobby J. of Cummings, GA.

Hannah & "Scarlett"

"Thank you so much Mrs. Kelly for our perfect Scarlett. She has been such a great puppy. We love our dachshund. The vet said she's perfectly healthy and a great breed!!" -- Hannah Y., Lake Charles, LA, June 18, 2015

ABOVE & BELOW: Hannah Y. of Lake Charles, LA with her puppy Scarlett, a red female from CH Splendor's Pennies in a Stream and Dual GCH Lockshire's Rembrandt (grand sire of Gunner).

Lisa & "Cash" & "Copper"

"Hi Kelly, Cash and Copper are doing great. Here are a few pics. We are all in love! Me, Copper and Cash!" -- Lisa M., June 14, 2015

ABOVE & BELOW: Adorable pals Cash (black & tan male from Scarlet & Victor) and Copper (light red male from Cindy & Captain) are owned by Lisa M. of Gulfport, MS

Diane & "Lucie" of Alabama

"Hello Kelly, Just wanted to let you know that LuLu is growing like wild flowers, very rambunctious, and doing fabulous!!!! She is sleeping all night in her crate and doing very good with potty training. We still have a ways to go, but I think for the short 5 weeks that she has been with us, she is doing great! I think we're the ones that need the training

She is definitely stubborn and has her own little personality. She is glued to me in the evenings when I get home. My husband takes her riding and she loves to let her "hair" blow in the wind.

She is the love of our lives and we can't thank you enough for her. Her veterinarian says she is in perfect health. We go for our 15 weeks immunization next week.

Thank you again for the love and care you put into each puppy. We treasure LuLu "
-- Diane A., June 2, 2015

ABOVE & BELOW: Beautiful black & cream Lucie, daughter of Star & Prince and granddaughter of Dancer & Stella, is owned by Diane A. of Spanish Fort, AL.

"She is absolutely adorable!! Sleeping all night in her crate from 8 pm to 5:30 am. She will sometimes potty and do her business outside. She runs in the house, loves to play with her ball, loves to chew the bow on my houses slippers and my maxi dresses. We had our first vet visit and she said you did a wonderful job with Lucie. Again, we are grateful and will send you a family photo when she gets older. My precious baby!!" -- Diane A., April 30, 2015

Donna & "Libby" & "Lucy"

Splendor Farms retiree Libby has found her forever home
with Donna W. of Gretna, LA.

"Hi Kelly, we are truly enjoying sweet Libby - she has adjusted well, she got a good checkup and got her teeth cleaned. Thanks again for letting us come get her, we just love her so much and she is very happy, loves to sleep in the bed and chase the lizards in the yard with her sisters and brother."
-- Donna W., May 2, 2015

Samantha & Joshua, "Wrigley" & "Hobbs"

Congratulations to recently married Samantha and Joshua C., owners of Wrigley & Hobbs, now all grown up. Wrigley is a chocolate male from Mona & Mister and Hobbs a black & tan male from Karla & Mikey.

"Hi Kelly! I was just checking out the new pups on the website and thought I would send you a little update of us. Josh and I were married this past January and here is a pick we took with our babies Wrigley and Hobbs! They are getting so big and by our own faults, spoiled rotten!!!! We love them so much! Thank you for the joy of these amazing fur babies that helped start our family. Hopefully they will have a little brother or sister coming this year! We are trying to get some time this summer to come visit the farm! Thank you again for these precious gifts! Love," -- Samantha C., April 20, 2015

Wrigley & Hobbs all grown up and looking great!
(April, 2015)


Once again we had many finalists for the Puppy Owner of the Month for February, but since this is Valentine's Day Month, I had to go with true love!

Introducing, Samantha S. (pictured below). She emailed me several times, downloaded and completed the puppy application and made an appointment to come see the pups. Looking at Karla's black & tan, she fell in love, but he was a little bigger than she wanted and so she looked at Mona's little chocolate male, a runt compared to Karla's boy. Boyfriend, Josh, said: we want a small dog remember? She said: I like the black & tan color..... This went back and forth for a while, so I told her, well, I really am thinking of keeping this male. (I need another black & tan male like Custer needed some indians to fight, but he is the bloodline of Packer, Elvis, & Kokomo, three of my four cornerstones.) After awhile, she decided on the chocolate male, paid for him in full and said she would be back to get him when he was ready. A few weeks go by and Josh calls to say I want to pick him up 2 days early to surprise her. Okay! So Josh comes and says: she really liked that black & tan, I want her to be happy and I think two puppies will be more fun, besides I like the name Hobbs and she likes the name Wrigley. So, there you have it! He loved her so he bought the other one, she loved him so she went with the smaller one, and Wrigley & Hobbs get to live together just like they did on the farm! (Oh and about me wanting to keep him....did I mention Josh is a tall, goodlooking baseball player/coach?) Thanks for giving us a "true love" story for our February Puppy Owner of the Month! Happy Valentine's Day from Splendor Farms!

Samantha S. with her two pups Wrigley & Hobbs. Wrigley is a chocolate male from Mona & Mister. Hobbs is a black & tan male from Karla & Mikey.

"...thank you soo much for my wonderful new children! we love them sooo much and will keep you posted as they grow!!!" -- Samantha S., March 1, 2012

Eileen & Vincent & "Enzo"

Adorable Enzo, son of Weebles & Easy, is owned by Eileen & Vincent of NYC.

"Hi Kelly, I have been meaning to write to you with our puppy update. Lots of great stuff to tell you.

We have named our new baby Enzo and we are so happy, thrilled and over the moon in love with him. What a sweet, loving, happy and charismatic boy he is. He has made the transition to New York life so well.much easier than we expected. On the plane ride home he slept the entire time, and he's adjusted to apartment living beautifully. He's doing really well with his potty training and has no anxiety or barking issues which is a huge relief.

The second day we had Enzo we brought him to our vet for his checkup and shots. He was so well behaved and unfazed by the exam and shots. We were beyond impressed by his ease and calm demeanor. Our vet said everything checked out great..no issues at all and that he could tell Enzo got a good start on life. Hearing that made us so happy.

Enzo loves to give kisses, play with us, cuddle with us and explore the city with us. He's such a wonderful, needed addition to our family. He has helped us recover from the loss of our previous boy Guido and the laughter and love he gives us is priceless.

If you'd like to check out his life, I have created an Instagram page for him. You can see him at: enzo_the_dachshund

Also I'm attaching some photos so you can see how great he's doing. Thanks again Kelly! We love Enzo so very much and are so happy with him."
-- Eileen & Vinny W., NYC, March 24, 2015

Eileen & Joe of Apollo Beach, FL & "Ava"

"Her coat is absolutely gorgeous. So thick and long. Her tail has a beautiful flag. She is so good at the office. I don't even put the gate up any more as she stays right by me. When I get up to leave she just follows behind me. My boss calls her a little mop! You can hardly tell she has legs her coat is so long! Love her Love her Love her. I just can't imagine not having her. When I think you almost didn't let us have her because we were so far away...so glad you changed your mind!"
-- Eileen E., March 11, 2015

Splendor Farms retiree Ava working in real estate w/ owners Eileen & Joe

Eileen & Ava


"She was perfect on the flight. She curled up in her case and slept the whole way. Ava is asleep on the couch beside me. She has adjusted beautifully and she and I are bonded. My husband is working on it. Ava was growling at the tv. We had a good laugh over that. Tomorrow she will meet everyone at the office. I am so excited to show her off. Rest assured she will be will taken care of and loved more than she could ever imagine. Bless you Kelly. Hugs,"
-- Eileen E., August 28, 2014

Eileen & Joe of Apollo Beach, FL have a new family member,
Splendor Farms retiree Ava!

Ava and her couch!

Anderson & "Biscuit"

Biscuit, an adorable soft wire-haired male from Missy & Andy,
is owned by Anderson G. of South Carolina

"Dear Kelly, Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you! Thank you for my precious perfect and wonderful dachshund! Never in a million years did I expect that he would be this perfect. I never imagined a dachshund could be this perfect. I now understand the importance of breeding for temperament and other breed standard attributes but to be able to actually experience what that means is amazing.

It took 5 longs days to come up with what we felt would be a good name with meaning for this precious, perfect and wonderful dachshund. It was while looking at his little feet I said he's got little biscuit feet. When heard the word biscuit he spun his little body around, tilted his head to the side and looked right at me and from that moment on he has been our little Biscuit!

I am attaching a few pictures so you can see how beautiful he is growing up to be. We will be going to Wilmington for a long weekend and hope to have some pictures of the two of us taken and I will send you one. Thank you again."
-- Anderson G., South Carolina, February 11, 2015

Pastor Dennis, Mary & "Winona"

Champion Maggie's first daughter Nona (right) is all grown up!
She and her feline pal Kocha are owned by Pastor Dennis
and Mary F. of Natchez, MS.


Maggie & Rocky's girl - "Winona" - has found a home
with Pastor Dennis and his wife Mary of Natchez, MS

"Dear Kelly:

Dennis and I just can't thank you enough for our gorgeous, sweet Winona (That's what we named her and will call her Nona). Our trip home was great. She was so calm and happy. Every time she looked at our border collie, Sadie, she wagged her tail and they have had so much fun together tonight. We already love Nona! She just fits perfectly in our little family and what a blessing she is. I can not get over how gentle and loving she is in our arms. She loves to have her belly rubbed and it has put her to sleep several times. She has gone out to potty with no accidents and she loved her food. We stopped by Petsmart and picked up toys, food, a fence, a sleeping pad, leash and new collar. Can you tell we love her?

Your kennels were very impressive and all the dachshunds were so beautiful. We enjoyed the Shetland pony, the burro, the horses, the goats, the cats and all the other dogs. What a great place to visit!

Blessings, Kelly,"
-- Pastor Dennis & Mary F., Natchez, MS, April 16, 2014

Terri & "Bentley"

Bentley, a black & cream piebald wire hair,
is owned by Terri T. of Enid, OK

"Hi Kelly, I just wanted to drop a note to let you know Bentley is doing great. He rode 13 hours, spent the night at a hotel and was a trooper the entire way home. He is eating, drinking, playing as if he has been here for weeks. Brawley and the cats are all getting along. His vet visit was a positive visit this morning. He weighs 4 lbs 4 oz and everyone loved him. He has not had an accident in his crate yet! Thank you again for letting us purchase this little guy. He will be loved and spoiled. Will continue to send pics as he grows. Sincerely,"
-- Terri T., Enid, OK, February 7, 2015

Bentley playing with one of his feline friends, surrounded by toys!

Tiffany & "Gunner"

"Hi Kelly! Here are more recent pictures of Gunner taken in the last couple of days. Again, I can't express how grateful we are to you and to have him as a part of our family. He's definitely spoiled rotten but what better way to be!! Right?! Gunner is so well behaved and has been completely potty trained since his 2nd week home!! We are stopped everywhere we go with him by people asking what kind of pup he is and where we got him not to mention TONS of compliments on how sweet he is. Thanks again and Happy Holidays!!"
-- Tiffany R., December 8, 2014

Happy Holidays from Gorgeous Gunner, a chocolate & tan male
from Cocoa & Max, owned by Tiffany R. of Shreveport, LA

ABOVE & BELOW: Gunner at age 6 months

"Hi Kelly! I know I'm way behind on sending you pictures of Gunner but here are a few from the time we got him till now. I can't express in words how grateful we are for him and the amount of joy he brings to us on a daily basis. His personality is so perfect, pure, loving and not to mention soooo smart. He LOVES to play fetch and the hide & seek game with my husband (Gunner wins most of the time). Thank you again for all you do to raise the most perfect puppies in the world!!!" -- Tiffany R., December 5, 2014


"Hi Kelly! I wanted to send you an updated picture of Gunner at 13 weeks! I want to also thank you for all the work you put into raising such wonderful puppies. He has been such a joy in our home since we picked him ups and is thriving!! He sees our kids off to school in the mornings as they leave on the bus and greets them with so much love when they get off the bus in the afternoon. We love him so very much!! Thank you again!!" -- Tiffany R., September 14, 2014

Laura & "Frankie"

Frankie (a.k.a., "Lil Nug") is an adorable shaded cream
female owned by Laura F. of Houston, TX

"Kelly, Frankie is officially 6 months old! She is the sweetest little girl. She has been extremely healthy ever since we got her home, no problems whatsoever! She is very smart and picked up on potty training very easily! I was so proud (and thankful)! She started knowing to paw/whine at the backdoor when she was only 4 and a half months old! She has her own Instagram account too, where she has attracted almost 700 followers!! Feel free to follow all of her adorable photos at @lilnugfrankie or at http://instagram.com/lilnugfrankie/. She has followers from all over the world!

All of our friends and family are absolutely in love with her as well. We can't take her anywhere without getting stopped by people wondering what kind of dog she is, where we got her and how they can get one of their own!

Anyway, we are both so happy with Frankie, she is absolutely perfect. I have attached some of my favorite photos from Halloween, Thanksgiving and puppyhood. = ) Thank you again!!"
-- Laura F., December 1, 2014


For more Frankie photos, see her Instagram page!!

Cissy & "Harvey"

Harvey in November, 2014

"Hi Kelly, It's that time of year again. Friday is Harvey's (from Sadie & Max's Nov. 2011 litter) 3rd birthday and I thought I'd check in and let you know how wonderful he is and how much we love him. He is the most playful, lovable, friendly puppy we've ever had. I'm sending you a picture of him smiling because that's what he does and what we do whenever we're in the same room with him! One of these days, we will be ready for another pup. I can't wait. Your puppies are so beautiful. Thank you so much."
Cissy G., November 5, 2014


"Harvey" -- a black & tan piebald male from Sadie & Max --
lives with Cissy G. & family of Illinois

"Hi Kelly, I wanted to let you know we named the puppy Harvey. He is just adorable in every way. The whole family was here last night and we passed him around all night. One of the other dogs is starting to play with him and the other one is growling a lot but not snapping at him. He saw the vet today and she proclaimed him beautiful and sturdy! I'll send you some pictures as soon as I get a few where he's actually looking at the camera. We're so happy with him and wanted to thank you again for all you do to provide beautiful, healthy pups." -- Cissy G., January 16, 2012

Harvey, Spring 2012

Harvey with his new family, Spring 2012

Harvey with his new family, Spring 2012

Harvey, Spring 2012

"Hi Kelly, I wanted to share some recent pictures of Harvey and let you know how he's doing. He is just the cutest thing and we're having the best time with him. I was out of town with my mom and daughter last week and the other dogs went to stay with friends so that Bill could concentrate on Harvey. They are now best friends. Harvey cries if Bill leaves the room! Bill also started letting him sleep on our bed. Lo and behold, he's sleeping an extra hour to 90 minutes longer than he was when he was in the crate!! I've been taking him to a puppy training class, determined to have him be more obedient than our other dogs. Let's just say he's still a work in progress....he and Mugsy love to play together...Mambo is still very standoff-ish and Harvey knows to tread carefully by him. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that he is wonderful in every way and he is getting the love and care I'm sure you hope all your puppies will get. Regards," -- Cissy G., April 2, 2012

Harvey with his pal Mugsy, August 2012

"Hi Kelly, I am sending you the most beautiful picture of my two dachshunds, Mugsy and Harvey. Harvey came to us in January. Mugs is 7 and from another breeder. I thought you would like the picture because Harvey is so darling and the two of them together are beautiful. Harvey is a fantastic puppy and we are all in love with him. Thanks again for our adorable boy."
Cissy G., August 25, 2012

Harvey Pupdate, November 2012:

"Kelly, Today is Harvey's first birthday. He was from Sadie & Max's litter last year. I just wanted to tell you again that he is everything we hoped he would be. He's sweet, funny, mischevious and completely adorable. He's healthy and beautiful and we just love him to death. We're waiting for Mambo, our poo-shitz to come around but he and Mugs, our other Dachshund are best friends!! Thank you again." -- Cissy G., November 7, 2012

Rosemary W. & "Remmy"

Hi Kelly, Just wanted to send you a message and let you know how much my husband and I have enjoyed our Lil Isabella piebald male we got from you! He is growing like a weed and loves his big sister. He is the sweetest Lil man and is getting smarter everyday. We love him to death. Here are a few pics I wanted to share with you. Thanks again!"
-- Rosemary W., November 3, 2014

Remmy, an Isabella piebald male from MiMi & Max,
is owned by Rosemary W. of Batesville, MS

ABOVE & BELOW: Remmy & his 'big sister' relaxing

Dr. Jennifer S., D.V.M. & "LuLu"
(daughter of Newman - picture coming soon)

"Kelly, I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for connecting us with this sweet girl. We all have been excited to pick her up and appreciate the time you spent explaining everything you have done to prepare LuLu for her new home. My brother has worked for me in the past and knows my general opinion about "backyard breeders," which you definitely are not! Needless to say he was shocked when I told him I was wanting a puppy from you for Dad and Ronnie. Now that he knows all about your program, he was impressed as well and will definitely spread the word! We will send you pics and updates as she grows up. Thank you again for everything." -- Dr. Jennifer S., D.V.M., September 20, 2014

Madison & Family & "Roxy"

Madison with her puppy Roxy, a smooth haired red female from Luna & Andy

Roxy with her new family

Dr. Greer, D.V.M., Laura, "Lulu" & "Sophie" of Alabama

"Hey Kelly ...She is a delight and we have named her Sophie ...I believe that was the name of one of her Grandmothers. After a little grumbling from the "diva" dog Lulu they are beginning to play and enjoy each other's company.. We always highly recommend your dogs. Thanks" -- Laura & Les Greer, D.V.M., October 2, 2014

Lovely Lulu, daughter of GiGi & Mikey, is owned by
Dr. Greer, D.V.M. and his wife Laura of Alabama.

Christy & Family & "George"

"Just wanted you to know that this little boy has been a DREAM. He's the smartest, most loving boy and wants to please! He is getting neutered today, bless him! :) Just wanted you to know he's doing amazing and he and Brave (our big dog) are inseparable friends! Thanks Kelly!! Love"
-- Christy & Family, August 30, 2014

Gorgeous George is the son of Gretchen & Frankie

Patti & Steve & "Marley"

"Kelly. He is precious. Already did his business twice outside. We are thrilled with our baby Marley. My vet said he can tell you are an awesome breeder. Thanks again I promise to keep in touch." -- Patti G., August 30, 2014

Adorable piebald Marley is the son of Ava & Mister

"First night at home slept all night woke him up at 5:30 took him outside and said hurry hurry. He is eating drinking and doing awesome. Steve is smitten."
-- Patti G., August 31, 2014

Patti & Steve with Marley

Cecelia & "Willow" of Pennsylvania

Willow celebrating her 2nd birthday!

"Hi Kelly, It's been awhile since I have written! Hope all is well at Splendor Farms. Just wanted to tell you Willow celebrated her 2nd birthday on Jan 24 2014--even I can't believe she is 2 yrs old!! She is quite the celebrity here in Willow St. The local bank tellers look for her at the drive up so they can give her cookies and if she isn't with me they send a biscuit home for her!!! She is the sweetest little girl. The local vet calls her his favorite little blonde (even though he shouldn't have favorites). She is one of his very special patients and he gets a big kiss even when he gives shots!!! Of course I think she is special and I am thankful every day that I called Splendor Farms and you sent me a picture of this little doll baby. Many many thanks for my wonderful little doxie!" -- Cecelia L. of PA, May 21, 2014

Willow showing off her cool new look!


Cecelia L. and her 4 1/2 month old puppy "Willow" live together in PA!

"Hi Kelly, We have been having lots of fun with Willow! She loves to play both with someone and she does very well all by herself. I can't believe she will be 5 months old on June 24th. We go for her rabies shot next Wed. June 13 and will be scheduling her spaying for the beginning of July per the vet. She weighs 5 lb now and she and I have definitely bonded! I love her bunches and am really enjoying her. One of my friends took a picture with her Iphone so I'm going to try sending it to you--if I do it right it should work!!!!! Thanks again for all you did to get Willow to Pennsylvania--I will be forever grateful! Will email you again soon-take care," -- Cecelia L. of PA, June 8, 2012

Willow all grown up

"Hi Kelly, We haven't written lately so I wanted to send a recent photo of Willow. She is doing really well and learning all kinds of things! She is almost a year and a half old already--I can't believe it! Time flies and we are having lots of fun playing, taking trips in the car (a very favorite thing to do) and socializing with people everywhere we go!!!

Hope all is well at Splendor Farms--and hope to visit with you one day soon.

Thanks again for sending me little Willow--I love her bunches!!"
-- Cecelia L. of PA, May 11, 2013

Michele & Jason of San Francisco, CA & "Jelly "

Jelly Belly! Daughter of Windi & Jackson, "Little Miss Jelly"
is owned by Michele & Jason of San Francisco, CA.

"Can I just tell you, little Miss Jelly is a dream. I've had 3 dachshunds in my life and Jelly is just the sweetest little Miss ever! Everyone falls in love with her at first sight. We went to a boutique pet store and she charmed everyone in the shop and of course I always tell everyone where she came from . Splendor Farms. I don't know what magic you do there but Jelly has the absolute best personality. She is confident, funny, sometimes shy (but I think she uses it to get what she wants!), sleeps on her back with legs held high, grumbles like a human when something doesn't go her way. LOVES water. She likes to run in the sprinklers because she knows Mama will wrap her in a warm towel from the dryer and falls asleep in my arms on the couch. Squeeky toys are no match for Miss Jelly . trails of fuzz everywhere. She is still working on her friendship with Peanut. Peanut (12 yr old chocolate standard) grumbles when Jelly wants to play but I see her tail wagging out of the corner of my eye. Pickle (cat) and Jelly are hilarious . they chase and play. Pickle bats at Jelly with her cotton ball white feet and Jelly rolls on her back at her feet saying "I love playing with you!" I haven't had her groomed yet since I LOVE her long hair finally growing in. Her markings are beautiful, everyone always comments. And she loves to look up at you with the Batman mask with the "Who, ME??" look. I could go on and on! We are in love with Jelly Bean and she is spoiled beyond belief. And, she loves my son. Jelly sleeps with me and when she sees Jason, her whole body convulses in joy. Thank you SO MUCH, Kelly. My work schedule has been crazy the past 5 months and I promised Jason a vacation in Hawaii or Mexico or Tahiti and you know where he wants to go? Splendor Farms to meet Jelly's first Mommy. I have a feeling we may be adding another family member within the next year. Keep doing whatever magic you are doing. And know that Jelly Bean is very well taken care of and loved SO MUCH! All the best,"
-- Michele & Jason (and Jelly, Peanut, & Pickle), August 24, 2014

Phyllis & "Bella" & "Lexi"

"My sweet girl is one today. She is so sweet and adores her half sister Bella. Thanks for giving me such adorable girls!" -- Phyllis D., August 27, 2014

Sweet Lexi is one year old!


Phyllis D. of El Paso, Tx, came back to get Bella (daughter of Stella & Dusty)
a companion after Maggie passed on. Staying at our bed & breakfast and bringing her granddaughter Brooke with her, she picked up Summer & Dusty's puppy, Lexi, and took her home to Bella. Looks like they hit it off just fine!

Bella & Lexi

"Both dogs are thrilled to have each other. Bella is so happy. She missed Maggie so much. Now she has a friend again. Lexi has fit right in. Slept in kennel with only a little whining. You breed great dogs!"
Phyllis D., November 4, 2013

Phyllis D. of El Paso TX flies in and flies out with her special pup,
Bella, an English Cream female from Stella & Dusty

"What a wonderful dog. Flight was no problem. No whining, crying or distress. Just a happy puppy. Maggie seems to accept her well. Bella wants to play with her. Thanks so much for such a delightful dog." -- Phyllis D., March 29, 2012

Bella looking muy bella in her new home in El Paso!

Kristina H. & Family of Larose, LA & "Mimzie"

August, 2014: Edmond, Kristina, Desmond, and Krista have added another puppy
to their growing dachshund family. An adorable long haired dapple male (middle),
he joins Mimzie ("Splendor's Lil Miss Two Faced," left) and Oscar Mayer (right).


Kristina H. & family all came from Cutoff, LA to pick up little miss two-faced,
a/k/a Mocha & Pancho's sweetie! I couldn't believe that they bought her
sight unseen... Guess the picture of her little 2 faces won their hearts!


"Just sending a few pictures of Mimzie (Splendor Farm's Lil Miss Two Face) playing with her new brother. She is right at home and is just a joy to be around. She has brought us so much joy in the few weeks we've had her. She loves to run around and play with her big brother Oscar Mayer and has truly come out of her shell as one of our family members. Thanks for such a beautiful puppy. And happy New Year."
- Desmond H., January '10

"Don't mess with the Princess!!!"

Mimzie playing with her big brother Oscar Mayer


"It's been a while since we've sent pictures of Mimzie - Splendor Farms Little Miss Two Face. She is doing wonderful! She is spoiled rotten, lovable, and truly thinks she is a princess. She is the definition of the word -lap dog- she cannot stand when she is not in someones lap....actually I am currently home for Mardi Gras break from college and she is sleeping in my lap as I am typing this. :) She has truly become part of our family and couldn't have asked for a better dog to bring more joy in our home. Hope all is doing well and hope you enjoy the attached pics of Mimzie we've snapped in the past year! Thanks for such a beautiful dog," -- Desmond H. & Family (Edmond, Kristina & Krista), February 13, 2013

Kevin & "Gus" of Ohio

"Good morning Kelly, I wanted to check in with you and let you know everything is going great! I named the little guy "Gus" and he is such a sweetheart, full of energy and always has kisses ready for everyone he meets. He's adjusting quite well to his new environment. I took him to the local vet on Tuesday and he is in great health. I couldn't be any more happy with him. I want to thank you for everything you've done. I attached a couple of pictures for you to enjoy, including some with Stephanie's Dachshund boys that came from Splendor Farms. Gus loved meeting his half-brother Hans (black and tan)! Schultz (chocolate and tan) and Rudy (red standard) love him too! Take a look. Thanks Kelly! Respectfully," -- Kevin K., August 23, 2014

Gus, a shaded cream male from Lucy & Pawpaw,
is owned by Kevin K. of Toledo, OH.

Sweet sleepy Gus

Gus hangin' with his new pals, Stephanie's Dachshund boys

Shaded cream Gus is the half brother of black & tan Hans, who is the
half brother of red standard Rudy. Dachshund brotherhood!

Sandi B. & "Gemma"

Gemma is a shaded cream brindle female from Lucy & Beau.
She is owned by Sandi B. of Jarreau, LA.

"Hi Kelly! Just wanted to give you an update on Gemma. I took her to the vet on Monday. She's in perfect health (of course). They were so impressed with her and the folder that I brought with me! I made her appointment for the 26th for the rest of her vaccinations. She's got lots of new chew toys and she takes her new vet plus everyday. She's doing better and better staying in her crate. She cried for about 40 minutes the first night then settled down and was great the rest of the night. The house breaking is going fantastic she hasn't had any accidents yet. I've attached a picture of her. . .passed out after her long day at the vet and shopping for new toys and another picture of her with her big sister Maggie. Thank you for such a wonderful little puppy and for taking such good care of her!" -- Sandi B., August 20, 2014

Maggie & Gemma

Rev. Cathy H. of Jackson, MS & "Pax"
(Puppy Owner of the Month: September, 2012)

"Hey Kelly- It's hard to believe that Pax just turned two on July 31! He is a beautiful puppy and has such a wonderful personality. Everyone loves him. And such a good little sleeper! Just wanted you to see one of your "children" all grown up! Hope you are well. Blessings,"
-- Rev. Cathy H., Jackson, MS, August 18, 2014

Adorable Pax, now 2 years old, is owned by Rev. Cathy H.,
Deacon of the All Saints' Episcopal Church in Jackson, MS


Rev. Cathy H. of Jackson, MS with her puppy "Pax,"
an adorable red male from Rosie & Dusty

"Received a blessing at church. Pax is now an Episcopalian puppy!"
-- Rev. Cathy H., Jackson, MS, October 1, 2012

There is a tradition in Louisiana... Every season we are blessing something: we bless our shrimp boats at the beginning of the shrimping season, our boys... the New Orleans Saints (all year), and our pets (ask any catholic grade school child in Louisiana about this tradition!) our lives, homes, and our families during hurricane season (no more Katrina or Isaac, please) and the list goes on and on.

This month I am proud to place Dusty & Rosie's little man in the arms of a lady who prayed, waited, and hoped for a puppy like Pax to fill the break in her heart from the loss of her 16 year old dachshund, Dreyfus. And, have I mentioned she is The Rev. Cathy Halford, Deacon of the All Saints' Episcopal Church, in Jackson, MS? Talk about blessings.....

(Hey, Splendor Farms hub....will ya'll let him in your group? What do you say Butters? Marjorine? Abbey? Liesl? Dusty? And, many others!)

"How's this for cute!!! In his car seat. Lots to get used to. He's an angel!"
-- Rev. Cathy H., Jackson, MS, October 1, 2012

"Pax is great! What a funny puppy! He is a big hit with everyone. Chewing on everything. I try to watch and get something in his mouth as fast as possible but you know that doesn't always happen. He goes for his next round of shots including rabies on Friday... Well, Pax is taking a nap right now - and you know how cute babies are when they sleep! Will send a picture soon."
-- Rev. Cathy H., Jackson, MS, October 15, 2012

Puppy Owners of the Month: December, 2013
Pamela J., Matt A. & "Vanda" of NYC

Pamela & Matt with their puppy "Vanda,"
a pale cream female from Snickers & Beau

Pamela & Matt flew in from NYC, rented a car, and came to the farm to pick up Vanda and have kept me up to date on her progress and her antics. But it is because Pamela noted "she was very brave" during the plane ride home that I made her my Puppy Owner of the Month. In the 12 years I have been placing puppies, I have never had anyone describe one of my pups as brave, and it really impressed me as to Pamela's sensitivity and caring for Vanda's feelings. Vanda was brave indeed, leaving the farm with strangers, getting on a plane and going into a new environment within a few hours.

For their thoughtfulness, I am proud to name Pamela & Matt as my Puppy Owners of the Month for December!

Pamela & Vanda

Vanda is growing up!
(May, 2014)

Limor & Family & "Zeke"

Adorable Zeke is the shaded cream son of Gracie & Beau,
owned by Limor S. & family of Houston, TX.

Lisa, Jennifer & Brian

Jennifer, Lisa, and Brian of Port Allen, LA, picking up their two
gorgeous red sable male puppies from Cindy Lou & Bentley.
Bentley is the son of English Creams Bella & Beau.

"Just wanted to let you know how the puppies are doing: they are sleeping great at night and only cry a little when you come and go from their area, but that is expected and it's getting less and less. They are both so well mannered and cuddly, playful and lots of fun!! You do your job well!

Anyway, my family and I had a wonderful time at your farm and enjoyed meeting you and all your dogs and other farm animals. It really shows that you have such a great compassion for what you do!! We love our new puppies and would highly recommend you to others! Thanks so much and God Bless You,"
-- Lisa A., Port Allen, LA, March 10, 2014

The Cutsingers & "Remy"

January, 2014: Remy is all grown up!

"Subject: Our 1 year old Remy

Kelly - I meant to send this on his bday but I'm late as usual. Mikey and Scarlet's pup is all grown up. Remy is a beauty and we are so glad to have him in our family. Thank you for your dedication to your kennel and to this breed." --
The Cutsingers, Katy, TX, January 3, 2014

March, 2013: The Cutsingers are off to Katy, TX
with their new puppy "Remy" from Scarlet & Mikey

Jackie & "Penny Lane"

"Penny Lane" is a chocolate & tan female owned by Jackie F. of Mobile, AL

"I wanted to send a picture and update on my Penny Lane (one of Dana and Mister's puppies). It is hard to believe she will be two years old on March 1st. She looks like her daddy. She is the most adorable, sweet natured dog I have ever seen. She never meets a stranger. Everyone loves her and she is the JOY of my life! She is the queen of this castle. Thanks for everything and Happy New Year." -- Jackie F., Mobile, AL, December 26, 2013

Karen & "Otto"

"Otto" (pictured above & below) is a smooth-haired black & tan male from
Missy & Bear. He has found his forever home with Karen Y. Frisco, TX!

"Hi Kelly, Otto was a great traveler and is a sweetheart. You are correct, he is so loving and well behaved. He has done great with potty and night sleeping and received a clean bill of health today. Fecal test was good too. Thank you for being such an excellent breeder. Best regards,"
-- Karen Y., Frisco, TX, December 13, 2013

Puppy Owner of the Month: November, 2013
Joan P. of Oyster Bay, NY & "Sheldon"

There were many puppy owners to choose from last month, but the one person who kept coming to mind was Joan for several reasons: 1) She hadn't had Sheldon a week when she sent in another application and waiting list deposit for another puppy (she has chosen the smallest red brindle male of Cindy Lou), 2) For continuing to send me updates and giving me such great reviews to her friends and vet, and 3) For even sending me pictures of Sheldon with his vet (she gets a gold star for such a cute vet, too!), who put him on the Facebook page and website of West Hills Animal Hospital in Huntington, NY.

I have decided for these reasons Joni is my POOTM for November 2013!
West Hills Animal Hospital (whahzoo.com) gets two paws up, too!

Sheldon and his vet are a cute pair

"Hi Kelly, I just wanted to let you know that Sheldon is FABULOUS! This is the puppy I've been waiting for my whole life!! He does not make a peep at night and hasn't messed in his crate ONCE since I brought him home on Friday..that is unbelievable for a puppy who is so young. He is happy, affectionate, playful and loves to be in my arms and on my lap. I am in HEAVEN....you clearly are a WONDERFUL Breeder, and I have already told A LOT of people about your Farm/Kennel...I hope you don't mind..lol :-) Warmly,"
-- Joan P., Oyster Bay, NY, November 12, 2013


Terri & "Auggie"

Auggie and his big brother Boomer are owned
by Terri M. of Falls Church, VA

"I cannot thank you enough for my dog Auggie. He is absolutely perfect! He has become my joy with his constant happiness and unconditional love. My children just love to watch him since his playfulness could definitely make a reality show. And most importantly, he has become the friend to my first dog, Boomer. This puppy follows Boomer around and they are great friends. You have truly made our family complete. The process, your assistance, and just the end product of our puppy was wonderful. Thank you. I will keep you posted on this cute little guy!" -- Terri M., Falls Church, VA, November 20, 2013

Puppy Owner of the Month: October, 2013
Kim B. of Kenner, LA & "Etta"

Pictures are wonderful. A picture can record a moment, keep a memory alive, and tell a 1,000 words.... This picture tells me that Etta's owner took my suggestion to heart, put up doggie steps for your bed & sofa! Thanks, Kim B. of Kenner, LA, you are my October Puppy Owner of the Month.

Etta is the daughter of my very first dachshund, Allie, and she is just as beautiful as her mom! It took Allie five years before she decided Mikey (or any male) was worthy and almost two days before she allowed me to touch the pups! (it was my first litter - she growled & I backed off) Allie was one of a kind. I will always remember my first dachshund. She was so very special!

Etta is a beautiful Black & Tan female from Allie & Mikey


Etta (front) with her two brothers in Kenner, LA

"I know that I haven't sent a picture of Etta to you, but here she is! She is definitely the BOSS of her two brothers! Always has to be the first for everything! The funny thing is, they give her her way!! We love her so much!!! The first thing that she does when we come home from work is to flop on her back for a good and long belly rub!" -- Kim B., June 2010

. . . . . . . . . . .

"Kelly, I just had to let you know how much I am in love with Etta! She is just a ball of energy! One of her brothers (my Pom) is crazy about her. She tries to keep up with him in the backyard. It is just hysterical to see her hopping through the grass trying to chase him! Her other brother (my 12 year old doxie) is not quite sure about her yet. He is my old man and not too active - well not as much as she is anyway.  I will send you some pictures soon!"
-- Kim B., March 2009

Puppy Owner of the Month: September, 2013
Robin J. of Covington, LA & "Baloux"

Robin J. of Covington, LA, is a nurse, and a very conscientious one, too. She takes the Hippocratic Oath very seriously. Her older dachshund is living day to day and Robin's sadness was getting heavier and heavier. So she decided "to heal thyself" and went puppy shopping on the advice of her family. Coming to Splendor Farms, she fell in love with "Baloux" (above), an 8-week-old chocolate male from Ava & Max. Returning 3 days later with family members to "visit" the "not ready to go" pup, she begged me to let him go home with her that day.

Robin and her 8-week-old puppy Baloux

So, I relented and advised her NOT to take him out and about, and other suggestions, which I hoped she would follow. The smile on her face made me smile, and I hoped it was a good match.

The next day, going into Petsmart, who do I see shopping in the toy aisle? Robin! I quickly looked into her cart and what did I see??? NO BALOUX!!! There was that oath again, First Do No Harm! She kept her word, I teared up, told her I was so happy to see her out buying toys without him with her that I took her picture (below) and told her to send me a picture of her with him.

She did better than that... she sent me a video (below) of him playing with his new momma, with the toys she bought for him, and I know it is a good match! Robin, you and Baloux are our Puppy Owners of the Month! Congratulations, take two toys, play with Baloux, and call me in the morning!

VIDEO: Baloux Playing With His New Momma

Shirley & "Steffi"

ABOVE & BELOW: Shirley S. of Vestavia, AL
with her new puppy "Steffi," a black & tan
female from Ava & Max

"Kelly, I cannot thank you enough for raising this precious puppy. Steffi is absolutely perfect in every way…even when she occasionally forgets the lessons you taught her (and that we are trying to teach her). Our vet proclaimed her in perfect health and was so impressed that she was not at all scared, unlike many of the new puppies that come in for the first time. Steffi was contented all during our six-hour trip back to Vestavia, Alabama and only got restless once and we immediately realized that she needed to find a grassy spot.

She is eating well and has had no stomach upset in changing to the Eukanuba Puppy Growth food. We had been so impressed with Splendor Farms during our visit there in April and have found the "long" wait for this little one to have been well worth the wait. I tell everyone who will listen how wonderful your dogs are and how pleased we are. Please do tell your staff how much we appreciate what they have also contributed to our having this little one.

I'll send you another picture when Steffi has grown just a bit. Thanks again,"

-- Shirley S., Vestavia, AL, September 26, 2013

Barbara & "Katy"

"Hi Kelly, Katy is up, had her breakfast and is ready to explore her new home again this morning. I have her comfort station in the laundry room so I took her in there and she did her little job like a good girl. Now she is sitting on the floor in front of me and wants me to pick her up. I had thought, "What if she doesn't like me?", but I don't think I need to worry anymore as she wants to be near me at all times. She is so beautiful and precious. Today she will be on display as my friends are coming over to meet Katy. I want to thank you so very much for letting me have Katy, I will do my very best in caring for her. Sincerely,"
Barbara W., September 26, 2013
"P.S.  Katy thanks you for giving her a good start in life."

Karen & David B. of Atlanta & "Sam"

"Hi, Kelly, My husband and I just wanted to take the opportunity to tell you what a great job we think you did in raising our puppy. He has a wonderful temperament, has a lot of confidence, and is very well adjusted. Not to mention he's beautiful. We just love our little Sam. We thank you for the crate training - it's been a lifesaver at night! I can't believe he doesn't even whimper (the crate is in our bedroom at night). Thanks again!"
Karen & David B., Atlanta, GA, September 10, 2013

Puppy Owner of the Month: July, 2013
Sandy G. of New York & "Louie"

For being a friend of a friend of my vet, calling the vet to see if they had heard of Splendor Farms and my reputation for being a responsible breeder, and best of all naming Dancer's black & cream male "Louie" after the state of Louisiana, Sandy G. of New York is our Puppy Owner of the Month for July!

"Hi Kelly, We have named the puppy Louie (for Louisiana) and we think Lily & Louie make a fine couple! Louie is a great puppy and you get all the credit. He is making amazing progress and adjusting daily to our home, family and his new surroundings. Louie is calm, smart, sweet in addition to handsome. He is already sleeping through the night and starting to go to the door we use to go 'potty'. I am totally in love with Louie and glad to already report how happy he is in his new home." -- Sandy G., June 4, 2013

Puppy Owners of the Month: June, 2013
Leigh P. & Family & "Biscuit"

Schools Out and we have a NEW FRIEND! Biscuit! The son of English Cream Bella flew to North Carolina and into the arms of love! Congratulations Leigh P. you and your family are our Puppy Owners of the Month for June!

"Hey Kelly, Thank you so much. Biscuit is so adorable.
We are all enjoying him." --
Leigh P., May 20, 2013

Alex & "Lux"

Alex G. of Minden, LA with her new puppy "Lux,"
a chocolate dapple female from Bella & George

"Lux has made herself at home here! Riley loves to play with her and share her toys (and take the dog toys away from Lux). Her personality fits right in with us here. Thank you so much for our sweet girl! We love her so much!"
-- Alex G., April 30, 2013

Riley playing with Lux, April '13

Shannon & "Sherman"

Shannon W. of St. Simon Island, GA with her new puppy "Sherman,"
a beautiful smooth haired red male from Luna & Andy

"It was an absolute pleasure to meet you yesterday. I loved your farm and the obvious care and love you put into every aspect of it. I only regret not being able to stay at the b&b and enjoy all that the farm has to offer.

I was very impressed with the cleanliness of your kennels and the apparent excellent health of all the dachshunds. I was furthered impressed after we left the kennels. Sherman (our red smooth male) and I had a good day of travel. He had the best behavior and no accidents, for the entire day. He waited until 10pm last night to relieve himself, outside, at home. He slept thru the night and again this morning, the best potty training, outside for that!

We love him and are very grateful for the time, love and commitment you put into raising your dogs."
-- Shannon W., St. Simon Island, GA, March 30, 2013

Puppy Owners of the Month: January, 2013
Tara & Terry & Family & "Gabby" & "Rocky"

Delaney, Emma & Liam with "Gabby" (Ava & Max's daughter, right)
and new puppy "Rocky" (from Grace & Dusty, left)!!!
Looks like we need one more puppy to hold!
Let me know when you are ready!
Thanks, Tara & Terry for coming back to Splendor Farms for your newest family member!

Lynne & "Ruby"

"This little Ruby is magical. My other two are so bent out of shape but Ruby keeps trying to win them over. In the end she will. I adore her! She went to the vet yesterday and of course is in perfect health. Vet wanted to steal her. Made appt for next week to get her third shot." -- Lynne C., March 18, 2013

Ruby, daughter of Karla & Rocky, is a red female
puppy owned by Lynne C. of Buckeye, AZ

Kathy & Clarence & "Scout"

Kathy & Clarence of New Orleans with "Scout," their new puppy
from Magic (daughter of Packer) and Bentley (son of Beau)

Mayra & "Maggie"

Black & tan Maggie looks like a stunner with bows in her hair!
She is owned by Mayra R. & family of Metairie, LA.

"I wanted to send you an update on Maggie, we adopted her back in 2011. She is my baby, a wonderful companion and is the best dog we ever had. Thanks" -- Mayra R., February 5, 2013

Mary W. of Aberdeen, MS & "Pancho"

Our beautiful retiree Pancho pictured with his new parents!

Dena & "Reesie"

"Reesie," a beautiful English Cream female from Biloxi Belle & Dusty
is owned by Dena S. of Metairie, LA!

"Subject: reesie: most beautiful english cream long hair ever

kelly i recently had a ladies luncheon at my home after xmas w/friends from kindergarten, grade and high school and "reesie" was the belle of the soiree'. u have got to see how beautiful this shaded cream is. she only has black tips on her long ears. other than that, she is full cream w/a beautiful very soft coat. she doesn't shed at all. i comb her twice a week.

i have a friend who just lost her boston terrier of 14 years. she has 3 other dogs, 2 amazon parrots and 3 cats. she is the ultimate animal lover and i know she wants an english cream. she held reesie the entire day and night of the luncheon. she wouldn't leave the party because of reesie and her docile demeanor. please post this picture of reesie on your website as i think she is one of the most beautiful sweet dogs. reesie is now 2-1/2. she was born on may 5, two years ago and will be three this year. she is positively adorable and has the best disposition for a doxie. she is a barky when people come to the door, after that, she is like butter.

i know if i come to the farm w/my friend i'm not leaving w/out one.

so, keep us posted on new pups."
-- Dena S., January 21, 2013

Puppy Owner of the Month: December, 2012
Sylvia & "Sassy" (a.k.a., "T-Bone")

Sassy" (a.k.a., "T-Bone") is a black & cream female owned by Sylvia W. of Metairie, LA.
Back in '09, her first Christmas included a visit with Santa on a Harley!!

I know she isn't a puppy anymore, but her mom, Sylvia, has brought her to visit,
always kept me updated, and has raised her right!  Thanks, Sylvia for bringing this
little orphan into your heart and home....and, I forgive you for putting her on the
Harley with no helmet! Congratulations, you are our Puppy Owner of the Month!
Woof Woof, Sassy! Come see us soon!

Beautiful Sassy is the 4-year-old daughter of Sugar & Dusty

Sass in the grass!

"Hi Kelly, It seemed appropriate that we send you an update on our sweet Sassy / T-Bone. Today is her birthday......four years old, January 8, 2013. Four years of joy, sweetness, attitude, fun and a true blessing. I look back on the day that I initiated the phone call to you about finding a puppy, and after listening to the story about her Mom, Sugar, I told my husband that I just knew that one of Sugar's puppies was meant to be part of our family. We first saw her when she was four weeks old and here we are, four years later. Yes, I still call her Sassy, and my husband still calls her T-Bone. Some things are just meant to be...... I have attached two recent pictures.........she is such a big girl now!!! Hugs to you,"
-- Sylvia W., January 8, 2013


"Merry Christmas Kelly,
Baby's First Christmas.....

Doesn't every baby need her first Christmas picture with Santa taken on a Harley? I am sending you this updated picture of Sassy / T-Bone......yes, we still call her by both names. She visited with Santa and made sure to let him know that she had been a very good girl this year. Her Christmas stocking is filled with goodies and she has been hiding her toys and chew bones under the Christmas tree among the gifts. She makes sure to check on them to make sure that no one has 'peeked' at them.

She has grown more beautiful each day since we picked her up in March. Her personality is genuine and a day does not go by that she doesn't make us smile at her antics.

Wishing you the joy of the holiday season,"
- Sylvia, Christmas Eve 2009

Sassy as a young pup in '09

Sassy as a young pup in '09

Sassy as a young pup in '09

"Hi Kelly,
I am sending a few pictures of Sassy...........Sugar and Dusty's Black and Cream female (the one without the white on her back toes.....that is her sister). She is happy, healthy, friendly, active, inquisitive, and has a personality that you just can't help but fall in love with.

Her markings are beautiful. I have actually had people stop me at the store, when I have her with me, and make comments about how beautiful her markings are. She is going to be a real beauty. Her markings are very similar to Jackson's........who I think is her half brother, if I am not mistaken.

Her name is Sassy, but my husband calls her T-Bone.........she is going to end up answering to anything, because half of the time we are calling her "Sass" and the other half we are calling her "T".

I just wanted to send you these pictures to show you how she has grown. She is showered with love and is truly a joy.......and we love spoiling her!!!
Sylvia W.
Sassy / T-Bone's Mom
- Sylvia, April 2009

The Caplingers & "Farley" & "Auggie"

The Caplingers with "Farley," their new black & cream
male puppy from Gracie & Dusty

The Caplingers return to pick up Scarlet & Mikey's son "Auggie" (left)
who makes his introduction to Grace & Dusty's son Farley!

Katie P. & "Bentley"

Bentley, a beautiful chocolate & cream male puppy from
Mona & Frankie is owned by Katie P. of Baton Rouge.

"Hey Mrs. Kelly! Bentley is doing so great :) we could not be happier puppy parents! He is almost potty trained completely, and we have taught him how to sit/stay/drop his toy! Thank you so much! We go back to the vet for more shots at the end of October and then we will get them fixed over Thanksgiving." -- Katie P., October 17, 2012

More Bentley Photos:

Puppy Owner of the Month: November, 2012
Stephani N. of Coconut Creek, FL & "Whimsy"

This is my November Puppy Owner of the Month. Hands down. No question.
Decision made. Enough said. Congratulations Stephani and Whimsy!
(now where is my Kleenex?)

"Lol I just played the 'movie trailer' for the Oct owner of the month puppy and Whimsy came running over and laid her head over my shoulder to watch!!! Too funny!" -- Stephani N., Coconut Creek, Florida, November 8, 2012

Stephani & Whimsy, did ya'll like our October Puppy Owner of the Month?
Well, what do you think of November's?

Whimsy is the SWEETEST!!!

"Hi Kelly :-) as promised here are one year pictures of Miss Whimsy! Our lives have changed drastically in the past month. I found a position as a live in caretaker for an elderly lady. The whole family loves Whimsy and she adores them! She is learning to be careful with her new gma and not jump. She is so smart I just can't get over it! I keep a monitor with me while gma is asleep in case she needs me and in the mornings whims listens to it carefully waiting for gma to wake up so she can see her! I tested this one morning and left it in my room. Whimsy kept going to my room and laying down waiting lol. She knows to listen for the change from breathing / snoring to the rustling of gma waking up! She learns so quickly too just amazes me! I have lots of study time and this semester is going well. I'll be applying to the actual nursing program in Jan:-) Kelly I can't thank you enough for how you worked with me as I scrimped and saved and found a way to pay for her a year ago! Many people thought I was making a mistake in purchasing a dog but I know she is the greatest gift I ever gave myself. She is so loved. She feels all the positivity and knows this is better instinctively! Now she is making more lives full not just mine but a 93 year old lady:-) God bless you and your family and farm! Stephani & Whimsy:-)"
-- Stephani N., Coconut Creek, Florida, October 31, 2012



"Whimsy" -- a silver dapple female puppy from Chelsea & Victor --
is owned by Stephani N. of Coconut Creek, Florida!

"Miss Whimsy is Fantastic!!! LOL... She is amazingly fun and sweet and cuddly and smart and gorgeous and even when she gets on puppy crack as I call it and tries to bite me, she is still just too cute for words! I call her princess pea because she can't sleep in one position for long, has to shift and change and scrunch and flop every little bit!!! Cracks me up! My cajun girl is learning to be a suburban S. Florida girl... well sort of... no strollers for her!!! :P Thanks so much!" -- Stephani N., Coconut Creek, FL, December 19, 2011
"P.S. She snores sometimes!!! LMAO!"

"Wanna be Facebook friends?"

"This is Cruzr my sister's doxie Facebooking!!! LOL"
-- Stephani N., Coconut Creek, FL, December 6, 2011

Carole & "Harmony"

Harmony (right) hanging out with her new buddy Coco!


Hello Kelly and all my friends at Splendor Farms!

It has been an awesome few months - I miss you all - but life is really good! I love my new house and my new buddy coco! I've had to learn a lot of new things - I still can't do the steps however . . . I go up but coming down is a whole other thing! There are a lot of steps in my new house . . . so it's kind of a challenge!

Coco has shown me a lot of things - and we love to ride in the car together! We went on a very long car ride for Christmas holidays and ended up at a building called the Parthenon - maybe you can guess where we are! It's a first for all of us. I got to ride in elevators and saw the inside of very nice hotel rooms . . . I did tinkle on the carpets a few times - I don't know where my back yard is hiding and it takes a while for me to do my business - Frank brings me on the leash a lot of times but I don't do anything!

Anyway - happy new year to all and stay in touch! Yours truly, Harmony and Coco XXOOO"
-- Carole C., December 29, 2012

Harmony & Coco in front of the Parthenon in Nashville, TN!

Julie & "Max"

Max (right) participating in the "Halloweener Derby," a fundraiser
for Alaqua - the no-kill animal shelter in Florida

"His dad was Dusty and mom was Biloxi.
He is quite a character and I think adorable!"
-- Julie S., November 7, 2012

More Max Photos:

Puppy Owner of the Month: October, 2012
Kristen C. of Mandeville, LA & "Oscar"

October Puppy Owner of the Month goes to Kristen C. of Mandeville, Louisiana, because we have had artists (Marcia Baldwin), editors (Graydon Carter of Vanity Fair), and Zac Posen, clothing designer, BUT a film producer.... well, that's a first!!!

VIDEO BELOW: See Sadie & Mikey's son, Oscar, battle the forces of Evil in the suburbs of Mandeville in the premier of his first movie of many to come! Oscar may win an oscar for his performance!

"Hey Kelly! This is Oscar's first movie trailer. LOL"
-- Susan C. (mother of Kristen), Mandeville, LA, October 16, 2012

Kristen's welcome home banner for Oscar is made of dachshunds! CUTE!

Kristen celebrating Halloween with her doggies!

Kristen & Oscar in Halloween costume

Sleepy Oscar

Kristen & Oscar, so happy together!

Stacey & Family & "Blue"

"Blue" is a blue & tan silver dapple male puppy, son of Mona & Frankie

"We just LOVE him! He has been a wonderful addition to our family! His name is Blue because of the blue eye. We took him to the vet right away and he weighed 3 lbs. I took him back on Oct. 8th and he was up to 5.8 lbs. almost double the size when he arrived. Our older dachshund is finally starting to warm up to him but still won't play with him much. We have a very fluffy grey cat who plays with him until he gets too rough and then the cat finds a spot to rest that is too tall for Blue to reach. He has plenty of stuffed animals and chew toys to play with also. I have attached a couple of pictures from when he first arrived and 2 from today when he came in for a nap after we had been playing in the yard. Thank you for providing us such a fun little guy!"
-- Stacey A., October 18, 2012

Sleepy Boy!

Blue settling in with his new family!

Ashley & "Bailey"

Beautiful Bailey is a chocolate dapple female from Mona & Frankie.
Here she is taking a nap in the car!

"Hi Kelly! Just wanted to send you some pictures of Bailey! She is the greatest friend I've ever had! She is sweet and funny! Loves to give kisses and snuggle! Thank you so much!!" -- Ashley D., October 8, 2012


Puppy Owners of the Summer, 2012:
Graydon & Anna & Isabella Carter & "Charley"
(a.k.a., the VANITY FAIR puppy!!)

Isabella and Charley (all grown up & done up in a bow tie!)

"Dear Kelly, I hope you are well! We love Charley SO much, it's crazy. He is truly the best dog - good, sweet, beautiful. Xx Anna"
-- Anna Carter, NYC, April 24, 2014

Charley (pictured as a young pup) is an
English Cream male from Gracie & Dusty.

"Dear Kelly, Here is a recent photo of Charley. Thank you for breeding the most perfect dog - he is smart, sweet, gentle, playful and quick to learn....we love him!" -- Anna Carter, NYC, August 13, 2012


Back in April, I got a call from a lady named Anna Carter (she had an English accent, nothing against the Brits, I mean they did host the Olympics, and well done, by the way) looking for a light cream, small male puppy. As I questioned her with the usual, i.e., have you researched the breed, does everyone in the home agree to the puppy, and by the way what kind of employment are you in (if you are a cardiac surgeon & never home - please, get a goldfish!) She casually mentions her husband is an editor...oh? Which newspaper? Oh, it is really a magazine. Vanity Fair magazine....well, stop the presses right now this very instant! Are you kidding me? So, what is his name (as I run across my living room to my latest issue - The Hollywood Issue - still in wrap, working my way through the plastic) and when she says Graydon Carter, I have to sit down. Yep, I turned to the editor's page, and there he was, bigger than life itself on the page. Magazine in my hand, and I realized that this was big, way big! Vanity Fair is my favorite magazine for decades!!!

Unfortunately, I didn't have any puppies fitting her description, so I told her so and then I thought that was it....but before hanging up she told me she found out about me through Zac Posen and Christopher Niquet, who purchased Candy Darling from me. Wow! Nice referral!

So, May 3rd, Grace graces us with three puppies, all males, all shaded creams, except here comes one more! (Yes, I am working on whelping the litter). Will it be my female I have been waiting for, nope it is a tiny, pale cream male and I high-pawed Grace! Waiting three days (to make sure all was well) I wanted to call Anna (YES, I saved her cellular number in my phone - wouldn't you?!) but decided to send an email to Christopher who passed the word, and within an hour, she called me, absolutely thrilled! Yes, she wanted the little guy! In ten to twelve weeks I would ship him to NYC (or she would fly down and maybe THEY would both come and stay at my B&B - get out!!!) And so the story ends, I thought!

July comes around...and opening an email from Anna (we are on a first name basis by now) I expect the usual pre-puppy questions again (what does he eat, what toys should I buy), but this time the question surprised me....would I consider flying to NYC and delivering the puppy? Well, you bet I would!

So, July 10th, boarding Jet Blue (see Hollywood Reporter) we flew into Kennedy airport, on a blue sky, gorgeous day, and a driver picked us up and we rode to their home, yes, their home, and then all of us went to The Monkey Bar for lunch where we met Candy Darling (yes, she is darling - she is a Splendor Farms puppy, isn't she?), Christopher (who had just returned from working in Paris - he is a brilliant stylist, blogger, well, just everything!!), Zac (who was working on his Spring Collection), The Editor (who was working on the September issue, and, YES, he is absolutely engaging and charming), Anna (well, she just doesn't have to work at all at being gracious, does she? She is perfect!) and the Carters' young daughter Isabella (she was working on being adorable and a good friend to her new puppy). I realized over salmon and later, sorbet, that Charley would join a family, and their life, which he deserved... vacations abroad, no reservations required, first class all the way, and most importantly, love, in the arms of a little girl.

So, there you have it! Our Puppy Owners of the Month...NOPE of the SUMMER. We have something in common....the love of a puppy and, really a true family life to share...and for that, I make Anna, Isabella, and, yes, the Editor, our Puppy Owners of the SUMMER!!!!!

I will be working on getting back to NYC to check on my little man, Charley!
(I want to see the fall collection and try the lobster club sandwich!!!) I LOVE NY!! ... I'M SPREADING THE NEWS.....NEW YORK NEW YORK....NEW YORK YANKEES ON TOP.... okay, okay, okay...sorry, I AM IN A NEW YORK STATE OF MIND..see you soon, Charley!!!! Be good, and make us on the farm proud! I know you will!!!

Alicia & "Holly"
(a.k.a., "Splendor's Crystal Blue Persuasion")

Alicia of Covington, LA with "Holly" - her beautiful blue & tan dapple piebald.
Holly is the daughter of Precious & Skyler. Four years old and stunning!!!!

Holly as a young pup

Marjorie & "Miss Annie"

Marje with her beautiful new pup "Miss Annie"

"...we have named this gorgeous girl Miss Annie after my husband's sister, Ann who loves dogs more than any one we know. Miss Annie is THE SWEETEST puppy, but not shy in the least. She is right at home with us and has the best time playing with Rachel our other dog. In fact our den is now more like a rompus room with the two of them playing and tugging with their toys. She had her vet check up yesterday and he said she was not only beautiful but in excellent health. She goes back in two weeks. Everyone at the vet's office just loved her! Pad training is going pretty well with a few misses once in a while. Her vitamins have arrived and she has started on them. Miss Annie has a great appitite so no problems there. She is a doll and is so very, very loved. Thank you again and I will send you a photo of us this weekend. Sincerely,"
-- Marjorie D., Gadsden, AL, September 20, 2012

Karen, Gray Joseph & "Isaac"

Gray Joseph holding his new puppy "Isaac"
a black & cream male from Mona & Frankie.

"Gray Joseph is over the moon with his baby dachshund."
-- Karen C., Mandeville LA, September 3, 2012

Puppy Owner of the Month: May, 2012
Jan S. of Mandeville, LA & "Pippi Shortstockings"

This lady, was tenacious! She wanted her puppy before she was born! She came to "meet the parents!" She came to meet her puppy at 10 days of age and came every week thereafter! How could she not be a Puppy Owner of the Month with that much dedication! On week five she braved a thunderstorm ridden drive to the farm from her job at the City of Mandeville office to visit! She spoke to her puppy like they were the best of friends everytime she came, and to top it off.....she cried when she met her little girl the first time she met her! Every time I look at this picture of her holding little Pippi I tear up! The love she has for Pippi is the love I want for all puppies and dogs everywhere! I am proud and happy that Sadie's little red girl has such a good mommy and a home forever....

Congratulations, Jan... you are Splendor Farms Puppy Owner of the Month!

Puppy Owner of the Month Jan S. and her red female puppy,
sweet "Pippi Shortstockings" from Sadie & Mikey!!

"Kelly, I just wanted to let you know Pippi is doing so well, she fit into our family like a glove. I knew she was right for us as soon as I saw her. She is just the cutest puppy in the world. Thank you so much for everything, it was a pleasure." -- Jan S., Mandeville, LA, July 2, 2012

Amber & "Dagger"

A peaceful family nap with Dagger (front),
a dapple male puppy from Libby & Max.

"My baby Dagger loves his big beast of a friend Sir. We bought Dagger from Splendor Farms. He's one of the best dogs I have ever owned!"
-- Amber B., July 16, 2012

Nina & Rocky W. & "Jax" & "Bella"

Jax, a chocolate male puppy from Libby & Max,
shows off his PetSmart certificate of achievement!

"Hi Kelly, I just wanted to give you a little update on Jax. He graduated from pet smart training with flying colors! He's such a smart puppy! It is unbelievable how much we love him. Thank you for asking us one more time if we wanted to take him home with us ;)" -- Nina W., July 16, 2012

Black & cream Bella, granddaughter to Dusty, has joined Jax and owners
Nina & Rocky W.! Every time they visit the b&b they buy a puppy from me!
(November 2012)

Kaylee & Chase & "Rigby"

Rigby at the lake...beautiful red coat, beautiful photo!
Rigby is the daughter of Mona & Charlie.

"Kelly, So I just wanted to check in with you since today is Rigby's 1st 'adoption birthday.' I wanted to let you know how much joy and laughter this little girl has brought to our whole family. Everyone who meets her is immediately won over by her kisses and spunky attitude. They also always comment about her gorgeous red silky coat. My dad calls her the little red firecracker. She enjoys family outings and visiting my parent's two dachshunds and my mother-in-law's dachshund. We take her to the lake house and she loves chasing the geese, riding in the boat, and relaxing on the dock. She gets along with any other dog, person, and loves children too! We just had a baby 2 months ago and Rigby isn't jealous, she just wants to be able to lick the baby's toes. :) We think she has a pretty great life and we want to thank you for allowing us to be her family! Sincerely,"
-- Kaylee & Chase S., July 9, 2012

Baby Kelsey & Rigby looking adorable together!

"Kelly, I just wanted to share this picture with you. Rigby has always been an exceptional dog who was great with our baby from the beginning. I have so many pics of them together playing and she loves Rigby. However, this picture just shows the bond they are creating. Kelsey will be lucky to have such a wonderful dog and I just want to thank you again!"
-- Kaylee S., April 24, 2013

Marie & "Dixie Lee" of Nokesville, Virginia

Dixie Lee, an English Cream female from Stella & Dusty,
was born on New Year's Day 2012!

"Dixie Lee is 5-1/2 months old now and weighs approx 5 lbs. She may be little but she is a lovable little Minx. She gets into trouble whenever she can. She gives my Yorkie Sammi a run for her money and loves Wowwie the cat to distraction. She is a lovable little girl and loves to sit and sleep on my lap whenever I sit down. She is a wonderful little dog and very smart, my husband and I love her very much. For a little girl she is very demanding and insists on getting what she wants, NOW! She loves to be outside but does not like the rain and has to be coaxed to go out on wet days. This is truly an exceptional dog, she loves to play and initiates play whenever she can. She is extremely entertaining and a joy to have. She is going to be beautiful just like her parents." -- Marie M. of Nokesville, VA, June 13, 2012

The Duffin Family & "Francis Louis"

The Duffin Family with their new puppy "Francis Louis" --
a silver dapple male from Libby & Max

"Kelly: Thanks so much for bringing us Francis Louis (aka, Francis, Frank, Franky). He is the new King of our neighborhood. Everybody loves him, especially our family who he is now a part of. He came to us at just the right time and has already helped us with the healing process from the loss of our Dachshund, Oscar. Do not worry about him, he is in a great home. He was great driving for 10 hours when we came back to Florida and he is just about potty trained. He has the pick of any bed in the house and we are all fighting over who sleeps with him at bedtime. He is absolutely perfect! Once again, thanks so much!" -- The Duffin Family, Florida, June 10, 2012

Francis is a playful puppy at his new home in Florida!

Francis looking right at home in Florida

"Hi Kelly. Francis Louis is doing well and we all love him."
-- The Duffin Family, Florida, June 24, 2012


Puppy Owners of the Month: April, 2012
The Springers & Their Six-Pack of Wiener Dogs

The Springers' Six-Pack of Wiener Dogs from Left to Right: Ludwig (black & tan, 13 yrs); Schubert (English Cream, 3 mos, from Splendor Farms); Sebastian II (red, 17 mos, from Splendor Farms); Wolfgang (chocolate, 12 yrs); Strauss (chocolate & tan, 8 yrs); Chopin (chocolate tan dapple, 6 yrs).

The Jackson Five didn't have anything on this group! With six dachshunds, all named for great composers, this family gets a Grammy for sure! I'll bet their home can be noisy if one decides to howl! What a concert that must be! I mean really, how does it work? Does Wolfgang say "It's my turn, I want to do an opera" and then Strauss says "No! It is time for a waltz!" Maybe Chopin, the always romantic, says "Wait, a concerto, no, a sonata, yes, that's it, a sonata!" to which, Schubert may state...."I want to finish my symphony, I never get to finish!"

Whatever music they play, it will be a hit! Times six! Congratulations, Kim & family, you are our Puppy Owners of the Month! (let me know when you are ready for a Bach or Beethoven)

April & Philip & "Serenity"

Sweet Serenity!

"Hi Mrs. Kelly, I have been meaning to send you some pictures of Serenity, she is getting to be such a big girl!! We love her so much, she really has completed our family! Sincerely," -- April L., Baton Rouge, LA, May 25, 2012

Julie & Roy & "Remmy"

Remmy, left, with his new buddy Tayau in Braithwaite, LA. Remmy is a
black & tan smooth wire haired male puppy from Vienna & Dusty

"Hi Kelly, just wanted to let you know we named the lil puppy Remmy.
He & Tayau are getting along great. He is an awesome blessing!"
Julie L., April 18, 2012

Sweet Adorable Remmy!

"Hi Kelly, just wanted to drop you a note & let y'all know that Remmy is doing great. He collects sticks when we go for our walks. I have a collection by my front door. He has grown in the last 2 weeks." -- Julie L., April 26, 2012

"Remmy, chillin' at the hotel during his evacuation from Braithwaite, LA during Hurricane Isaac" -- Julie L., September 26, 2012

Cody & Samantha & "Roux"

Cody & Samantha C. with their gorgeous new puppy "Roux",
a red male from Rita & Diego. Cody & Samantha are the
owners of "Hot Tails Restaurant" in New Roads, LA!!

Stephanie & "Captain Butler" (a.k.a., "Robert Redford")
& "Sassy" (a.k.a., "Sassy Sadie Beautiful Lady")

"Dear Kelly, Captain Butler was an excellent traveler. He and Copper are getting used to each other quite well. Captain goes in and out of his kennel with ease. My house is big so he likes to see us. We all love him already. Photos to come. Rachel took most of them on her phone! Thank you for such
a wonderful puppy." --
Stephanie S., March 18, 2012

English Cream "Captain Butler" playing with his new buddy "Copper".
Captain, an English Cream male puppy from Tinkerbelle & Dusty,
lives with Stephanie & daughter Rachel S. of Shreveport, LA.

"Dear Kelly, Captain slept all night in his kennel! He got up around 4 to go outside and went right back to sleep. No worries about this boy! He's endeared himself to all!" -- Stephanie S., March 19, 2012

Captain in April, 2012

"Captain Rhett Butler is really growing! He continues to be the best puppy ever!" -- Stephanie S., April 17, 2012

"Captain went on his first roadtrip! We took him with us to visit Rachel in Fayetteville Arkansas. He was so good in the car! We spent the night at a pet friendly B&B and he was excellent. No accidents anywhere, which I think is miraculous for a puppy his age. There will be many more trips in the future. My husband is completely smitten with him and is talking about maybe needing a piebald one day....don't be surprised if you see us again. Copper is very 'fatherly' toward our new friend. Captain has certainly perked Copper up and in fact, Copper has lost weight playing and running. Thank you for raising such wonderful dogs." -- Stephanie S., April 18, 2012

Captain Pupdate, September, 2012:

"Thought an updated picture was in order! He is the best dog I have ever owned." -- Stephanie S., September 18, 2012

Captain Pupdate, October, 2012:

Captain comforting his buddy Copper

"I think nothing makes Copper feel better than his best buddy, Captain!"
Stephanie S., October 22, 2012

Captain & Sassy Pupdate, November, 2013:

Stephanie's beautiful dachshund family has a new baby girl!
"Sassy" is a black & cream female from Dancer & Little Man!

Captain with his new baby sister in Shreveport, LA

"Sweet Sassy had a good first night. She was a little shy at first, which was to be expected. She loved running outside in the yard and playing. Copper was quite the gentleman. Captain had to be reminded about gentility! By bedtime all 3 were exhausted and Sassy curled up next to Copper in his big orthopedic bed. I felt she needed a friend and left her there but slept on the couch in case she woke up. No one moved all night! Best of all, she has had no bathroom accidents as of yet. She runs out with the boys and navigates the one step up from the sidewalk by the backdoor with ease. We are just smitten with our new Sassy Sadie Beautiful Lady! Thank you Kelly and thanks to Cody and Gabrielle for helping get Sassy ready for her big trip to her new home. Everyone is in their own kennel now for a nap while I am in and out. There was no fussing about that either. Thank you for all you do to make the transition to a new home so comfortable for all."
Stephanie S., November 6, 2013
"P.S. I have learned it is very hard to photograph or video a black dog!"

"Somebody is pretty comfortable here! She's fitting right in. Thanks for another great puppy." -- Stephanie S., November 15, 2013

Sidney & "Jazz"

Sidney of New Orleans sharing a moment with her puppy "Jazz,"
a black & tan piebald female from Dana & Frankie. Sidney is the
daughter of Tulane Law School Professors Ron & Elizabeth!!

"Sidney and her puppy Jazz live in New Orleans, LA, and find time to play everyday. Jazz is so cute. It's been a lot of fun and a few challenges (i.e., chewing a couple of Barbies). But we are so happy she is part of our family. She has four cat siblings (who have adjusted), which means she seems to think she is part-cat as well as part-dog. She also seems to good-naturedly herd the cats all day long, making sure they know they are 'cats' and she is the 'dog.' She loves riding in the car, taking walks, and sleeping at Sidney's feet. She has been to puppy classes where she worked very hard, and she loves, most of all, playing with other puppies." -- Elizabeth T., February 3, 2012

Mary & "Tanner"

"Tanner" is a beautiful shaded cream male from Dancer & Dusty

"Here is an updated photo of Tanner (Not the best lighting). He is doing wonderfully. Tanner has already learned several commands and is walking very well on the leash. After a few days of learning to blend in with the rest of his new dog family, he is quite happy. He is especially happy to spend time with our other Dachshund Scooter. They are about the same size and are great friends. Tanner is very eager to please which has made it easy to train him. He is a great new addition to our family. I will send another update soon." -- Mary D., January 27, 2012

Lindsey & "Shelby"

Beautiful Shelby!

"Hi Kelly! I just wanted to let you know that we just had Shelby (Windi & Jackson's little girl) spayed. The vet said she did great! She is such a good dog and everyone complements her on how pretty she is! I have really enjoyed having her around, especially since my fiance travels so much. She gets along really well with my cat too! My sister wants a dog just like her. Now she knows where to get one! I've included a picture of Shelby from a few months ago. Thank you for everything! "
Lindsey W., January 25, 2012

Marcy & Family

"Rascal" (center) poses for a family picture

"Thanks For asking about Rascal. His parents were Max & Ava. He is very spoiled. He loves to be loved on. Every morning when my alarm clock goes off he comes up to me for some love. We are enjoying him very much. I would love to add #3 to the family, but as much as my husband loves Rascal and our other Dan he would not go for it. When we get ready for another I will definitely come back to Splendor Farms. Thank You"
Marcy C., January 19, 2012

Jennifer & "Marley"

"Hey Kelly! My name is Jennifer and I bought a shaded cream female out of Stella and Dusty from you back in August. Marley is almost 7 months and is tiny weighing in at
5 pounds! She is absolutely gorgeous and everyone that sees her has a fit over her!
I will have to send you some pics soon. She is so smart, sweet, and has an excellent temperament! I am hoping to get another from you in time! Just wanted you to know
how much we are enjoying her!!!" --
Jennifer R., January 12, 2012

Megan J.

Megan J. of Denham Springs, LA with her new baby,
a black & tan male from Sadie & Max!!

Joy & "Oliver" & "Charlie" of Flagstaff, AZ

Oliver, an adorable red male puppy from Scarlet & Victor,
lives with Joy B. and family of Flagstaff, Arizona

"Kelly, I saw the pictures on Facebook and realized I haven't sent any of Oliver, Scarlet & Victor's handsome little boy. We have enjoyed him so much and he is such a good little dog. He even loves playing in the snow! Here are a couple of pictures of him at 7 mos." -- Joy B., Flagstaff, AZ, January 9, 2012

Oliver Loves the Snow

"Here's a quick video of Oliver enjoying the snow in Flagstaff!"
Joy B., Flagstaff, AZ, January 9, 2012

Gorgeous Charlie, a shaded english cream male puppy from Gracie & Dusty,
has joined Joy B. and her loving family in Flagstaff, Arizona!!

"Kelly, I just wanted to send you a quick picture of Charlie and an update. As you can see, he is incredibly handsome (Dusty and Gracie make beautiful babies!) and gets tons of attention everywhere we go. He is doing fabulously with his house training, he seemed to catch on right away and he even rings the bell to go outside:)

Charlie has such a sweet personality and loves to cuddle up with his family. He is definitely not taking after his momma size-wise--he's growing like crazy and is already 7lbs!! He'll probably be at least 12lbs once he's finished growing--big boy! I'll send more updates as he grows and gets even lighter.
Thanks from the Bergeron family in Flagstaff, Arizona!"

Jonathan, Joy, Brooke & Jack, Flagstaff, AZ, August 4, 2012

Pictured just before his 1st birthday, gorgeous Charlie
is the brother of the Vanity Fair Puppy!

"Kelly, Charlie is turning 1 on Friday! He has been a wonderful puppy and so well behaved!" -- Joy B., Flagstaff, AZ, April 30, 2013

Brooke & Charlie in May, 2014

"Yesterday, Brooke and Charlie (from Dusty & Gracie) got to celebrate their birthdays together. Brooke turned 10 and Charlie turned 2. Our family loves him so much and he is in love with us as well. He goes in the kids' rooms each morning to wake them up with kisses and is so excited to see them after school. He is the best snuggler and his favorite spot to be is in someone's lap! We constantly receive compliments on how beautiful and well-behaved he is. I could go on and on about him!" -- Joy B., Flagstaff, AZ, May 4, 2014

Lynn & "Ivy" of Alabama

Gorgeous Ivy, an English Cream female from Biloxi & Dusty,
lives with Lynn H. of Birmingham, Alabama

"Hey Kelly, This is Lynn H. from B'ham (Warrior), Alabama. I purchased an English
Cream Female from you back in August. We named her Ivy and she's absolutely adorable. She is one of the best dogs we've ever had. She's been easy to train and
is the most laid back and loveable girl!" --
Lynn H., Birmingham, AL, January 3, 2012

Gorgeous English Cream Ivy

"Ivy is the princess of our house now and stolen our hearts. You have such beautiful English Creams with great disposition and conformation. We have enjoyed our year of puppyhood with her and she's launching out into her young adult years now. Thank you so much for such a beautful girl to love. She's fitting right in with her brother and sisters. I'm attaching some pictures of Ivy. I'm also attaching a picture of her husband to be (the cream piebald lh boy). Blessings!" -- Lynn H., Birmingham, AL, January 3, 2012

Ivy's future husband. A gorgeous couple they will be!

The Thompsons & "Luz"

"Luz" -- a black & tan silver dapple female from Trinity & Thunder --
now lives in NYC with the Thompson family!

VIDEO: Luz Playing in her new home

"Hi Kelly, Here's a little movie of Luz with one of her favorite toys. She is doing
great and we are very grateful for your loving care. Happy New Year! Best,"
-- The Thompson Family, NYC, January 1, 2012

Puppy Owner of the Month: December 2011
Jessica M. & "Butter Pecan"

We didn't want to let him go, but when we discovered one leg was just a fraction shorter than the other front leg (vet thinks it was an injury at birth), we knew the ring judge would spot it. Thank goodness Jessica called looking for an older puppy! So, we made the decision to let "Splendor's Black Diamond Baby" off the show ring training and into a family home.... I think we made the right decision, even though at 6 months I was VERY attached to him, and as such, Jessica becomes our December Puppy Owner of the Month because she didn't care that he wasn't perfect, she just wanted a companion for her lab and her boys! Congratulations, Jessica! Keep in touch!

"Butter Pecan" (a.k.a., "Splendor's Black Diamond Baby")
is a beautiful black & cream male from Stella & Dusty

"Hi Kelly, I just wanted to give you a quick update on Baby. We have named him Butter Pecan and are calling him Pecan. He has been doing SO great! The first couple days he wasn't wanting to eat so we gave him some yogurt. Today he ate all of his food and has been drinking more water. He loves loves loves the boys. He gets so happy when he sees them and goes over and gives them lots of kisses. Him and Suzie (our lab mix) are getting along wonderfully. She gets down on his level and gets him going but is very gentle with him. We also had him at our vet yesterday and they kept going on about how beautiful and sweet he was. When we know he is settled in we will get him fixed. I know it was hard to see him go but I have to thank you for allowing us to have him. He was exactly what I was hoping for in a Doxie! We are so in love with him! I will send you some pictures when we get some good ones with the boys. Sincerely," -- Jessica M., January 10, 2012

Puppy Owners of the Month: November 2011
Jim, Malinda, John, "Butters" & "Marjorine"

Three years ago, Santa called and asked me if I had a special puppy for a very special family in Jackson, Mississippi. Well, yes, Santa, I do! So after getting Butters ready for his sleigh ride, Santa picked him up and off he went, never to be seen by me or Splendor Farms again. Or, so I thought. Butters decided to join the Twitter rage, made famous by celebrity Ashton Kutcher, and a star was born! Thus began the career of Butters, which I faithfully check into every morning and every night to see how a Splendor Farms' puppy deals with stardom (Candy Darling & Ursula are other celebrities) and the crazy things going on in his life! The SCOC (super cool outside cats) the big ugly indoor cat, the MD (mystery dog who lives next door - a fence keeps him from knowing his true identity), his obsession with badgers and keeping them from taking over the world like he is sure they will if not for him, and his loves, JM (the boy) and Mina, his true love, and his toleration of the Typist. Yes, Butters is King of Twitterdom and he is the ambassador of Splendor Farms hub a.k.a. Jackson, Mississippi, and after 3 short years, he has almost 2,000 followers! Then, one day...Butters becomes a man (dog?) and wants a Queen to help him rule his kingdom! (members include: Liesl and Abbey, and others now that Butters' offspring have sprung) So where does an everyday Butters go to find a little action? Why, Splendor Farms, of course! And for coming back to his roots to find his child bride (a black & cream girl) and letting the Typist allow Mina to do the choosing, with Butters' and JM's input, Marjorine (Do ya'll watch South Park? If so, you will understand the name game) has found her King and Butters has found his Queen, no, it's not Imperial, it's I can't Believe it's Butters! You're a lucky girl, Marjorine! And that makes the Typist, Mina, and JM our puppy owners of the month for November..... love, ahhhh love, it's in the air!

Jim, Mina & JM picking up "Marjorine" a black & cream female pup from
Dancer & Dusty. Marjorine is the new wife of the famous Butters,
and the newest member of this happy family!!

Jim and Malinda W. met Santa Claus in McComb, MS to pick up "Butters" (son of Dusty
and Lady) for their 6 year old son, John Mychel! Butters was happy to be in their arms
after his 2 hour sleigh ride! Merry Christmas John!!! By the way, Butters will be happy
to accommodate any girls in a couple of years, contact us for information!

Butters in November 2009

Happy Halloweenie!!
(from Butters & Family, Oct. 2011)

Marjorine & Mina, November '11

Marjorine & JM, November '11

Marjorine & Butters have a tug-o-war!

VIDEO: "A Little Morning Playtime"
Starring Butters & Marjorine

For those of you who are worried about bringing a puppy into your home when you
have an adult....this video proves that after a day or two they will get along!!!

Butters' brilliant Halloween costume, Oct. 2012

Lawrence & "Rusty"

Lawrence R. of Gautier, MS with his new red male puppy
"Rusty" -- the son of Mikey & Whisper

"Kelly, I am sitting e-mailing you with 'Rusty' on my lap. he is sitting with his head
on the keyboard looking at the screen. He is turning out to be a wonderful little pup.
When he is not sleeping, he is following me around everywhere. I couldn't have gotten
a better pup. Attached is a picture of us."
-- Lawrence R., Gautier, MS, December 17, 2011

Linda & Katy & "Oscar" of Syracuse, NY

Katy Q. of Syracuse, NY, with Oscar, a chocolate & tan
male puppy from Libby & George

"Hi Kelly..here is a picture of our little Oscar... son of George and Libby... holding him is my daughter Katy... who just loves him as much as I do....
we both enjoy your website, in fact that is how we found Oscar.......I saw his puppy picture and fell in love...and every weekend looked forward to his weekly picture..Splendor Farms looks sooo puppy people friendly..And when we went to pick him up at Hancock Airport..We found him surrounded by airline people, playing and petting him...We decided to call him 'Our little Oscar Wiener'...Thanks so much Kelly for this bundle of fun...will keep you updated with pictures as he grows...Just Love Him!!  <3 Linda"

-- Linda Q., Syracuse, NY, December 3, 2011

Ashley L. of Tennessee

Ashley L. of Cordova, TN met me at Leatha's BBQ in Hattiesburg, MS to pick up her GORGEOUS chocolate female from Libby & George! Ashley said: 'Oh my gosh! She is beautiful!' I then went in to order my 4 slabs of pork ribs while they got to know
each other. When I came back out, they had bonded and Ashley had put on her pink harness (recommended over collars for leash/walking) and they matched! Who knew they were so color coordinated! Welcome to the great state of Tennessee sweet puppy girl!!!!

Puppy Owners of the Month: October 2011
Bill, Gail, Bobby & Douglas of Atlanta, GA

I get an email from a man asking me about a black & tan male puppy. He explained his dog of 12 years had to be put down due to cancer and tumors and he sent me a picture of him. I read sad stories all the time about people losing their best friend of 12 years, 15 years, even 17 years and I always feel for them, as some of you know, I lost my Allie a few months back at the age of 13. So, we exchanged emails and a phone call or two within a two day span and then, he calls and says "I want to drive in from Atlanta and pick up TWO black & tan males so they can keep each other company!" Did someone fire the first shot on Fort Sumter because I was blown away! Well, this really made my day as Windi & Jackson's boy, a miniature, was almost 4 months old and I could tell he was tired of hanging out with the babies and he was too young to hang out with the older boys, and, as luck would have it, he was with Annie & PawPaw's boy, the runt of his litter, (sort of like Boyd Tarleton) so they were pretty much a matched pair! I felt like Mammy in Gone With the Wind, getting the necessary letters ready (health certificates for crossing state lines) packing their things, getting them groomed, and ready to go because Rhett and Scarlett and the Tarleton twins were coming from ATLANTA to pick them up in less than 24 hours! Okay, it was really, Bill and Gail, and their sons, Bobby and Douglas (not twins)! (I have got to stop re-reading Gone With the Wind every fall!) A perfect family, who thought it so important to get their pups as soon as they could, they drove from Atlanta and then turned around and drove home with the boys in the back! All four of them! Frankly, my dear, they gave a ****!

Bill & Gail and sons Bobby & Douglas drove all the way from Atlanta to pick up their 2 new black & tan male pups from Windi & Jackson and Annie & Pawpaw

Puppy Owner of the Month: September 2011
Nadine & "Samantha" of Texas

When Nadine called me about finding a "wife" for her little man, (just one litter she promised) I thought of Samantha, right away! And you know what? She then said "I have been looking at Samantha." KISMET! So off Samantha went, to Houston on the Erin Express (a friend of my daughter) through the nasty Baton Rouge traffic, over the Achafalaya Basin, through Cajun country, and past the rice fields of Lake Charles and into the Texas landscape! Thanks for giving Samantha a forever home, Nadine! And being a Texas girl, I couldn't be prouder!

Samantha, our beautiful sweet chocolate & tan piebald mommy,
has found her forever home with Nadine of The Woodlands, Texas



"Kelly, Oh my gosh! Samantha is great, what a little sweetheart! First of all, the delivery couldn't have gone smoother and easier....Erin was wonderful and gave Samantha and I a little extra time to get acquainted!!! When we arrived home I let her have the back yard to herself for about 15 minutes to get acquainted with her new surroundings, but then I had to let Hondo out because he was coming unglued in the house knowing there was a stranger in the backyard. Hondo is a very excited little fellow!!! He won't leave her alone. She has put him in his place several times and he just keeps going back for more punishment. I left her kennel in the backyard so she had a "safe place" to go to when she wanted to and every now and then she would go in and Hondo would just lay down about 2 feet away and if he got any closer she would snap at him and he would back off. This morning we repeated this ritual again. Sammie had her alone time outside, then I put them together for awhile and now I've left her outside by herself for a while so she can explore and eat alone without being harassed. She has her kennel out there so she can always go to her safe place when she needs to. She really is a beautiful little lady. She comes running when she sees me and we are already bonding....her tail is a waggin'! It will take her a few days to get settled in, especially with all this unwanted attention from Hondo at the moment, but I think she will be fine. I will get you some pictures once things settle down a little around here, of the two of them. And hopefully pictures of puppies in the not to distant future. I'll keep you posted. Thank you so much for everything! She is going to be a delight to have around and a welcome addition to the family!"
- Nadine, The Woodlands, TX, October 2011


"Kelly, I have not forgotten you! Will send a picture soon...Sammie is doing grrrrrrrreat!!!!! Her and Hondo are BFFs, Best Friends Forever. She settled in so quickly and Hondo was the best welcoming committee you could ever find! You would think he had died and gone to heaven! They play from the time they wake up until the time the go to bed. She is so adorable and well trained. When it is bed time, I say "Sammie time for bed" and she runs straight for her kennel and lays down and I close the door and I don't hear a peep out of her until the nest morning when I open the door. Then she is all over me for morning hugs and kisses and then the two of them are out the back door! Having Sammie around to keep Hondo happy was a real Blessing! She wasn't more work for me she actually made life better around here, she couldn't have come at a better time! I will get you a picture soon! As for Sammie......she is smiling all the time. She made the transition much better than I ever expected. Her only problem is when my cat, Chili, sits in the kitchen window, that seems to bother her and she barks at him. They can lay next to each other on the floor and no problem, eat from the same dish, no problem, let Chili jump in this one particular window and Sammie just hates this......go figure? Thanks for my wonderful new family member, she is such a sweet heart, we couldn't be happier!"
- Nadine, The Woodlands, TX, October 2011

Bob & "Buddie"

Bob picking up his beautiful puppy "Buddie" - a chocolate & tan female
from Secret & Max - in October 2011.

Puppy Owners of the Month: August 2011
Captain Bruce & Debbie C. & "Butzi" of Florida

Well, in these dog days of summer, all I want to do is find a cool place to nap and drift away in my dreams of fall weather, sweaters & boots (suede, not cowboy!) and pumpkins & football, but Stella's puppy had other plans...she decided to go to the beach! Being a Splendor Farms puppy, she didn't go to just any beach....she went to the gorgeous beach of Destin, Florida to live with Captain Bruce Craul and his wife, Debbie. When on dry land, Debbie takes Butzi with her while showing multi-million dollar beach homes & condos and sometimes Butzi spends her days and nights on a 42' Cruiser Trawler with her beautiful cabinmate, Duchess, sailing the high seas in style! Wait! Is this Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous? Butzi, I say to you "champagne wishes and caviar dreams" (and don't forget your dramamine!!) And to Capt. Craul and Debbie, congrats on being our August Puppy Owners of the Month!

Captain Bruce & Debbie Craul of Destin, FL with Butzi & Duchess.
Butzi is an English Cream female puppy from Stella & Dusty.

Jamie, Kaleigh & "Fletcher"

"Hi! Fletcher is doing wonderful! We put him in the kennel to sleep last night. He didn't wimper or whine and when we woke up this morning the kennel was dry! No pee or poop! We love him. My daughter doesn't want to put him down."
- Jamie M., Houma, LA, August 2011

"Fletcher" is a long haired red dapple male from Mona (a gorgeous long haired
chocolate & cream dapple) & Charlie (a beautiful chocolate & tan long hair)

Lynn M. & "Wilma"

"Hi Mrs. Kelly, I just wanted to update you on Wilma (formerly Crystal)! Wilma Vilma, as I call her, is an amazing puppy! She is so sweet and beautiful! Her personality is quite cute--she's very vocal to strangers on the street when walking but very friendly--and her little paws are so furry that she slides around. Wilma is always hungry and is not a picky eater, unfortunately her only flaw is that we have to hide the litter box when we go visit her dad in Jackson, as she has a soft spot for cat poop. Scarlet adores Wilma and they are constantly playing! They really balance each other out. Scarlet is very protective of me and my things, but has not once bitten her sister. Wilma has really helped Scarlet become more social. Scarlet sleeps in the bed with me under the covers, and Wilma sleeps on a pillow right by my head. Wilma is very good in the car and has already been to almost all of the southern states. I can't imagine not having that little bundle of joy, and I hope that when Will and I get a house to come and get a black and tan, standard male from you. I have attached a picture of Wilma and Scarlet sleeping. They are so precious! Lynn" - Lynn M., August 2011

Nap time for Wilma & Scarlet

Morgan F. & "Vienna"

"Vienna is awesome! I shaved her for the first time this summer, and it really helped alot for her, heat-wise, she definitely inherited her dad's coat. She is spunky, likes to swim and has a thing about kissing on the lips. Some pictures. She hates that stuffed animal, I think cause I've had it forever."
- Morgan F., August, 2011

"Vienna" is the 4-year-old daughter of Poppy & Mikey
and sister of Toby Sings the Blues!

Four years old and gorgeous!

A box of Vienna

Vienna takes a ride

Erin B. & "Roxi"

"Hi Kelly, Roxi (of Cammie and Jackson) is doing great on her first birthday today! Her personality is amazing…she is a cuddler and is spoiled rotten. Our entire family treats her like she is a person almost! Her health is perfect and she is a very happy pup! Wanted to share pictures taken today."
- Erin B., August 2, 2011

Beautiful Red Roxi is the 1-year-old daughter of Cammie & Jackson

Roxi on her 1st birthday, August 2, 2011

Roxi on her 1st birthday, August 2, 2011

"Ms. Roxi is doing great. She has adjusted so well to our family. We fight over who gets to hold her! Sent a few pics I took today. Her coat is absolutely beautiful. The color is a dark auburn, but she has cream accents also in her face and neck. We have all fallen in love with her!"
- Erin B., November, 2010

Ms. Roxi at age 3 months

In Honor of Flag Day - June 14
Puppy Owner of the Month: June 2011
Retired Colonel Thomas R. Cross & "Penny"

Splendor Farms stands and salutes our June Puppy Owner of the Month...retired Colonel Thomas R. Cross, of Atlantic Beach, FL. I know, Penny is not a puppy, but she and the Colonel belong together. He jumped out of planes in World War II and she jumped out of a car in the aftermath of Katrina. She lived by a pond, he lives by the ocean. She is red, his other dachshund was a red. She doesn't like children, he doesn't live with any! He is retired from the army, she is retired from motherhood! It is a perfect match! Stand for the flag, Penny, and salute your commanding officer, you're in the ARMY now!

Retired Colonel Thomas R. Cross & Penny - a perfect match!

With all due respect...the following is a little biography I found about Col. Cross by Pvt. Adam "Bez" Berry on the WWIIReenacting.co.uk forum....

Colonel Thomas R Cross joined the 517th Parachute Infantry Regiment as the Commanding Officer of F.Company, but ended the war as the 2nd Battalion XO. He was present with the unit through its only Combat Parachute drop into Southern France during Op.Dragoon, as well as later operations including the Maritime Alps campaign, the battle of the bulge, the Hurtgen forest, and into Germany. After the war he continued to climb the ladder in the US Army becoming a Battalion commander in the 505th PIR after the war, and later serving in the HQ of XVIIIth Airborne Corps in Vietnam. He retired as Deputy Cheif Of Staff of XVIIIth Airborne Corps in 1968.

Penny - our beautiful sweet retiree - has found a loving home!

"Just wanted you to know that Penny arrived safely and is at her new home with dad. He said that she is so beautiful and sweet and he was in love with her the second he saw her!!!!. She is getting used to the surroundings and he is sitting with her in the gazebo by the lake. Thank you for everything. Dad will send a photo of them together in a couple of days."
- Mary C. (daughter of of Col. Thomas R. Cross), April 2011

Puppy Owner of the Month: May 2011
Debbie & "Rico" & "Roxie"

Our puppy owner of the month for May has to be Debbie N. of Monroe, LA. After purchasing Cammie's daughter, Roxie, she patiently waited for the 10 week age before driving down on a Saturday to pick up her puppy. Looking at the siblings, she noticed the little brother, barely two pounds and asked about him. Learning he was available she tried to get her friend who came with her to buy him, but she declined, and I told her not to worry, his perfect family will come some day (sounds like Cinderella doesn't it...some day my prince will come...) Anyway, on Sunday, Debbie called and said she just couldn't stand it. Could we meet her on Wednesday in McComb, MS and bring him to her? Ummm, okay. So, it was settled, or so I thought.....Monday morning the phone rings and it is Debbie....can you meet me in Bogalusa, at the municipal airport? I am flying in to get him! Whoa! Instead of "someday my prince will come" it is "today my princess has come and she is in a four-seater, not a pumpkin!" So, for her commitment, perserverence, and ingenuity....Debbie is our puppy owner of the month for May! Okay, ready, everyone sing along...."Off we go, into the wild blue yonder...."

Debbie N. of Monroe, LA decided that Roxie, Rico's sister shouldn't be
without her brother, so she took a private plane to the Bogalusa
airport and took Rico into the wild blue yonder! Thanks, Debbie!
I know you will give them both a great home!

Debbie's Update:

"Kelly, I have had dogs my entire life, but these 2 babies immediately stole my heart! Roxie now weighs 5 lbs. She is the first one to get in my lap and such a sweet little girl. Rico weighs 3 1/2 lbs but don't let his smaller size fool you! He is THE watchdog!!! He also tilts his head while "talking" to you!!! I am sooo glad I came back for Rico. He and his sister spend hours playing then curl up together to sleep. I dearly love them both! Thank you for the care and love you give each and every one of your dogs!!! Thanks again, Debbie"
- Debbie N., Monroe, LA, May 2011

Debbie's Update:

"Kelly, Rico and Roxie are absolutely wonderful!!! Full of love and personality! They are still in the puppy stage ie....tearing up any thing found on the floor, especially magazines and shoes!!! But they are getting better! They love their older sister, Mia, and she has adopted them as well! Thanks for being such a caring breeder!" - Debbie N., Monroe, LA, November 2011

Jennifer & Family & "Charlie"

Beautiful Chocolate "Charlie" is a Chocolate & Tan dapple male from Myra & George. He is owned by Jennifer T. and family of Mount Juliet, TN!

Jennifer's Update:

"Hi Kelly, I hope you are having a great Memorial Day. I have attached a picture of Charlie with my 3 kiddos (at least I hope it attached correctly - let me know if I didn't). I wasn't sure if we would get this picture or not because they couldn't decide who would get to hold Charlie! We compromised and my 2 sons are sharing the job of holding him. They all think he is great and Charlie is never lacking for a playmate. They especially thought it was neat to find some of his puppy teeth that had fallen out! Tanner asked what the tooth fairy leaves for puppies. :) Thanks again for everything, Charlie makes a great addition to our family!" - Jennifer T., Mount Juliet, TN, May 2011

Joyce & "Sophie"

Sophie, this beautiful Shaded Cream female from Dancer & Dusty,
is owned by Joyce B. of Vero Beach, FL.

Joyce's Update:

"Dear Kelly, Sophie is a joy and was a hit at the Vet Clinic when I took her in on Friday. Everyone had their cameras out and she was well photographed. She weighed in at 2 pounds and 9 ounces. Again, thank you for my beautiful puppy. Joyce." - Joyce B., Vero Beach, FL, May 2011

Puppy Owners of the Month: April 2011
David, Warren, "Charley" & "Sister"

After visiting the kennel on many referrals from friends and other Splendor Farms puppy owners, and choosing the perfect little, and I do mean little girl (I was afraid she would never grow), Warren & David came religiously every Saturday to visit Charley and brought lots of friends to introduce their little debutante properly. Never losing faith that their little girl would grow up to be belle of the ball, little Charley did grow and became the beautiful girl she is today! And, for never missing a Saturday visit, and always coming after the b&b guests were fed and on their trail ride so as not to inconvenience me, this makes Warren & David Splendor Farms' puppy owners of the month for April.....Charley, you won the lottery (and their hearts!)

"Charley," this chocolate & tan female from Windi & Max,
lives with David & Warren of New Orleans,

"Hi Kelly, Just a brief note to let you know that Charley had an excellent check up at the vet yesterday. She has been such a joy and we are head over heels over this little pup. She has settled in quite nicely in our home and is sleeping thru the night in her crate and responding very well to house training. I know that a lot of that is due to the care given by you in her early life. Thank you so much and I will send some photos soon."- David, Warren & Charley, February 2011

David & Warren with their beautiful chocolate Charley

"Hi Kelly, Just an update on Charley to let you know how well she is doing. After picking her up from Splendor Farms she soon made herself at home finding her way around the house and picking out her favorite spots and toys. She has responded so well to crate training, sleeping thru the night and potty training, she even sits at the door and barks when she needs to go out! we are amazed at how fast she picked up these tasks but know it was started there with you in those first months and for that we THANK YOU! It made the transition to our home much easier.

Her veterinarian visits have all been excellent! She weighed 2.5 pounds on her first visit and was 5 on her last so she is growing but the Dr. said she will be tiny, but don't let her size fool you! On a recent trip to a friend's lake house with lots of other BIG dogs Charley showed them all who was boss, it was funny to watch all these big dogs so intimidated by such a small one. Charley has made quite an impression on the vet staff but seems to do that wherever she goes, as Dr. Banta said she is a pretty little puppy and she knows it. We tend to agree with him!

With the addition of a swimming pool in our back yard and summer just around the corner we are looking forward to spending as much time as possible with Charley outdoors as she loves to chase bugs, play and roll around in the grass.

Kelly we really didn't know what to expect when getting a puppy, we have never had pets so it was a scary decision but Charley has made this such an easy process, she is such a sweet and loving puppy and I really think she is teaching us something.

I know personally that she has brought joy and happiness to me, after losing my mother last year Charley with her unconditional love has filled a void missing in my heart, I call it the healing power of puppies.

Kelly we will send you updates on Charley's growth and we hope to see you soon to discuss a sister or brother for Charley!!!!! Take Care,"

- David, Warren & Charley, March 2011

David & Warren came back to pick up Dancer & Dusty's shaded cream female (left) to be Charley's new younger sister!! And "Sister" is her name!!! Thanks, guys for coming back to Splendor Farms for another pup to add to your family!!!

Charley & Sissy Update & Photos, January 2012

"Hi Kelly, Just wanted to check in and let you know that Sissy has made herself at home and is loving her BIG sister Charley! They have become best friends and sometimes I think joined at the hip, It is so cute to watch them play and snuggle with each other. On Sissy's last visit to the vet she weighed 7.9 lbs. and is doing great. We are having so much fun watching them play, grow and bond. I have included some recent photos of the girls so you can see their growth! I look at the website often and follow you on facebook to keep up with the latest goings on at Splendor Farms and all those cute puppies! Take Care and I will keep you posted on our girls! Thanks,"
-- David, Warren, Charley & Sissy, January 27, 2012

Sissy & Charley have a snuggle

Sissy & Charley have a rest

Chocolate & Cream, the perfect combination

Charley & Sissy, so happy together!

Kim & David & "Sebastian II"

David & Kim S. with "Sebastian II" - a Cream male from Dixie & Bailey.
Dixie is the beautiful twin sister of Biloxi.

"Hi Kelly, We finally got a photo of Sebastian II with us. I really wanted to get a photo of him with his 4 new brothers. He has adapted so well to the city after leaving the farm, probably because he is part of the weiner pack and he gets lots of play time in the yard. He loves being outside and he loves hanging out with Ludwig, Wolfgang, Strauss, and Chopin. We will never replace Sebastian I, but Sebastian II is a wonderful addition to our family. We love his sweet personality and disposition. He's our first long-haired dachshund and we think he's gorgeous. We will definitely check with you in the future when we are ready to add to our family. "
- Kim & David S., April 2011

"We adopted Bailey and Dixie's red male Sauturday and he is such a delight. He joined our weiner gang with only a few growls from the older doxies. Our vet will check him out next Saturday. We will tell all of our friends about your beautiful farm filled with beautiful doxies. Sebastian II has only been here 24 hrs but acts like he knows he's home. Thank you for the gorgeous doxie!"
- Kim & David S., April 2011

Puppy Owners of the Month: March 2011
Beth & Gary of Somers Point, NJ & "Annabelle"

Okay, I know. I was going to keep this little beauty, but the problem is she is too small. I decided the day before Gary, a landscaping designer and maintenance company owner & Beth, a piano teacher of Somers Point, New Jersey drove down to Splendor Farms, yes, drove, to look at our pups and older females, I would sell her. Arriving before I got home, they respected my kennel not to just go in, but waited by the fence watching Biloxi's pups play in the straw. When I arrived, I led them in and pointed her out and said " I have decided to sell her as she is too small for my males and if you are wanting a female she is available." Well, never had I seen someone cry at those words, but Beth did, and then her husband, Gary, told me, that is the one she has been watching and wanting, but didn't know if it was a boy or girl! So, a happy ending for everyone! And, since they drove all the way from "way up east..." that makes them our "Puppy Owners of the Month for March." Driving down here for two days, to get a puppy.... It's just madness, isn't it? March Madness!

Beth & Gary with Annabelle, their adorable new Shaded Cream puppy
from Biloxi & George

"Hi Kelly- I just wanted you to know that Annabelle is doing extremely well! She is a wonderful traveler. She stayed on my lap the whole time in the car-was very comfortable and ate well. Annabelle had success during her potty breaks, and quietly played with toys while we traveled. She even slept all night - and seems VERY happy. Pumpkin sniffs her and wags her tail, is even sharing her toys - pretty well! We're still working on that one! My mother gave this little southern belle a pink fleece hoody to wear while outside doing her business - it's cold up here! SHE IS LOVED! I'll surely keep in touch and send pictures soon - many, many thanks from all of us..."
- Beth & Gary, Somers Point, NJ, February 2011

Annabelle's Pink Hoodie

"Hi Kelly- Just an update, as promised, on our little southern belle. We took her to our vet last Saturday - he was quite impressed with her, and with your care of her. He checked her records and said "there isn't a parasite within 100 miles of this pup". Of course, he did run a fecal on her anyway and it came back negative. Annabelle is a joy! She has a wonderful appetite, plays tag with Pumpkin, runs to the door to greet piano students each day, and is sleeping quite well. Everyone loves her up here in the north, and I am sure she loves us! She's showing signs of becoming the alpha dog - yesterday she was pulling Pumpkin around by her bandana - Pumpkin handled it kindly and just went along with it. Annabelle discovered ribbons hanging from some helium birthday balloons last night, grabbed those ribbons in her mouth and was running all around with the balloons following her. At the moment she's chasing her tail. And rest assured, we're keeping her warm, always putting her hoodie on her or her little lavender turtleneck (a gift from one of my students). She loves sleeping on the rug in front of the fire, too. Btw, we're showing everyone our POTM page - it's adorable - thanks! We LOVED coming to see the farm, we're so happy we did, and we'll keep you updated from time to time." - Beth & Gary, Somers Point, NJ, March 2011

Update from Beth & Gary - June 28, 2011

"Hope all is well on your amazing and beautiful farm. I wish I could snap my fingers and be there!! About Annabelle: She is a sweetheart of a little pup, has endeared herself to all of us northerners, loves the students and cries at the kitchen door if she can't come out to see them (sometimes it's still just a little too distracting to have a very excited puppy at a piano lesson-lol), pulls Pumpkin by the tail to get her to play, has finally learned to go potty- only outside- (her tummy issues made it hard for her-but that has been resolved with grain free food and a very careful diet), is absolutely gorgeous, runs around like a crazy dog then collapses in a heap on the doggie bed, snuggles with Pumpkin, actually hops across the floor toward Pumpkin to get her to play, will run by Pumpkin squeaking a toy to get Pumpkin to chase her (which she does!), is totally full of mischief and personality, and has brought loads of joy to our lives. Our vet's office girls said she is the prettiest dachshund they have seen-she is ridiculously adorable and very loved. She loves our sons bull mastiff - when he visits he has his dog lay down, then we let Annabelle and Pumpkin kiss her and climb all over her while Sunny just lays there and enjoys the attention from these two tiny dogs! She's fearless, trots around like she owns the place and has a mission to carry out! So much fun. Just wanted you to know how things are with our little southern belle-so happy you were the only one to answer our emails last winter when we were searching for a dog-it was meant to be. We'll keep in touch so you know how your little sweetheart is doing! Thanks for doing what you do,"
- Beth & Gary, Somers Point, NJ, June 2011

Joan, Bill & "Liesel"

Joan & Bill of Harahan, LA with "Liesel" - their new
black & tan female puppy from PittyPat & Victor

"THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for sending the picture of the most adorable puppy...she looks great...and 5 weeks already...love those big eyes...and I like where the tan color is appearing. When I have some quiet moments, I think of this beautiful puppy. Appreciate your update."
- Joan W., Harahan, LA, February 2011

Playtime for Little Liesel!

Little Liesel looking adorable with her new toys!

Update from Joan, Bill & Liesel - November 22, 2011

"Hi Kelly, Thought I would send you a little Thanksgiving greetings from Willie, Liesel and I. She is just adorable.... and smart.... we just about have the house training complete. Only put her in her kennel at night. Liesel did some traveling this past summer.... hopefully my attached pictures will give you some insight.... we took her on our friend's party barge.... took her on the plane to New Jersey.... spent 2 months up there at the house we have in Vernon, NJ.... she has brought so much pleasure to both of us.... Enjoy the pictures and have a Happy Thanksgiving."
- Joan & Willie, November 22, 2011

Liesel looks lovely as ever

Bill takes Liesel for a boat ride!!

Bill & Liesel enjoying the boat ride

Joan & Liesel

Liesel's beautiful tan markings

Puppy Owners of the Month: February 2011
Keith & Gina of Houston, Texas,
owners of "Ursula" & "Wolfgang"

For waiting until the pups were five weeks and then driving from Houston to visit Splendor Farms and picking out their puppy personally instead of through pictures & videos, for recognizing the hard work we do here for our dogs and in placing older adults in forever homes, for their coming back to pick up their pups and waiting that extra last week (the 9-10 week period, most breeders send them away at 8 weeks) we are proud to name Ursula & Wolfgang's parents, Keith & Gina, as our puppy owners of the month for February! Houston, we have NO problems! Go Flight!

"Trip home seemed to take forever but was in hindsight uneventful. The puppies and realistically the parents, were glad when the motion finally ended. They had a very good night, slept well and in their training crate and have been pretty much accident free. They are playing wildly together and exhaust one another, so they nap well together. All in all they have adjusted remarkably well. Thanks again for being such a caring breeder and such a pleasant person to have dealt with over the past few months. We'll stay in regular contact and send pictures of them as they grow. By the way, there is no doubt who's the boss; Ursula wins out hands down, poor little Wolfgang. All the best" - Keith & Gina, Houston, TX, January 2011

"Ursula" & "Wolfgang" - two beautiful shaded cream siblings
from Stella & Beau - live with Keith & Gina of Houston, TX.

"Just got back from the vet's office. Wolfgang and Ursula got gold stars for their health, structure and general condition. Once again we want to send you our sincere thanks for your careful, professional breeding practices and the overall clean and healthy environment at Splendor. We'll send more pictures as the puppies progress. They are adorable and doing really, really well! Thanks," - Keith & Gina, Houston, TX, January 2011

Keith & Gina drove in from Houston to pick their pups from Stella, staying in the B&B overnight, playing with puppies over breakfast, making a very nice donation to the
Splendor Farms dachshund rescue fund, and choosing a shaded cream male to be the forever friend of the female they already chose! Thanks so much for the donation,
it will go to supplying the lab with more vaccines & heartworm prevention medication!

Wolfgang & Ursula Update: May 2011

Wolfgang & Ursula looking as gorgeous as ever!

Wolfgang at 6 months

Ursula at 6 months

"Well it's hard to believe but Wolfgang and Ursula are 6 months old tomorrow (5/5/11). They have certainly grown since we picked them up at 10 weeks old; as you would expect. They are truly beautiful, just as you said they were when we picked them up. They remain in excellent health and, although Wolfgang is now 10.5 pounds and Ursula remains more petite at 9.2, she still rules the roost and is the adventurous one. We nicknamed her Dora the Explorer as she has a pretty fearless temperament. They have been totally house trained for close to a couple of months now and are quick learners at most things they set their minds to. We'll see how they like the swimming pool once the water temperature goes up a few more degrees. Not that we want to encourage it but we need to be sure they know how to get out if they 'venture' in! Anyway, we both hope all is well with you, Beau, Stella and the entire Weiner dog family at Splendor Farms. All the very best to you all."
- Keith & Gina, Houston, TX, May 2011

Wolfgang & Ursula Pupdate - April, 2012:

Wolfgang & Ursula at one year old

"It's been a while since I sent you any pictures of Wolfgang (left) and Ursula (right). As you can see they have grown into beautiful puppies and are still very much the love of our lives. It's always difficult to get a great picture of the two of them at the same time so I'll send you a couple of others of them individually by separate email attachments. I hope everything is good with you and your family. And I hope the breeding and rescue activities are doing well also. If you're ever here in Houston visiting family call us and we'd love for you to see the pups in person. All the very best."
- Keith & Gina, Houston, TX, April, 2012

Poolside Wolfgang!

Ursula stops to smell the flowers!

Wolfgang & Ursula Pupdate - November, 2012:

Ursula & Wolfgang at age 2 years, November 2012

"I thought you would like to see how the precious puppies were doing on their second birthday, 11/5/12. As you can see they continue to grow more beautiful as they mature and both are very healthy and happy. They have retained their playful but well mannered dispositions. Urse' remains the boss although Wolfie tries to exert himself from time to time. I'll send a couple of additional close-up photos of them individually as it's hard to get them close together in one frame. Hope all is well with you and the family and that Splendor Farms continues to thrive. All the best for a Happy Thanksgiving and a joyful Holiday Season." -- Keith & Gina, Houston TX, November 13, 2012

Two year old Ursula looking intent!

Two year old Wolfie looking relaxed and coy!

(New owners of Skyler & Cowboy)

While I appreciate all the good wishes and compliments and thanks from all of you who have purchased or adopted a puppy/dog from Splendor Farms, to get a compliment from a fellow breeder and show competitor...well, it just don't get better than that!

"Kelly, Thank you very much for two wonderful, beautiful, dachshunds- Skyler & Cowboy. They have joined Dachshund Mania's dachshund family & are living with us here in North Battleford, Sk.

They have settled in well. We have taken them to the vet just for a general checkup after they arrived after their very long 2 day trip & got a perfect bill of health. I have to say that this is the first pair of dogs I have purchased from a breeder that came with a good health report. That's sad, isn't it? Anyway, I wanted you to know that I appreciated that!

We look forward to breeding Cowboy to Blossom Divine in April - she is a blue/tan with chocolate, isabella & piebald in her background. I think they will produce some awesome puppies.

I will continue to watch for new litters on your website & look forward to keeping in touch with you to continue to do business with you.
Thank you for a great service,"

Fran Werezak @ Dachshund Mania

Puppy Owner of the Month: January 2011
Christopher N. of NYC/Paris & "Candy"

Meet "Candy Darling" - Our Most Fashionable Dachshund!!

"she is the best dog one could wish for"
- CN, December 2010

Well, I have heard of take your child to work day, but your puppy? Christopher N., fashion editor at large for ELLE magazine in Paris, was recently at a Vogue photo shoot with Zac Posen and four of his muses, when VOILE! Candy Darling is swooped up by model, Crystal Renn and photographed! And, since I have never had any of my pups end up in a fashion magazine (yes, us country cowgirls subscribe to Vogue & W!), much less held by a star model wearing stunning make up and the collections of a brilliant designer, I am making Christopher Niquet and Candy Darling the Puppy Owner of the month for January 2011! Yes, I am a little star struck, wouldn't you? Happy New Year, Candy Darling, and to you, CN!

In July '12, Kelly was in NYC, where she had lunch with fashion/style extraordinaires
Zac Posen (right) and Christopher Niquet (left), and their English Cream dachshund,
"Candy Darling" (see her head peeking out?) Splendor Farms is proud to announce
that we recently named one of our dachshunds after Zac Posen!!


The beautiful dachshund was mentioned and pictured in an NY Times article
about her owner, world famous fashion designer extraordinaire Zac Posen!!

NEWS FLASH: ENGLISH CREAM "CANDY DARLING" CONTINUES TO MAKE WAVES IN THE FASHION WORLD!!!! Candy (pictured above) will be featured in an upcoming issue of Industrie Magazine with her two flat mates, Tina & Betty!!

"Kelly, I hope that you are well. I was looking at the website the other day and saw all the new cute babies you have. Congratulations! Here are some new photos of Candy. Industrie Magazine is starting a portfolio of fashion peoples' dogs and the first
post was ours. How cute is Candy?"
- CN, August 2011

More Candy Updates:

"Candy" - an English Cream female from Princess & Griffin - is owned by
Christopher Niquet, who is the editor at large for ELLE Magazine in Paris!

"Kelly, Here is a photo of Candy on the steps of her new house. She is so quiet and gentle. She slept the whole night, didn't whine and didn't wet her crate. So far she
is having trouble with the concrete street and understanding where she pees but
we will get there slowly. All 3 dogs get along. A very fun weekend!
I will keep you posted. Thank you again, Cn"
-- CN, July 2010

"Kelly I hope that you are well. I wanted to send you some update about Candy.
She is growing and doing really well. She is the sweetest dog. She is with my
other dachshund Betty Blue on the photo. Cn"
-- CN, September 2010

"A recent picture of Candy. She is now full grown and looks amazing,
still the prettiest dog on the block. I hope that you are well, cn"

-- CN, April 2011

Jeanette & Family & "Rosie"

Jeanette & Family with their new puppy, little red Rosie!

Dawn & Morgan

Dawn & Morgan of Paulina, LA are the proud owners of
this beautiful black & tan female from Scarlet & Bon Jovi

Marisa, Blaine & "Beau"

A black & tan male from Ava & Victor,
Beau lives in New Orleans with Marisa & Blaine

Mike, Amy, Randy & "Bailey"

"Bailey," an English Cream male puppy from Stella & Beau,
lives with Mike, Amy, & Randy W. of Mandevillle, LA

"Kelly, we have another 'best doggie in the world'. Bailey is doing great!!!

He has been doing great with his potty training. By Saturday, he was already going to the door. He had a few accidents, but he is so much more advanced than Cocoa was. Great job!!!!!!!!!

We went to the vet on Saturday and everyone went crazy over him. Everything checked out fine. The vet said all he wants to do is play today and be held. I guess, I've already spoiled him.

Cocoa has been very good to him. The first night, he didn't like us too much and everytime we tried to hold him, you could feel how tight his body was. But, this morning, he was running around the house letting Bailey go after him. This whole weekend, both of them only wanted to play with each other on their own terms. This morning Bailey woke up with some pep in his step and, they decided to play together. Yes!!!! We took him on his first trip to Pet Smart yesterday and he was a big hit. Mike had to hold him of course so Bailey could be a woman magnet!!! One woman actually said he looked like a rat!!!

I couldn't have asked for a better puppy. He is so lovable and sweet already. When you talk to him, he makes some funny barking sounds. I can already tell he's going to be mischievous. It's amazing how he has already started mocking Cocoa when he plays. Cocoa will do this funny thing with his head and paw when he plays. Well, Bailey, has picked up on that and starting doing that to Cocoa. They are going to be great companions. Thanks again for giving us such a great puppy. We already love him and don't know what we'd do without him."
- Mike, Amy, and Randy W., Mandeville LA, January 2011

Sweet little Bailey has white toes!

Bailey playing with his new pal Cocoa

Bailey & blanket

Lauren, Zachary, Harley & "Roux-B" (Ruby)

Roux-B (Ruby), a gorgeous black & tan female from Dana & Dusty,
lives with Harley (pictured), Zachary & Lauren of Grosse Tete, LA

"Look how big I'm getting! I do great in my kennel at night when my family is asleep! I get oodles of exercise playing with my brother-from-another-mother Rex - he is my best pal (even though he likes to hide my toys). But I get him back when it's vitamin time! I love those vitamins so I try my best to get his from him!!!

My kids love me so much. Zachary and Harley love snuggling with me before kennel-time. I even have my very own blankie! Thank you so much for sending me home with such a wonderful family. I love being their newest addition! "
- Roux-B (Ruby) & Family, January 2011

"I love my blankie!"

Lisa & "Miracle"

Miracle is a beautiful & sweet long haired blue female from Indiana

"I just wanted to let you know that Miracle is doing just great in our household...lots of tail wagging and snuggles! She has such a sweet temperment and loves playing with the kids. She is even doing really good with potty training! Thanks again!" - Lisa B., January 2011

More Sweet Miracle Photos:

Lensie & "Molly"

"Kelly, I just want to tell you that we are really enjoying Molly. She has made herself at home and is doing very well. For some reason, her favorite place to lay is on my pillow... GROSS! Anyways... my husband and I are enjoying watching Molly chase Katelynn throughout the house.

Also... Thank you for starting her in the kennel. It has been a lifesaver! We went to visit family in North Louisiana. There were about 30 people there so instead of having to watch her the entire time; we put her into her kennel. She did not make a sound! Everyone was amazed at how well she did in such a short amount of time. I gave you the credit! Thanks again!"
Lensie S., 5th Grade Math Teacher, Anacoco Elementary

Odette & "Otto" & "Willi"

"Update on the dachshunds born 12/25/2006: Otto and Willi are very well trained. They go often to Doggie Day Camp. Otto is enrolled in Competitor's agility class. Otto is the black dog and Willi is the red dog. Both have incredible loveable dispositions! Photos to follow." - Odette F., January 2011

Otto & Willi playing

Otto & Willi sleeping

Otto at agility training

Puppy Owner of the Month: December 2010
Jullian N. of Massachusetts & "Klee"

Regular updates, training her puppy, and being well-informed make Jullian (age 12) our December Owner of the Month.  Jullian has not only taught her puppy, Klee manners,
agility, and yes, some tricks, she has also realized the importance of Klee's socialization skills and kept me, his mom, informed of his growth, progress, and his antics since he left Splendor Farms last summer....Hugs & and a kiss to both of you!

"Klee" - a piebald male from Polly & Pancho -
sleeping on Jullian's bed in Massachusetts!

Jullian's updates:

"Klee arrived safely last night, and his flight was early as well. He made it through the night without having any accidents, and was quiet for the most part. There was a bit of whining when he first went into the crate, but he fell asleep right away. He already is one of the family. We love him to pieces, and his antics are unlike any other dog I have met! Klee has a squeaky toy in the shape of a cake that he just ADORES. He'll hold it in his mouth, hop into the crate, turn around and then hop back out. It is just the cutest thing! And of course, he's made a new friend- his reflection. When he stared into the mirror in my room, he started to paw at the "other dog" and tried to play with it. He's a bit of a handful, but that is what makes owning him so exciting! It is hilarious to watch him walk around poking his nose into anything and everything that is at his level. He has had a good appetite so far; he eats everything served to him. We aren't giving him too much, but those cute eyes always beg for seconds! Sorry for not getting back to you last night... the two of us were just getting used to each other. I have included a picture of him to show you how he is doing. I would have sent more, but he just will not stay still so all of the others came out blurry! Thanks again for such a wonderful puppy!" -Jullian N., August 2010

"Hello Kelly! Klee has finally calmed down a bit. We worked on basic agility training yesterday and had a blast. He enjoyed going through the tunnel, as well as jumping through a low hula hoop! I am not pushing him too hard because of his body shape and age, but his desire to please is out of this world. We took him to my friend's house for socialization, since they have six children of different ages ranging from middle schoolers to babies. Klee was a bit timid at first and stayed by my side, but cuddled up next to the baby at the end for a nap! He really learned a lot about how kids in different age groups act, and prefers older kids because they are more careful with him. None of them were rough with him (I told them how to act around a dog, how to hold him.... etc.) but they really tired him out! Daisy and Klee have become best buddies now. He enjoys seeking out Daisy for guidance and the two enjoy chasing each other around the yard. It is like Klee knows Daisy is his "pack leader" of sorts and respects the fact that he is ranked below her and must listen to her. Daisy tries her best to be a good influence, and it is so adorable when the two mimic each other. Daisy had sat on command and stayed, and Klee did the same thing! Both were rewarded with lots of praise, attention and a game of fetch. Well, I have to go take Klee out and feed him now. He just woke up next to me in bed, and we have been on a roll with preventing accidents! I will keep you updated on his progress. Thanks again for the perfect puppy!" -Jullian N., August 2010

"Still working on his obedience training, and it is going smoother than I expected. Since Klee is a hound, he is naturally going to be stubborn... but his love for attention and treats overpowers that stubborn streak! I really don't see why my friends cannot train their Dachshunds... maybe desire to please is inherited? If so, then it would be because of your excellent breeding. But yes, he has learned yet another trick- Circle! Now he can spin around in a circle if I have a reward for him and give him the proper signal." -Jullian N., September 2010

Klee takes a drink and a dip, October 2010

Klee in October 2010

"Hi Kelly! Just a bit of an update on Klee.... He's been doing great! We've been thinking about it for a bit, and have decided that it might be a good idea for him to go into therapy dog training. Everywhere we go, Klee always gets compliments on how calm and well tempered he is. He is such a handsome little boy, and just adores people. I think it would be a good opportunity for him when he is old enough. I've also been working with him on obedience training, and he's doing excellent. The other day, we discovered he has a taste for music as well... maybe we'll do Canine Freestyle (dog dancing) as well? The possibilities seem to be endless! With looks to die for, an even temper and intelligence, what else could you ask for?" -Jullian N., October 2010

Klee at age 6 months

Beautiful Klee

Sweet Sleepy Klee

"Hi, Kelly! Just a quick update on Klee: We dropped him off at the vet to get neutered yesterday, and he will be returning home later today after taking some time to rest after the surgery. All went well, without any complications whatsoever. He turned six months old a few days ago, and he's doing great. His coat is growing longer (might not be noticeable in images, but it's definitely longer!), he's steadily putting on weight and he's becoming huge! Klee definitely isn't the same dog personality-wise that I picked up at the airport over three months ago. He's matured into a well-mannered gentleman, on the inside and outside! I am continuing obedience training with him, and it is successful. Although stubborn by nature, if food is present, he'll do anything. We've been doing some more intense agility practice; again, not too intense as he's still a pup and his body shape won't allow it, but I do try to keep him challenged! He gets along well with other dogs, and has a bunch of 'doggy playdates' to make sure he has fun on a regular basis and gets properly socialized. Klee greatly enjoys this, it's definitely helped boost his confidence! I've included a few images so you can see how handsome this little guy has grown. Hopefully you enjoy seeing them as much as I did taking them. :)" -Jullian N., December 2010

Klee's 1st Birthday Photos, June 2011

"Heya Kelly! Long time no talk. School has gotten the best of me and I apologize for the lack of updates over the past month or so. But good news is summer is just around the corner and that just means more free time to send email updates and spend more quality time with little Klee! Anyway, we celebrated his birthday roughly a week ago with our other dog, Daisy, and we had loads of fun! We made them both little birthday cakes which I've sent pictures of. The sizes are different, and although fairness does have to come into play, you definitely have to account for size. I'll be going to Japan again this year to visit family, and the plane ride will be on the seventh of July! My family and I are still unsure if we can travel with him, but if so, he'll be flying with us in first class. He'll have plenty of friends to play with, human and canine alike, and I think that he'll just have a total blast! Klee's a happy-go-lucky kind of guy, so I'm sure he'll manage. As for Klee's health and overall well being, he's doing great. Healthy as always, a happy little rapscallion and extremely adorable. I just can't thank you enough for blessing me with this wonderful canine companion."
-Jullian N., June 2011

Renie, Guy & "Kirby"

Kirby, a beautiful black & tan male from PittyPat & Kokomo,
lives with Renie & Guy V. of Pensacola, FL

"Kirby is so gentle and a sweetie. He loves to get as close as possible and snuggle.
He is as lovable as a Teddy bear. Great little fella!
- Renie & Guy V., Pensacola, FL, November 2010

Cristina, Peter & "Klaus"

Klaus, a beautiful black & tan male from Essie & Victor,
lives with Peter & Cristina K. of Metairie, LA


"Hey Kelly, long time no talk! Here is an update (and a pic) on Klaus. He is doing fabulous. He's great! And, super smart. He can sit, stay, lie down, fetch (specific toys upon command) be quiet (on command) wait patiently for food (used to jump all over you trying to get the food), jump, beg for a treat and plays by himself upon command. Also, he knows when its food time for the grownups and plays quietly or sleeps while we eat. He learned all this by the time he was 10 weeks old :) Hair is super silky and shiny and healthy. Hates baths but stays as still as possible during. Loves going outside to play and take walks and simply adores playing with my mom's dog (dachshund standard mix breed.) All in all, he is the perfect dog. He really is our baby. and he finally fits into puppy clothes! now he is 17 weeks old (give or take) and weighs about 6.5 lbs. Doc says he is in perfect health but will be small. Adult teeth almost all grown in, his fur is smooth/slightly wavy. HUGE ears! Sleeps through the night in his bed beside us, and he wakes up on his own to go to his potty spot inside the house and comes back to go back to sleep. We def named him right: Klaus- meaning, 'Victor of the people' He is amazing :) He is a survivor. Happy holidays! p.s HE LOOKS JUST LIKE HIS DADDY VICTOR! but not as shy :)"
- Cristina, Peter, and Klaus K., Metairie, LA, November 2010

Melissa, Monty & "Olivia"

Olivia, daughter of Mikey & Delta, brought her family from Arlington, Tx (how about those Rangers!) to see her birthplace over the Thanksgiving holidays. What a beautiful family!

Olivia's sweet face


"Hi Kelly, Olivia here! Melissa and Monty adopted me on July 6, but now I call them 'MommaDaddy'- at least that's what they hear when I bark at them. MommaDaddy promised me they were really boring, but took me on a fun whirlwind summer vacation: We went to Natchitoches, Arlington, The Woodlands, The Camp in Westlake AND Galveston! They called me 'Gypsy Rose Liv' because I entertained everyone everywhere we went. I finally told them, 'I don't wanna be a gypsy no mo,' so they took me home to Arlington to play with my grumpy old 'bother' Sebastian. I love him, but he IS 14 years old.

I liked The Camp the most because I could run around on an acre of land, ride on the boat with the wind in my ears, and chase all sorts of fun critters and bugs. I was fearless, with the exception of one thing: flying dragons. One that was almost as big as me buzzed my head and scared me so much that I learned how to climb stairs to get away from it. I also found what they called a four inch 'grasshopper,' but as I caught it in mid-jump, I pronounced it delicious!

When I was little, one of my favorite places to snuggle was between MommaDaddy's heads at night. I still try to stretch out between them, but my head and rear end cover their heads. I am quite social, although I am reserved when I first meet new people and dogs. I quickly warm up and give lots of kisses. I love playing with dogs that are ten times my size letting them know who I am the boss.

MommaDaddy have no sense of style, so I am constantly reorganizing the house. They always put my blankets and toys in the wrong place, so I oblige them and move everything; I guess that's why they call me their 'interior re-decorator.' By the way, if it's one the ground, it's mine. I love eating clothes, pillows, blankets, newspapers, magazines, socks, and, especially, shoes! After I ate their sixth pair of shoes, they chastised me with, 'No, No, Olivia,' but I wasn't sure what that meant. Then they shrugged saying, 'I am a puppy!'

Because I am big now, I finally fit in the red rhinestone rock star 'Livy' collar MommaDaddy bought when they were waiting for me. They say I have a big personality, just like my namesake Olivia from Momma's favorite children's book. When I do something they think is right, they always pick me up, give me a treat and say, 'We love you.' When I do something THEY think is wrong, they always pick me up, kiss me and said, 'We love you anyway.' And ANYTIME they pick me up, I tell them, 'I love you anyway, too.'"
- Melissa & Monty, December 2010

Puppy Owner of the Month: November 2010
Jill B. of Baton Rouge, LA & "Lola"

Jill & her beautiful cream female "Lola" live together in Baton Rouge, LA!

"Kelly, she is incredible, so very sweet and loving, I am glad I got to have her.
She and Molly bonded immediately, Molly was sleeping with her arm around Lola
on the second day! They are inseparable already! I love her so much, it's like
she found me.....talk to you soon, thanks for checking on us.
- Jill B., Baton Rouge, LA, October 2010

Angela, "Ollie" & "Pony Boy"

These 2 beautiful & sweet baby boys - "Pony Boy" and "Ollie" - belong to Angela A.
of Pensacola, FL (who was Puppy Co-Owner of the month in September!!)

"Hi Kelly! Ollie and Pony Boy are doing wonderfully! They're just two peas in a pod...running, playing, eating, sleeping and attacking the lizards in the yard together. Pony Boy is a doll! He fit right in with my "old people" and just made himself at home. He's SUCH a lap dog and a mama's boy. I have not gone anywhere without him in the last 2 weeks now. He stays right under me and is just adorable. Ollie is still as independent as ever, he's the first one up every morning and the last one to lay down zooming around most of the day like a little tornado, all energy and love. I have to admit getting covered in puppy kisses from them both every morning is just the thing I need to get me going. I told you I've been undergoing breast cancer treatment for the last few months and both of them seem to know when I don't feel well and they just curl up on each side of me and sleep when I get home from radiation therapy. They both are precious and I can't imagine life without them. I did want to let you know that Pony Boy is just amazing with my 2 autistic step son's. One son isn't very verbal and Pony Boy just sits with him and loves on him which makes James smile and his smiles aren't often. My Vet works for the OFFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) that certifies all breed for joint health, genetic health and conformation certification. Both of them passed the patellas, elbows, hips were all clear, as were eyes, and the screening for any genetic issues. She thinks Pony Boy could take a conformation class in a heartbeat! They're both amazing pups and I can't thank you enough! Here's a picture of them napping and I'll send some of them playing when I can get them to hold still.. it may be a while ! Thanks for all you do, they are truly a blessing in our lives and to my children!!" -Angela A., October 2010

Puppy Co-Owners of the Month: October 2010
Jim & Mina (owners of "Butters"), Lisa (owner of "Abbey"),
and Lee Ann (owner of "Liesl") of Mississippi!!

"Butters" (right) celebrated his 2nd birthday on 10.10.10 with sisters "Liesl" (left) and "Abbey" (middle)!! Yes, we know they're not puppies anymore, but to us at Splendor
Farms, they will always be our puppies! Happy Birthday, Butters!!!!!!!!
(see below for additional photos of these 3 English Cream siblings)

Puppy Co-Owner of the Month: October 2010
Lisa & "Abbey" of Madison, MS

Biloxi's girl has gone to her new home with the Abernethy family in Madison, MS.
Lisa came to pick her up and yes, it was sad to see her go as I really wanted to keep
this baby.  Oh, well, maybe next litter, but that will be after we skip Biloxi's next cycle.


"She is such a love. Whimpered a little in the car as she wanted me to hold her and kept trying to climb up closer to my neck, but she settled in and did great. Took a nap and then just sat in my lap. Was funny with all the new sounds of big trucks whizzing by, ringing phone, radio, new voices, etc.! Those big brown eyes just kept looking up to make sure all was okay! Everyone thinks she is just beautiful and she is hopping all over the house! Looks like a little bunny! Not too interested in eating, (did drink water) but suspect that is just so much to explore and all the activity. She has tended to all her business when we go out, so everything is good so far. I'll keep you posted on her and let you know when we settle on a name! Your sweet baby girl is in good hands and we are having such fun getting to know her! She even sat still for me to take a quick picture! (It took many attempts as she wanted to run to the camera!) Thanks for letting us add her to our family!" - Lisa A., December '09

"What a love this little girl is! We went to the vet yesterday and they all thought she was precious and she kissed and loved on everyone! He commented that he could tell she had been well socialized and tended to, had a good bite and teeth and looked to be in good health. She is so tiny, she weighed 3.25 lbs and he said he does not expect her to get as big as Biloxi, but said it is always hard to tell. (He wanted to know all about mom and dad as he just thought she was so pretty!) We go back on December 23 for her next shots and first bordetella shot. Thanks again and I am looking at a very tired little girl that is sound asleep next to the fire after lots of play this morning!" - Lisa A., December '09

"Think we have finally decided on a name. This sweet thing is too little for a 'big' name and needs something that describes her! Abbey. Meaning is: Gives joy. Father rejoiced, or father's joy. The intelligent, beautiful Abigail was Old Testament King David's third wife, described as good in discretion and beautiful in form. Think it fits her perfectly! We are having such fun and she is such a sweetheart! Will send pictures of her hiding from the snow soon!"
- Lisa A., December '09

Sweet Abbey is a sleepy baby!

"One tired little girl--did not even make it 10 more steps to her bed! Played so hard and then just ran out of energy. She is such a sweetheart and so much fun. Everyone thinks she looks like a stuffed animal she is so darling! (She would be a good model, she's so pretty!). Hope all is well with the new babies as I think you mentioned there are more to come! Happy holidays and thank you for sweet Abbey!!" - Lisa A., December '09

"Just gave Abbey a big hug and kiss from you! She is just so sweet, and definitely has a personality that makes everyone love her! You were so right that we would just adore her! She has finally 'found' her voice and will bark a little when she wants something! Her favorite thing is sitting right next to you or fetching her toys. Yes, she loves for you to throw her toys and she retreives them and wants to go again. It is so funny and not something I have seen a dachshund do before! Thanks again!" - Lisa A., January '10

Sweet beautiful Abbey at 8 months old.
Abbey is daughter of Biloxi & sister of Butters.

"Abbey waiting for me to take her on a walk! She is such a sweetheart,
not to mention beautiful!"
- Lisa A., August 2010

Abbey photos, September 2010:

"Cannot believe sweet Abbey will be a year old in just a few days! She is such a beautiful little girl and we have so enjoyed having her as part of our family! She makes us laugh all the time with her antics and funny personality! Still loves a good game of fetch or tug and never meets a stranger - human or canine! Hope to get her down to see you very soon!" - Lisa A., September 2010

Beautiful dachshund, beautiful home!


Abbey photos, July 2012:

"We are spending as much time as possible in NC this summer trying to escape the heat of the Deep South and Abbey loves it! Caught her smelling the flowers on the patio! She is such a funny girl! She never meets a stranger and loves everyone and has the sweetest nature! Of course they all think she is beautiful and have never seen a dachshund like her!" - Lisa A., July 19, 2012

Puppy Co-Owner of the Month: October 2010
Lee Ann & "Liesl" of Jackson, MS

"Liesl" - a Shaded English Cream female from Biloxi & Dusty -
lives with Lee Ann T. of Jackson, MS

"We are really enjoying Liesl, and she is really adapting to being part of the family.
She is a very, very sweet dog, and has picked up house training very quickly.
We crack up seeing her around other big dogs in our neighborhood (a couple of
goldens and an older lab). She seems to have no sense that they are so much
bigger than her, and all she wants to do is play with them! :)"

-Lee Ann T., August 2010

Liesl Pupdate - November 2011

"After seeing your post about Butters and his new bride Marjorine, I thought I better send you an update on Liesl - and at least some more current pics. She is a great dog and still doing very well. She loves playing with the two boys and still thinks she is just as big and tough as all the big dogs in the neighborhood. We are so excited to have Marjorine in Jackson. My youngest son, Willis, loves to 'read' Butters' tweets and especially to see his pictures. He often talks about our trip down to Louisiana to see
Ms. Kelly's farm and how we decided to adopt Liesl. Thanks for trusting us with such
a sweet dog!"
-Lee Ann T., November 2011

Photos of Liesl & the boys:

Lovely Little Liesl!

Liesl Pupdate - January, 2013

"She is the best!" -- Lee Ann T., January 31, 2013

Liesl and the boys! Biloxi & Dusty's baby girl is all grown up!

Liesl all grown up and helping with the dishes!

Puppy Co-Owner of the Month: September 2010
Beth H. of San Antonio, TX.
(Owner of "Blossom" & "Sawyer" & "Baylee" & "Bentley")

Beth drove all night to get her little ones from Dana & Pancho
home to San Antonio! Remember the Alamo!!!!!!

Sawyer & Blossom in April 2010

Beth's Updates:

"Hi Kelly! I wanted to send you this picture and give you a quick update. I have to tell you that when I first started reading your web site your comments about breeding for temperament was what attracted me to your pups. After having these two darlings for just 3 days, I can attest that their demeanors and temperaments are like no other dogs I have ever been around. They are sweet, easy going and have adapted so well to their new home (yes, having the two together has helped but they are still very comfortable here). They have two separate personalities, just like human children. I've named the male Sawyer. He is very quiet and comfortable in a lap, but when you put him down he likes to explore around and is quick to go looking for adventure, just like Tom Sawyer. Blossom is quite a player and had Sawyer by the ear dragging him around until he snapped at her! I'll keep you updated on their progress, and I'm still thinking about an English Cream someday! Best wishes to you!" - Beth H., April '10

Sawyer & Blossom in June 2010

"Hi Kelly! I wanted to send you a picture of Sawyer & Blossom. They are just doing great. Blossom is a social butterfly, loves everyone. Sawyer is my "dignified doxie" and has almost human intelligence. It has been fun to watch them grow and see their spots pop up and the color patterns on their faces change! Every where I go with them people just oooo and ahhh! Thanks!" - Beth H., June '10

"... by the way I have to tell you that Pancho really does make wonderful dogs. Mine are beautiful and his litters on your web site are too."
- Beth H., July '10

Sawyer & Blossom have a new friend!! "Baylee," an English Cream female
from Princess & Griffin!! Owner Beth H. of San Antonio, TX,
now has 3 beautiful baby pookies from Splendor Farms!

"Hi Kelly! I made it home about 11:30 p.m. Saturday with my little girl. I've named her Baylee, and she is doing very well. When I got home I let her explore around a little in the house (even though she didn't potty outside) before I put her to bed. She went straight to the baby gate blocking the kitchen and met Blossom and Sawyer. Imagine my surprise when a few minutes later I was in the kitchen and heard a noise. I turned around and she was trying to climb over the gate! I don't know if she wanted to get to me or to the puppies. I picked her up and sat in the floor for a few minutes and we had a meet and greet. She growled a little but I held her close and reassured her. Sunday morning I took her out on the deck while I had my coffee and had her in my lap. After a few minutes she wanted down with Blossom and Sawyer so we did a careful introduction. Long story is that by last night she curled up with them and slept through the night with her new playmates! She is still skiddish and wants to be held, but that is ok with me! I took her to the vet this afternoon and everyone loved her! They had never seen an English Cream! Thank you again for these wonderful dogs. I just love them and it was worth the drives to Louisiana. I would do it again in a second! If I can ever get a picture of all three (may have to Photoshop one!) I will send to you. Take care and thanks so much!"
- Beth H., August 2010

Beth's 4 beautiful Pookies from Splendor Farms:
Blossom, Bentley, Sawyer & Baylee!

"Hi Kelly! I finally got a half-way decent picture of all 4 pups so here it is along with a picture of my two creams. I'm glad you are reading and sharing my blog! I love working on it. The dogs' blog is http://talesofwaggingtails.blogspot.com/ and I put a link to Splendor Farms in the latest post. It is going to be fun to post about the pups.

Bentley is the sweetest, most well behaved little dog I've ever been around. I felt so bad for him because I know he was very bewildered and scared when I picked him up from you. I don't think he would have been happy as an only dog because when I picked up Blossom, Sawyer, and Baylee from the vet's on Monday he was so excited to see them. His little tail was just wagging and I know he was thinking, "other dogs, other dogs, just like me". He has settled into our routine very well. He quickly learned how to go up and down the sofa stairs by watching Baylee (Blossom and Sawyer just can't catch on to the stairs). I realized today as I was looking back at his pictures that he has really grown in the last two weeks. And to only be 10 weeks old he is making very good progress with housebreaking. He is just a perfect little love. Thanks so much!"
- Beth H., January 2011

Beth's two Creams Baylee & Bentley

Beth's "Pupdate" from San Antonio - August 2011

"Hi Kelly! I wanted to give you an update on my babies from Splendor Farms and send pictures. It has been too hot to get outside and do a photo shoot this summer, but I've attached two from the spring. Blossom is my only true mini, all the others are tweenies! She weighs 8 pounds and the big guys are all over 13 pounds! Bentley showed one day in the San Antonio show in July and did great for a rookie (so did his rookie handler, me!) He was the only dog so he won his class and winner's dog. But we went back in for best of breed and he was up against 2 finished dogs, so we came home with only ribbons! He is a handsome fella, and if I can ever get the puppy fuzz off of his coat I think he will show well. On the last day of the show I took him and Baylee down to watch the dachshunds...if you want to create a sensation at a dog show just walk in with two creams on a double lead! They were the center of attention and whenever asked where they came from I replied 'Splendor Farms!' I'm still blogging, slacked off a little this summer, but will get started again. There's always an adventure to write about with 4 doxies running around!" -- Beth H., August 2011

Beth's four fabulous Splendor Farms pups -
Bentley, Baylee, Sawyer & Blossom - in April 2011.

Sawyer, Blossom, Baylee & Bentley in May 2011

Puppy Co-Owner of the Month: September 2010
Angela A. of Pensacola, FL & "Ollie"

"Oliver Nichols" (a.k.a., "Ollie"), a light blue & tan piebald male puppy
from Mocha & Skyler now lives with Angela A. of Pensacola, FL

Angela's Updates:

"My new little Oliver Nichols is ABSOLUTELY adorable!! We picked him up last night and he didn't make a peep the whole way home. He goes to the bathroom outside immediately after every nap or meal. He ate well the 1st night and actually slept 10 hours atraight! I think I'm going to move him to the bed tonight and see how that goes. He may be my new heating pad! He's a DOLL!!! He is just a cutie and after searching the entire south for a beautiful dachshund, I FOUND THEM!!! When I can I will buy my next from her also!! My Ollie's the perfect baby! AND, his eyes are the EXACT same color as mine. I think I'm his lost long birth mother ;-) "
-Angela A., August 2010

"Just to update you, my Ollie slept the first night in the bathroom, but has slept in the bed every night since then. He curls up and sleeps next to me on his back with his head on the pillow. He sleeps straight through the night, never making a sound. He has not had a single accident in the house, going out every single time and even going to the door to whine and tell me when he wants out!! He is the PERFECT personality match for my 2 10 year old dachshunds and myself! I couldn't have ordered a more perfect puppy from God himself! He's just beautiful and perfect in every way. I don't know if you trained him, but he already does "sit" and "stay" as commands and answers to his name. He's a perfect, beautiful little man and I couldn't ask for more!! I'll be back, trust me!! We'll be back for riding AND a new baby! Thank you SO much for raising such a beautiful well behaved little man!!" -Angela A., August 2010

"Just to update you on Ollie...Here he is in his new Brahmin Purse...he went with me to Dillard's to pick it out and all the girls just adored him! It's so much more 'dignified' than a 'puppy purse' don't you think? The other two pictures of Ollie are of him on his 'side' of the bed..complete with silk pillow cases so his hair doesn't get messed up ;-) I didn't really know a baby dachshund NEEDED his own side of a queen size bed, but obviously, they do ;-) gotta have some room for toys. I just adore him and couldn't have asked for a better little man. We get remarks everywhere we go and so far that includes, Best Buy, Dillards, the ENTIRE mall and pretty much everywhere else. He's SO well behaved and just a perfect little gentleman. He's sleeping through the night and doesn't stir from his pillows until MY idea of morning, around 9am..then he stretches and gives me kisses. Thank you SO much. Thanks for making us Co Owners of the Month! I can't even tell you how much joy he's brought me....I brag to everyone and pass your email and website around to everyone, so LOTS more of your babies will be heading to Pensacola...it's Dachshacola by the way, we've renamed it! Thanks Kelly!!!" -Angela A., September 2010

Ollie looking adorable in his luxurious new bed

"No bedtime! Playtime! Playtime!"

Puppy Owner of the Month: August 2010
Kim K. of King George, VA & Her New "Honey"

Adorable English Cream "Honey" looks right at home
with her 2 adorable new pals Bosco & Trixie.

Honey is a champion English Cream female from Princess Grace & Griffin

"Hello Kelly! I wanted to let you know how wonderful our little 'Honey' is. She is truly the most amazing little girl ever!! Not only is she beautiful, but she is sweet and smart and has a heart of gold. Here is a picture of her with her new Virginia pals, Bosco and Trixie. She immediately bonded with these two, seeming to say 'hey... they are just like me'. She is completely housebroken and sleeps through the night with her head on my pillow. Thanks for the opportunity to share our home with such a special gal. Take Care!"
- Kim K., King George VA, August 2010

Honey & friends, August 2010

Honey, October 2010

"Just a few more pictures of Honey... and her buddies. :)"
- Kim K., King George VA, October 2010

Chocolate & Cream, perfect together

Honey, Oct '10

Susan & "Madison Monet" of Madison, MS!

(NOTE: Susan says she'd love to meet other Jackson or Madison dachshund owners!
If you're an owner from the area please email Susan at stinsler@aol.com. Thanks!)

"Madison Monet" - this beautiful English Cream female from Cookie & Dusty -
lives with owner Susan T. of Madison, MS!

"I wanted you to see how beautiful Madison is at 1 1/2 years old. She is wonderful,
sweet and spoiled. She brings us great joy. She is my third Dachshund, but has
the greatest personality. I had her work with a trainer and we couldn't believe
she wasn't afraid of anything. She loves everyone."

- Susan T., Madison MS, October 2010

Madison in October, 2010


"This is Madison Monet in Madison, MS. She is 3 years old and
the most loving, beautiful girl. She is a beauty queen."

- Susan T., Madison MS, August 6, 2012

Madison Monet the beauty queen!

Lindsey & "Copper"

Lindsey K. of Baton Rouge, LA (left) with friends & "Copper,"
Lindsey's new chocolate & tan male pup from Samantha & Kokomo.

Rachael & "CiCi"

Rachael of Natchez, MS picks up "CiCi" her new chocolate & tan
female pup from Samantha & Kokomo.

Rachael's updates:

"CiCi has been wonderful. Only had 2 little accidents in the house.
She ran errands with me yesterday and everyone kept telling me
how beautiful she is! :) She has definitely stolen my heart."

-Rachael, August 2010

"Hi Kelly! Just wanted to let you know that CiCi (from Samantha/Kokomo's litter)
is doing great! Hard to believe she is already 5 months old! She is quite the curious puppy! CiCi loves to investigate everything! She has the most loving personality
and is constantly making us laugh! I am so happy she joined our family!"

-Rachael, November 2010

The McCrory's of Metairie LA, "Martin" & "Bella"

Michelle came for Bella, her chocolate, but the Mister wanted one, too!
So, Martin won the lottery this afternoon and the McCrory's left with
two new additions to their family!

Jack V. & Family & "Bear"

In July 2010, Jack V. & family of Virginia Beach, VA came to pick up
this beautiful black & tan male - "Bear" - from Dreamer & Victor

Bear PUPdate - October 2011

"I've been meaning to email you some photos of Bear that you can place on your site. Hope you like them. He was born 5 May 2010... We've had so many people ask where we got Bear and we recommend you guys very highly. He's got such a great temperment...very gentle with almost every child he's come across. Same with other dogs. Take care,"
- Jack V., October 2011

The Very Beautiful Mr. Bear! (October 2011)

Bear's ready for Halloween

Happy Bear in a cage

Sleepy Bear in a cone

Brittany & "Allie"

Brittany from Houma, LA came to get her dapple girl
and immediately named her Allie!

"We brought Allie to the vet this morning she weighs 3 lbs 9ounces...
And is a total bundle of joy:-) Thank you again we love her so much"

- Brittany F., July '10

Kymi & "LilliBelle"

When Kymi came to camp she was assigned Lilly Belle the horse.
Then she fell in love with the puppies from the kennel,
so she brought one home and named her Lillibelle!

Kymi cooking!

"Here are some of the pics I have of Kymi with her new puppy (LilliBelle) and Smilie.
I included a picture of her using her new cooking skills that she learned at camp on
the rest of the family"

- David R., Bush LA, July '10

Jayne L. of Boston...

...now owns this beautiful black & cream male from Delta & George!

"Successfully picked up the pup from the airport and you are right he is the absolute sweetest dog I've ever met. He didn't bark or whine at all and is already best friends with my chocolate and tan female. Thanks so much for everything it has been
a pleasure doing business with you!"

- Jayne L., Boston, MA, July '10

Jackie & "Essie"

Essie, a beautiful chocolate & tan dapple female,
now lives with Jackie D. of Gonzales, LA.

"We got home about 4pm after driving thru heavy rain. I gave her a quick gentle bath at my house and towel dried her well. Took my bargain hound crate to their house and the girls set her up with a soft bed and towel and baby blankets. She slept most of the afternoon then came out of the crate in the living room floor and watched TV. I mean it she lay on the rug with the girls and looked at the TV. Wouldn't eat supper tried to bury it under a towel. She did drink some H2O and has peed twice and pooped once. I held her all the way home. She never slept but was real still. We will watch her closely and let her rest as much as she needs and try to tempt her to start eating. I guess you could tell that I am real taken by Essie and will do my best to see that she has a good life and lots of love. By the way, Lauren says she is coming back for a puppy right away. Thanks,"
- Jackie D., Gonzales, LA, June 2010

Bobbie & Dusty

Dusty & Bobbie's puppy was born on Easter Sunday! (April 4, 2010)

"I have been searching for a dachshund for a very long time, but I could
never find the right long haired one and when I saw her I fell in love."

- Bobbie C., Thibodaux, LA, June '10

Terminie Family & "Nola"

Terminie family with "Nola"

"We have found a friend for our four year old dachshund - Nola!"
- Terminie Family, June '10

Matt, Katie & "Koopa"

Katie & Matt with "Koopa" - a black & tan piebald male from Dana & Pancho

"Hey Kelly!  Sorry it took me a while to get this pic to you...Koopa is just so amazing.
We love him so much. He is actually cuddled beside me sleeping as I send you this
email and pic. He is the cutest little thing and we thank you soooo much for raising
such sweet pups. It was great meeting you! Sincerely,"

- Matt & Katie W., April '10

Koopa on Halloween 2010

"Hi Kelly! I just wanted to update you on Koopa and send you some amazing pics we have of him! He is completely house-trained and is just the most amazing dog ever. Every single person who meets him loves him and just raves over our dog. They think he has the handsomest coat and colors of any dachshund they have ever seen! His personality is so sweet. He has not ever growled at a person and gets along with other dogs as well. My husband and I seriously do not know what we did before he came along! Thank you so much for breeding such amazing dogs! The pics are from our Halloween party. We normally don't put him in any clothes at all, but for Halloween we found this pirate shirt that fit him perfectly and he tolerated the shirt so well. Sincerely,"
- Katie & Matt W., November '10

Katie & Koopa celebrate Halloween together, Oct '10

Liz, Lisa, "Lilly" & "Lacey"

It's play time for "Lilly" (top) & "Lacey"

"Just wanted to send you an update on our family. Our girls have been named Lilly
(wide stripe) and Lacey (smaller) and have added so much to our family. Lilly is
already very lady-like and knows her name quite well. Lacey is still smaller by
about a pound and a half but makes up for it with her personality. She is fearless.
Our vet, Dr Saylor, fell in love with them and even took your brochure for some
of her other clients. Thank you again,"

- Liz & Lisa, April '10

Lilly love!

Lacey love!

Cherie & "Bella Bleu"

Kaydee's daughter "Bella Bleu" left to go live with Cherie in Mobile, AL

"My new puppy is fabulous!!! She's almost 4 months, gets more beautiful each day.
She has taken to the leash and we take a couple of walks everyday. She loves to play fetch with her toys and chase the squirrels in the yard. She is playful, curious, smart,
and I love her so much. She is sitting in my lap as I type this.
She was 5 lbs. at her last vet visit. "

- Cherie C., Mobile, AL, June '10

Bella Bleu poses with her new friend in Mobile, AL

Beautiful Bella Bleu!

Doni & Casey & "Bunker"

Kaydee's son - "Bunker" - went to live with Doni & Casey in LaCombe, LA!

Tracey & "Fleury"

Tracey R. of Mandeville, LA is the new owner of "Fleury" this adorable red dapple female

"We just bought the Red Dapple female puppy. She is sooo adorable, we can't wait to bring her home to love her.  Send me a picture of her, we are thinking of names right now. My son Dylan wants to call her NOLA after her mom, I like that too, we will see. It was nice to meet you, you have a beautiful farm and your dogs are precious."
- Tracey R., April '10

Fleury is the daughter of Nola & Bon Jovi

"I just wanted to let you know that we named our lil girl 'Fleury', its after our favorite winery in Napa, and their logo is a Fleur de lis too. Fleury is doing GREAT!!!! She is such
a sweetheart and has adjusted remarkably well. Bosco and her get along very well and she has brought back that playful side to our old boy. Here are a few pics i took last
night i will send more later with Dylan playing with her. Thank you again for everything."

- Tracey R., April '10

Fleury stops to smell the flowers

"Hey Kelly, Just wanted to share a few more pics I took of Fleury, she is soo precious. She is doing great!!! She is such a lil diva, I love that about her, she has the sweetest disposition and the cutest personality i have ever seen in a dog!!!!!!! EVERYONE just LOVES her!!!!! I have told several people about you and your puppies when they ask
me where i got her from. Thanks again for our baby!!!!"

- Tracey R., May '10

Fleury Fotos, May 2010:

Fleury Fotos, April 2011:

"Fleury is only about maybe 9 lbs, she is tiny. Here is a pic I took of her a few weeks
ago laying out by the pool. I will forward you another one of her riding in the new bike basket I bought for her, she LOVES it, she follows me everywhere and I Love that. She loves taking bike rides with me, Thanks again for giving us the perfect lil dog!!!!"

- Tracey R., April '11

"Fleury is doing Great!!! She is such a lil Diva!!!!
She looks like she could be in a calendar. :)"

- Tracey R., April '11

Angie & "Willow"

"Willow" - this awesome black & tan dapple female from Whisper & Pancho -
is enjoying her new family & life in Winnipeg, Canada!

"Hi Kelly, hope you had a nice Easter and a successful week or horseriding camp. I arrived home safely with my little clan of puppies.....all are doing great and Willow is a perfect addition to the gang. There seemed to be no adjustment for her at all. She snuggled into bed with my daughter and I on the first night in Winnipeg, is eating well, playful and has lots of energy. She is quite determined little girl and likes to be active. She has caught on to the rules quite well though, is using doggy doors, goes potty in the litter box when in the house, mastered stairs quickly. She likes to play hard and then relax with a long nap. Just thought you might like to have an update....I will send a photo at a later date....seem to be so busy with all my puppies that there isn`t much time for any photo shoots right now. Take care Kelly and thanks again for this beautiful little girl. She is now a true Canadian! I will keep in touch." - Angie H., April '10

Liz & Lisa

Daughter, Lisa, on right, decided mom, Liz, needed a puppy!
Once she saw these two girls, she decided she would need two!
The lucky girls! (all of them!)

Bea & Tammy Have a New Friend!

This chocolate piebald female was wanted by half a dozen people,
but Tammy got her first...

....and her heart was stolen by those green eyes!

Tammy & Bea's Pupdate, February 2013:

"Hi Kelly, We got 'Saige' from you in 2010. She is a perfect baby and spoiled rotten. She just turned 3 on Jan 15th. I wanted to send you some pics and show you how beautiful she turned out. We take her and her brother Jesse to the beach every year. Thanks again for a wonderful baby!!" -- Tammy B. & Bea T., February 5, 2013

See below for photos of beautiful sweet Saige
all grown up with her loving family:

Lynn & "Lucy" & "Lexy"

"Lucy," a beautiful piebald pup from Whisper & Pancho,
now lives with Lynn B. in Metairie, LA

"I am Kim G.'s sister and bought a puppy on Saturday we named her Lucy. Just wanted
to let you know that Lucy is doing great. I have attached a copy of pictures to show you how well she has adjusted. Took her to the Vet today and she got a clean bill of health she weighed in at 3.5 she is the perfect medicine for a couple of broken hearts.
I will keep you posted on her progress. Thank you."

-Lynn B., March '10

Lovely Loveable Lucy!

"I wanted to send you a couple of updated pictures of Lucy. She is now 6 months old
and weighs 5 1/2 pounds. She is the love of our family she has been the best puppy.
She is getting spayed on July 16 and she turned 6 months on the 5th.
Thanks again for such a wonderful puppy."

-Lynn B., July '10

Lucy in July 2010

"Attached are some updated pictures of Lucy. She turned a year Jan 4. She is perfect
and brings us so much love and happiness. During the holidays when all my children came home 26, 24 and 19 they would all fight with my husband 48 to see who she was going to sleep with that night. My youngest daughter and I always look at your puppies on your web site, she wants one as soon as she graduates from college and is able to take care of the puppy on her own. Take care and we will be seeing you in the future."

-Lynn B., January 2011

Lucy & blankie!

Lucy at one year old, January 2011

Lovely Lucy on Valentine's Day 2011


"I attached a couple pictures of Lucy. She is beautiful. See you soon."
--Lynn B., July 2011

Lucy, July, 2011

Ben & Lucy, July, 2011

Lynn & Lucy, July, 2011


"Hi Kelly, Just wanted to send you a picture of Lexy she is now 4 months old and doing GREAT. She and Lucy are best friends now. I think she is going to be a little bigger
than Lucy and has a totally different personality (just like my kids). They bring us
lots of love every day. Thanks again for raising such awesome dogs."

--Lynn B., October 2011

Ben with Lucy & Lexy in October 2011. Lexy, a beautiful red female
from Scarlet & Victor, is the newest addition to this happy family.

"Just had to send this picture to you. So peaceful. They are both doing great. Lexy is
so full of energy so much fun. We think everybody should have at least one."

--Lynn B., November 2011

Merry Christmas from Lynn & Ben & Lexy & Lucy!!

"Hi Kelly Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and give you an update on Lucy
and Lexy. Lexy was spayed last week and doing great she now is bigger than Lucy as
you can see by the picture. She weighs 9.5 and Lucy is 8. Wishing you and your family
a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year."
--Lynn B., December 19, 2011

David & JoAnn, Warner & Diane!

Penny's last litter with Bon Jovi left just in time
to settle in for Super Bowl XLIV!!!!!
Geaux Saints!!!!!!!!

David & JoAnn pick up "Gracie" with her new big sister from Lisa & Mikey

Warner & Diane pick up "Heidi"

Bobbie & "Holly" (a.k.a., "Poppy")

Holly (a.k.a., Poppy) now lives with Bobbie F. of Houston, TX

"She was shy at first but I wish you could see her now. I have a huge fenced back yard and she spends most of her time there chasing the many squirrels. My subdivison is old and has many huge trees (mostly oak and pecan) so there are many "critters" for her to hunt. I got a tote bag for her and she goes everywhere with me. We spent Christmas at my son's home in the Rio Grande Valley. I took her on the plane with me in her tote bag and she behaved like a seasoned traveller. Holly (Poppy) is the love of my life and the nicest gift I ever received." - Bobbie F., January, '10

Bishop Charles Jenkins, Louise & "Cruiser"

I am not sure what it is in the water around here, but for the 4th time we have sold
an adult dog to either a greek orthodox minister, a priest in the catholic church, or a
member of the episcopal church.... this time Cruiser has found a home with the recently retired Bishop Charles Jenkins, his wife Louise, and their wire-haired Dachshund, Sir!


Eddie & Rachel & "Archie"

Eddie & Rachel of Houma, LA took home a precious puppy,
the last blue dapple from Patsy. Enjoy Houma, little man!


"Eddie & I thought you would like to see some pictures of ''Archie''! We love him so much, and he is fitting in our family very nicely. Fred (our other dachshund) isn't thrilled to say the least, but he is coming around. It was very nice meeting you and hope to see you again in the future! Thanks again, "
- Rachel D., January, '10



"Kelly, Just thought I would send you some latest pics of Archie & Fred. They're getting along pretty good, believe it or not. lol Fred lets Archie sleep with him as long as he doesn't irritate him to much. I have never seen a dog actually try to communicate as much as Archie! He makes several different sounds & tries to pull us by the finger to lead us to what he wants, which is usually outside or a treat. Too funny!!! He's getting big already, almost 10 lbs. at 7mos old. Thanks again for a great dog!!! We've recommended you to several people, hopefully it'll work out." - Rachel D., May, '10

Archie & Fred sharing a bed, May 2010

Happy New Year to Miriam from Texas!!

Miriam of Mc Allen, TX loves her Black & Tan baby boy from GiGi & Bon Jovi

"He is adorable!!! We are all so happy to have him. He was very playful right
away, easygoing. He is beautiful! Thank you very much! Happy new year!"

- Miriam, December 31, '09

Christmas Day Delivery for Blake!!

Well, just like last Christmas, we delivered puppies, 4 on Christmas
Eve from Mandeville, LA to McComb, MS. On Christmas day,
I got up early & gave Santa some help...

...I arrived at the home of Blake C. and put the package
on the steps and rang the doorbell...

...Hey Mom, there is some lady over there hiding behind the bushes...

...What is this???...

...Merry Christmas, Blake, from Splendor Farms!!


"Thanks again for making Christmas morning what the boys keep saying was the best Christmas ever. She is a wonderful puppy. She is so sweet, calm, playful, and loveable. She could not be more perfect. Have a happy holiday season."
- Melissa C., December 29, '09

"Blake named her Noel since she was a Christmas puppy. She is adorable. She is already so loyal and attached to him. The boys just love her. She is playful but calm and sweet. She is a perfect puppy."
- Melissa C., December 29, '09

Merry Christmas to the Johnson Family & "Scamp"

The Johnson family of Dallas, TX has a new friend-
"Scamp" from PittyPat & Kokomo.

"He is soooo sweet and cute! We love him Kelly! He hasn't wanted to eat yet,
but is wagging his tail and tugging on my shoelaces! I'll phone or email you
later in the week! Thanks so much,"

- Lesley Johnson, November 2009

Eddie & Kathy

Eddie & Kathy picked up Lady's last little lady ("Sophie Grace") and took her back to
Hattiesburg to live with them. Keep in touch, y'all! And thanks for the ribs & fixin's
from Leathas BBQ and the Chicken Salad!!

"Eddie and I just wanted you to know how Ms Sophie is doing. She is training us well. She's very smart and has a large dose of dachshund determination. She's soooo cute.
By the way, the vitamins you recommended - Sophie LOVES them so much, we call it puppy crack. Thanks again for this wonderful baby. She steals the heart of everyone
she meets."
- Kathy M., March 2010

Beautiful Ms. Sophie in December '09

Merry Christmas Tamisha!!

Tamisha of Kenner, Louisiana decided to buy her own Christmas
present, GiGi's Black & Tan boy! Merry Christmas, guys!

Janeen & "Bailey"

This Shaded Cream baby boy from Biloxi & Dusty now lives
with Janeen T. of Seattle, WA. His name is Bailey!

Baby Boy Bailey!


"Bailey's doctor visit went extremely well today. He was the best behaved pet I have ever seen. He was so calm that he fell asleep in Bill's arms on the examining table while we talked with the doctor. He is amazing! Now, if I can only get him potty trained, he will be the perfect dog.

The doctor, who is a regular vet but leans towards naturopathic medicine said he was healthy and looked good. Bailey is eating much better now and has plenty of energy, so the doctor wasn't too concerned at this point. The doctor really liked Bailey and said he was a very good and calm dog. The receptionist thought he was very, very pretty and was smitten. Of course, Bailey was on his best behavior so that helped a lot."
- Janeen T., December '09

John & Kathy, "Miss Scarlett" & "Sofie"

These 2 light Shaded Cream females from Biloxi & Dusty
now live with John & Kathy W. of Shell Beach, CA


"Hi Kelly! We are in love!!!! They are absolutely so cute and sweet. We are so happy that we kept two sisters together. They are a hoot! We took both of them for a puppy check at the vet today. We only did that because of the little one's eye. We figured there was no reason to keep one home so they went together. They are perfect and we have some sauve for the eye. It already looks better, but was certainly nothing serious. The little one is 3 lbs and her name is Miss Scarlett. The larger one is 4.2 lbs and we have decided she is Sofie. The folks at our vet went completely crazy for them. Each one had to peek in the room to swoon over them. Pretty easy to do!

THANK YOU for getting them started on the paper training. They are doing pretty well with it. They sure do know where to go (except for the occasional piddle that we have to expect). They will get their third shots at the end of December. My sister and parents came over and could not believe what sweeties they are. My mom can't wait to babysit! We have a new rattan house for them and a big huge fluffy chair with 3 sides (that they are in right now). It's raining here and so the outside potty training is on hold for a few days. I am sending two photos: one to show them with John and one to show that they finally (whew!) settled in for the night.

Love, John & Kathy"
- John & Kathy W., December 2009

John, Miss Scarlett & Sofie in CA

Miss Scarlett & Sofie looking comfy in their new home!

Holly & Brian & "Biskitt"

Holly C. of Slidell, LA with Polly's Red Piebald baby girl.
Hmm...is this the one for me???

She's the one! Polly's baby girl now lives with Holly & her husband Brian in Slidell!


"She is doing great. She just got a bath & is getting ready for bed.
She loves the kids & they love her. Holly & I think she thinks they
are other puppies. She took a nap with Avery. It was very sweet.
We decided to name her Biskitt. Thank you again!!"

- Brian C., December 2009

Brian brought Biskitt to visit and get her third set of shots!
What a beauty she is getting to be! Holly must be in love!

Heather & "Cinnamon" & "Biloxi Belle"

Splendor Farms retiree Cinnamon (above) lives with Heather C. of Larose, LA


"Cinnamon is doing so well. Her coat is getting so beautiful. It is so soft. I think the Salmon oil has something to do with that. I just wish her shaved stomach would catch up with the rest of her coat. It is growing back though. She is so spoiled like Buster and she is doing well. As soon as her stomach coat gets back I will take some good pictures of her and some with Buster and send them. They are buddies. One can not do without the other. You are more than welcome to give ANY one my phone number to give a reference. I told the lady from Washington that I would most definitely buy another dog from you. Your dogs are VERY well cared for and are given attention like if you only had one dog. Well take care and I will send you pictures soon." -- Heather C., December '09

"Cinnamon is doing very well. Her coat is beautiful right now. The hair on her stomach has grown back about fully from the spaying. She is an awesome lovable dachshund." -- Heather C., January '10


Buster & Cinnamon

Buster & Cinnamon

"Dear Mrs. Kelly, I finally am able to send you a picture of Cinnamon and two with her and Buster. She is doing very well.  Cinnamon is a loving dachshund who loves us and Buster.  She has such a good temperment.  She is such a wonderful addition to our family. You are an outstanding breeder. Outstanding for the fact that you take care of each individual dog like if you only had one. Also for the fact that temperment is part of your breeding practice as well as for maintaining and improving the breed standard. For these reasons I would definately buy another dog with you as well as tell people who call me to question my opinion and experience. We are very happy to give Cinnamon a permanent home along with Buster. Thank you for such a wonderful dog." -- Heather C., January '10

Cinnamon in June 2010

"Here is the latest picture of Cinnamon. She is doing very well and very active. She gives Buster a run for his money. They are still each other's buddy. Her coat is soft and gorgeous right now. I feed her Nutro lamb and rice small bites and I add Salmon oil to her food every morning. People always ask me, 'What do you bathe her with or put on her?' I tell them, 'It is not what I put on her, it is what I put in her.' I just wanted to send this to you so you can see her. Take care." -- Heather C., June '10

Heather's June 2012 update:

English Cream retiree Biloxi Belle (right) has joined her former
kennel mate Cinnamon and owner Heather C.!!

Cinnamon & Biloxi Belle look like former Kennel mates!!

Biloxi, retired and looking great!

Biloxi, retired and looking great!

"Ms. Kelly, I would like to share these with you. Cinnamon and Biloxi are doing very well. They are loved very much by everyone in my family. Buster loves them too. They get along very well. Biloxi is the best temperamented dachshund that I have ever owned. She allows children to love up on her and play with her. I will take car rides to my Mother's house and she will just lay down on the passenger's seat. She is a very loving dog. I feed my Dachshunds and the Lab Nutro Venison and Brown Rice dog food. This food has contributed to their good health and coat. I would like to thank you for choosing me over the many people who had wanted Biloxi. I guess you felt that she would be in a good loving forever home with other dachshunds. Well, she is. She is very well loved by many people and other dogs around her. Thank you for being such a good breeder who takes good care of her dogs and who strives to keep and improve the breed standard. Thank you for the loving dogs that are in my life. Sincerely,"
-- Heather C., June 5, 2012

Katie & "Paris"

Paris (right), a beautiful and sweet blue & tan dapple,
lives with Chori (left) and owner Katie K. in Jackson, MS.


"Paris has been with me for one week now. She has settled in nicely.
I found a food that she liked. She gets along well with the other dogs.
Each has such a unique personality. Chori accepts her as the boss of him.

I was very impressed by your farm and the way your dachshunds
are cared for. Thank you for this sweet dog."

- Katie K., October '09

Paris & Chori in their Halloween costumes

"Paris sends her love. Poor thing even let me dress her up in this crazy outfit."
- Katie K., Halloween '09

Kaci, Ryan & "Pearl"

Pearl, a blue piebald female from Miracle & Sam,
lives with Kaci & Ryan C. of Folsom, LA


"Ryan and I wanted you to know how much we are enjoying our new pup!!
We named her Pearl! She is doing so well...she has not "messed" in the little
crate we have her in at night and/or during the day!! She is starting to feel
comfortable around us!! She is so loveable!!

Thank you so much for everything!! We love her so much already!!"
- Kaci & Ryan C., September '09

Allie & "Marley"
(a.k.a., "Sweetie")

Allie came to put a deposit on a cream from Biloxi's upcoming litter, but fell in love
with "Sweetie" a blue & tan dapple female with blue eyes.  She took her home,
saved some money for mom and dad, and named her Marley.....Just like Gabrielle,
I didn't plan on selling her, but when Allie held her and looked into her blue puppy
eyes, there was no way of telling her no!  Thanks, Allie, for loving her so much!


"She is doing wonderfully in her new home,
and she's already a spoiled little puppy!"

- Allie, September '09

Marley has a new friend!

"She has grown so much! She isn't the same little runt! I have never had a dogthat loves toys as much as Marley does. She is doing excellent with potty training also. She has the most amazing personality and LOVES people! She plays with our old dog and they are starting to be really good friends. Oh and she loves the noise bubble wrap makes (too cute!) She's a joy to have! Thank you for such a wonderful sweet girl! "
- Allie, September '09

Marley likes her bubble wrap

"Our precious angel just made one year! She is the most adorable thing in the world! Her personality is sweet as can be and loves a good cuddle, very spoiled and vocal about her food. :) She has grown so much and is as beautiful as ever! Thank you so much for one of the greatest dogs I have ever owned! "
- Allie, July '10

Marley celebrates her 1st birthday in July 2010

Marley and her blue eyes

One year old Marley

Lori, Joshua & "Charlie"
(a.k.a., "Buddha")

Joshua Talamo (cousin of the jockey Joe Talamo) and his wife Lori
recently welcomed "Buddha" (a.k.a., "Charlie") to their family!

"Charlie is doing great. My husband has already taught him to sit and stay.
He is so good and the kids are loving him so much. So are we. I am really glad
we came back for him. I know he was meant to be part of our family."
- Lori, September '09

Nora & "Chessie"

"Chessie" (left), an English Cream female from Cookie & Dusty,
and her companion "Raven" (right), live with Nora of Maryland!

Tara & "Gabby"

Tara, from Mount Hermon, LA came looking for a red companion. But when she saw
Gabby, it was meant to be, especially when Tara put her down and walked away.
I have never heard one of our dogs cry for a visitor! Even though I had no intention
of selling Splendor's Champagne and Black Tie Affair, Lady's last pup, I couldn't deny
that a match was made. Love and Kisses, Gabby, be good for Tara!

Tara also owns Lady (a.k.a., "English Gator Lady Sioux")
and a black & tan male puppy of PittyPat & Kokomo

Natalie D. of NYC

"What big dog?" says this little black & cream pup from Lady & Dusty
who lives with Natalie D. & family of NYC

Looks like everyone is pooped from the 4th of July festivities!

Natalie's parents came to pick up Biloxi's beautiful niece ("Stella") in July 2010.

Jenny & "Dixie"
(a.k.a., "Splendor's Dixie Butters")

Jenny of Galliano, LA got "Dixie" after waiting
5 months for the perfect forever friend.

More photos of Dixie:

Dixie is the beautiful (and well-groomed!) daughter of Cookie and Dusty

"Dixie is doing so good we love her so much."
- Jenny S., July '09

Dixie & "Freckles"

"Dixie and freckles r best buds now. One can't do without the other.
Just wanted to send u a pic of Dixie she brings great love
and joy to our happy home. "
- Jenny S., August '09

Tammi, Emily, "Chief" & "Isabel"

Chief found a forever home and Tammi took him to be her forever friend.
Daughter, Emily, fell in love with Isabel, a Patsy & Sam silver dappled female.
Enjoy St. Martinville, LA you guys! I will miss you both!

Kirstin, Andrew & "Pocket"

Kirstin, Andrew & "Pocket"


"I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful time Andrew and I had
this weekend. The horses were wonderful, the weather was beautiful, the trails
were stunning and the puppy we bought is absolutely adorable and loving.
We decided to name her Pocket. Thank you again for the lovely time."

-Kirstin E., May 2009

Judy & "Dixie"

Dixie (left) is the beautiful twin sister of Biloxi Belle.
Her 1st litter is due this summer with Bailey (right).

Dixie and Bailey wearing their Halloween neckerchiefs.
Both are owned by Judy of Pensacola, FL.

"Dixie is so sweet...man she has been a great addition to our family..best tempered...never complains...barks...loves to swim...never seen such a little dog
that loves to swim as much as she does...she goes right off into the lake at my mom's,
I have to watch her or she would swim out over my head. We built a ramp for her and Bailey to climb up to get on our bed, if I move it into the bathroom and place it on the edge of the garden tub..she dives right in the bubble bath...
no more hot baths for a while..."

-Judy, January 2010

Jim & Kelly of Houston, TX

Driving to Bush from Houston was no problem for Jim & Kelly!
Especially when they got to pick up their two babies from Polly and Mikey!!!

Eva Gets Her Girl!

Eva, of Westwego, LA, a mother of three boys and married to an LSU man,
finally got her girl ("Minnie"), a cream girl from Cookie & Dusty!

"Hi Kelly, I just want to tell you how wonderful our Minnie is. She is such a beautiful
and delightful puppy to be around. We have spoiled her, in a good way, to no end.
She is truly part of the family!! Here are some photos of our family. Thanks, Eva"

-Eva A., August 2009

Minnie & Family:

Ed & His Ten Pookies
(soon to be eleven!)

"Yep, it's true, Dachshunds are like potato chips, you can't have just one!"

Ask Ed M. of Brooklyn, NY. This is his passel of pookies, a.k.a., Gizmo, Gadget,
Gear, Go-Go, Ginger, Gus, Guy (English Cream), Googly Bear, Gandolf & Goliath!
Wonder what he'll name his 11th (he has 1st pick of an English Cream female
from an upcoming Dusty litter.)

Ed, you are my kind of dachshund lover!!!!

The Boles Family, "Winston" & "Captain"

Cheri Boyce Boles with her husband Beau and boys Cody, Seth and Quinn.
They raise Corriente cattle, border collies, dachshunds and Beau and Cody
compete with cutting horses! Welcome to New Mexico, Winston & Captain!
We will certainly miss both of you.

"Kelly, here are pictures of Captain and Winston.
We had quite a bit of snow today, and the dogs loved playing in it!
Captain was the funniest! He was running and jumping in it!
Thanks again for sharing these two wonderful dogs with us!
-Cheri Boles, New Mexico, March 2009

Winston & Captain playing in the snow with their new friends

Quinn with Captain

Captain playing with his new puppy friends

Payton's Christmas Puppy!!

On our way to Dallas on a foggy Christmas Day morning, we stopped to meet Jeff, Renee and their two sons, Jacob and Payton, outside Baton Rouge in an empty McDonald's parking lot off the interstate. The boys got out of the truck to meet a lady, me, for some reason they didn't know! After making our introductions, I handed them a card signed, "Merry Christmas, love Sadie." The boys, were like, oh you shouldn't have....then I gave them a box and what a surprise! You see, a month earlier, Renee and Jeff picked out Sadie for Payton for Christmas. On Christmas Eve friends came over and Payton got to play with his friend's new Christmas puppy while reminding everyone that Santa would bring him one, too. On Christmas day, Santa came and went, but didn't leave a puppy for Payton. Payton, reasonably upset had to then get in a car to go to a McDonald's, which was CLOSED, and meet some lady. Happy as he was, Jacob cried out of happiness for his brother's wish coming true!!!! Merry Christmas to the Willis family!

"What the???"

"It's your puppy, Payton!"

"My puppy!"

Matt, Constance & "Jazzy"

Constance, of Panama City, Florida, works at Petsmart. After searching for the perfect companion she found Jazzy! She and Matt drove to Splendor Farms and chose the "Never leave the farm" package. Playing with their new puppy, soaking in the jacuzzi while it rained and riding Duke and Jet were their favorite things. Oh, Pasta Bolognese, Veggie Frittatas, and spiced pumpkin seed muffins (all meat, veggies (even the pumpkin) and eggs produced at SF) along with the lunch before heading back (1/2 pound organic grilled cheeseburgers) left them happy and content. With Jazzy on Constance's lap they pulled out of the drive reluctanly, but promising to come back at spring break!

Tara & "Zoe"

"Zoe," an Isabella dapple female from Patsy & Sam, lives w/ Tara G. in NY.

"Zoe is so precious and fits into our family very well. My rotty Boscoe acts like her mommy always watching over her. She is such a cuddler loves to curl up in my lap every chance she gets. Thank you so much we love her!!!!!!!!!!"- Tara G.

Pamela & "Sasha"

"Sasha" is the daughter of Lani & Mikey

"Just wanted to share some pictures of our baby. It's hard to believe she will be two years old this Christmas. Sasha is so sweet, I never had a pet with such a loving personality. She loves cats, kids, birds, you name it she'll love it. Hope you like the photos. These breeds are the best! One day I would like to get Sasha a sister, maybe this summer."- Pamela B.

Becky & "Manny"

"Kelly, I can't tell you how much we love our puppy 'Manny' from CoCo and Pancho's litter. He is exactly what we wanted. He is so much fun! Please let CoCo's mom know he is doing great. He is so playful and then lets me hold him like a baby and love on him. Too sweet! Manny visited Brees and Duece a few weeks ago in Mandeville. They played til they dropped." - Becky G.

More photos of Manny:

Manny's 1st Mardi Gras:

"Wanted to share Manny’s 1st Mardi Gras with you.
He is getting so big. He is beautiful!"
- Becky G., Feb. 2009

Amy & "Simon"

"Hi Kelly. Just wanted to let you know the puppy (I named him Simon, short for Simon Says Go West) is doing well. I took him for his vet check yesterday and he's in tip top shape. I will be starting him in puppy socialization and training classes this Friday, and I met a girl who has invited me to join in her impromptu conformation classes, so I can myself learn as well as Simon, what it will be like in judging and the show ring. And if the pic I sent is any indication, Simon is settling in quite well!! Thanks again for such a sweet, gorgeous little darling puppy!!" - Amy W. of Clovis, CA

Photos of Simon with his new family:

New Photos of Simon, Oct. 2008:


"Hi Kelly. Just wanted to update you a little on Simon. He is doing very well, enjoying killing his toy fox, and chasing the kids. We are moving into a house in a week so he has a big backyard to look forward to!! He weighs just a little over 10 lbs. now, and his hair is starting to get a little shaggy. They just love him at the vets office and the groomer. He's gorgeous!" - Amy W., Oct. 27, 2008

Jo Ann & "Kenzie"

"Kenzie," a solid red female from Lisa & Mikey,
lives with Jo Ann of Mandeville, LA.

"Kelly, just wanted to let you know how much we adore our little one, Kenzie.
She has adjusted to her new surroundings wonderfully! Our vet asked if she
is always so sweet natured. My husband David is quite taken by her. Thanks again.
We'll keep in touch, but wanted to tell you how much we love our little puppy! "
- Jo Ann of Mandeville, LA

Jessica & "Jackson"

"Kelly, a million thanks - I am in love again!!!" - Jessica of CT

ABOVE: Lady & Dusty's red male, Jackson (left), lives with Jessica of CT.
His new friend is Charlie!

More photos of Jackson and Charlie:

Photos of Jackson in late July '08:

"How beautiful is this guy?" - Jessica of CT
Gorgeous, Jessica!

Trey & "Coco"

Trey came to Splendor Farms and picked up his 12th birthday present,
Coco from Lisa & Mikey!

Lynn & "Juno" & "Bacchus"

ABOVE MIDDLE: "Juno" is the granddaughter of Elvis
BOTTOM: Her new friend "Bacchus" from GiGi & Dusty

"I hope I don't spoil him too bad but it's so hard to resist those cute eyes and soft fuzzy hair!!" - Lynn of Mandeville, LA

Merva & "Pretty Girl"

"Pretty Girl" and her owner Merva of Bush, Louisiana, are very happy together.
Pretty Girl is beautiful and sweet, like her dad Elvis and grandma Precious.

Brandee & "Lucy"

Lucy, a shaded cream female from Angel & Dusty,
found a loving home just in time for Christmas.

Lucy with her new friend, Shatzie.

Gary & "Windi"

Gary of Memphis, TN drove through snow to get his new puppy home.
"GTO's Meadowlark Windi" will be doing earth dog and field trial
training with Gary! Good luck, Windi & Gary!


"I just got back from puppy kindergarden with Windi. She did great today! She got out with the big puppies and played with them. The first week she sat between my legs. Today she was going to humans and puppies to make contact. She did great with walking on a leash and we started trying to learn how to heel. We even had boards for them to cross over. Windi never stopped but went right over them. Last week she went thru a tunnel with me on the other end. These lessons are to help them not be afraid of new things. Oh yes Windi is the teacher's pet. Donna our instructor always holds Windi and fusses over her. I have taken several dogs to Donna's obedience classes. I respect her methods and great attitude with humans and dogs. Windi is getting along with my other dogs but I am still very careful with her around them. She is learning how to fit into the pack. We have three more classes in puppy kindergarden. I plan on starting the beginners obedience class very soon after this. I hope to have Windi ready for this Fall for the St Jude Classic Dog Show. They will have a Good Dog Citizens class and there will be regular obedience classes as well. I just can't wait til then. That's all for now. I will write more later and try to send some pictures. Thanks again for such a wonderful puppy!" - Gary and Windi

Windi - the daughter of Packer & Mocha - won her first point at the
Southaven, MS show on July 11th! Congratulations Windi & Gary!

Cathy & "Honey"



"I took Honey to Chateau de Notre Dame, a nursing home in N.O. that my company "adopted" for volunteer visits. I really wish you could see how their little faces light up when I walk in with Honey. EVERYONE wanted to pet her, most of the ladies grabbed her little face and gave her kisses, they all said how they wished they could keep her, and they have labeled her the "most elegant dog" they had ever seen. So once again her beautiful nature struck home with seniors that can no longer care for pets (oh, and the family members that were there visiting fell in love with her too). No one there had ever heard of a mini long-haired dachshund!!" - Cathy B., October 6, 2008

"Latest update -- we went to Chateau de Notre Dame nursing home yesterday. A very attractive gentleman immediately stated that she looked like Greta Garbo, then held her and sang love songs from the 1940's to her ('You Made Me Love You, I Didn't Want to Do It, I Didn't Want to Do It.....')" - Cathy B., October 27, 2008

"Here she is in her holiday splendor as she spends time visiting Senior residents at the newly opened Sunrise Assisted Living community in Metairie, LA."
- Cathy B., February 5, 2009


Honey spreads joy as a therapy dog at
the Sunrise Assisted Living community
in Metairie, LA (March 2009)

Honey takes a nap...with her toys!
(Sept 2009)

Beautiful Honey Pie Asks "Who Dat???"!!!
(Feb 2010)

"Honey turned 10 today. I am so blessed to have her. Thanks again, Kelly,
for my wonderful friend and snuggle buddy!! Love ya,"
-- Cathy B., August 11, 2012

Tayler & "Maycee"

Tayler got the birthday present she wanted - a chocolate and tan
female puppy from Mocha & Packer. She named her Maycee!


"Just wanted to update you on Maycee. She is doing really well, and her personality is just awesome. She is a joy to have. You have a special group of dachshunds (children)." - Derek

Maycee has a new friend

Sharon & "Ginger Lu"

Ginger Lu, a red sable piebald female, now lives
with Sharon of Charles County, Maryland

Ginger at 7 weeks, just before leaving
Splendor Farms for her new home.


"I just checked out your website and saw the picture of Ginger Lu. She looks beautiful. I just wanted to tell you that you have the most beautiful dogs of any breeder I have seen. Give Ginger a big hug from me." - Sharon

Ginger at 2 1/2 months, hanging out and
getting along with her new family!


"Ginger Lu was approved to be a Pet on Wheels for Charles County, Maryland. She has attended 2 puppy classes so far and she can Sit, Sit-Stay, Down, Touch it, Go to her spot (which is a blanket placed on the ground), Close, Come (when she wants to...ha), roll over, give me her paw, speak, and she jumps through a hoop!! She is smart and loves to train." - Sharon

Ginger at 7 1/2 months. Says Sharon: "Her hair is getting long now!"

Ginger at 2 1/2 years


"I thought you might like to see Ginger Lu now. She is a little big because she is pregnant now and due the first week of July. She is really a beautiful dog. She is ornery but amusing. She still loves to get things and run from us. That is her game! I still look at your website and think you have nice pups." - Sharon


Emily G. of Metairie, Louisiana loves
her new puppy from Patsy and Pluto.

Michael & "Presley"

Michael M.'s wife and kids were surprised
with their belated Christmas present,
"Presley" from Precious and Elvis

Josh, Jennifer & "Kellie"

Josh and Jennifer D. of Slidell brought "Kellie" to visit
her mother Allie (a.k.a., Pookie), and show her how
beautiful her daughter has become!

Cleon, Christopher & "Momus"

"Momus" is the grandson of Phoebe and son of Prince.
He's found the perfect boy to dress him like SUPERMAN!

Momus leaves Splendor Farms with Cleon B. of
Covington, LA to watch Christopher play soccer

Christopher B. of Covington, LA loves his Momus!

Bobby & "Brot"

Bobby B. is thrilled to have "Brot" from Precious and Elvis.
Have fun in Baton Rouge, Brot!

"Hey Kelly, Thought that you might like to see a new photo of Brot. He really looks like Elvis now. All is well, he just went to his 5 year checkup. The vet is amazed at his teeth. Absolutely white and pretty. No need for cleaning yet. Hope you are doing well. I looked at the website today and things seem to be doing well and growing. Sincerely," - Bobby B., Baton Rouge LA, March 2011

Brot at age 5 years with his shiny, healthy coat!



Sylvia M. of Columbia, Mississippi has purchased 2 dogs
from Splendor Farms and is on the waiting list for a cream
female to breed to this beautiful boy

Millie, Simonne & "Comus"

This is "Comus" and his new owner, Millie B. of Bush, LA
with her daughter Simonne B. of Covington, LA


Helen D. of Bogalusa, LA is in love with her new
little man from Precious and Elvis

Cameron & "Rex"

Cameron W. of Covington, LA has a new friend
to spend his summer holiday with....REX!!!

Sarah & "Pixie"

Pixie recently arrived in Dallas to live with Sarah M.
Sarah says Pixie is so quiet she may have to put a bell on her
to keep up with her exploring trips. Have fun, Sarah & Pixie!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

More Comments from Splendor Farms Puppy Owners

"Just wanted to let you know that Nash is doing great and adjusting well. He is so darn CUTE! I had him health checked on Monday and all appears well. He'll go back on the 7th for his next set of shots. Thank you so much for answering all of my questions and helping us find such a great dog!"
- AND -
"I just wanted to give you an update on Nash, from Mocha and Packer's January litter. He went on his first therapy visit last night and saw the children at OLOL Children's Unit. He was the perfect gentleman and got lots of oohs and aahs. At seven months he seemed like an old pro...he was perfectly content to sit with the patients in their beds and on laps. He has to be the most laid back dachshund I've ever had. Thanks so much for making 'temperament' a part of your breeding practice."
- Stephanie J., Instructor, LSU School of Veterinary Medicine, Baton Rouge, LA
(pictured below)

Stephanie Has Found Nash a New Companion!

Stephanie J. returned to Splendor Farms to purchase Mocha & Winston's last male piebald puppy (right). For a special surprise she brought Nash (left)
from Mocha & Packer! What a beautiful boy he has turned out to be!

"My boyfriend and I bought a pup from you last year. We were going to name her Dotty but on the way home we decided to call her Audrey, after Audrey Hepburn. Boy is she living up to her name! She is a sweetheart too! Thank you sooo much for a wonderful dog!"
- Brittany N. of Hammond, LA

"...you have the most beautiful dogs of any breeder I have seen..."
- Sharon of Charles County, MD

"I just wanted to let you know that the puppies are doing fine and love their new home. We've named the Red Sable Willie and the Black & Tan Otto. Otto is definitely a mamma's boy and Willie is a rascal. They are just two peas in a pod and do everything together. I'm glad that I got them both so they have someone to play with when we're at work. Thanks again."
- Odette & Adam




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